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Gauntlet Topic #1: ReAnimation
v_charon36110/21 9:03pm
Shad. Trails.
NFUN26510/21 9:02pm
TOMPIC 7: Johtonian Successor Nadesico
Tom Bombadil23910/21 9:02pm
You Know, Just a Thought About These Contests
MASNAR50510/21 9:01pm
WWF (1983-)1985 Topic 5: When it comes crashin' down and it hurts inside [TEW]
Tom Bombadil48710/21 9:00pm
Paul ranks his top 50 tabletop games again
Great_Paul2610/21 8:59pm
POKEFEAR20181810/21 8:45pm
Besides Seph, what division is Nintendo not winning?
LetsGoMewtwo150710/21 8:35pm
DDLC and its fans are cancelled.
ExThaNemesis2910/21 8:34pm
Cynrascal110/21 8:32pm
NHL Discussion Topic 1
davidponte15510/21 8:32pm
POKEFEAR2018510/21 8:28pm
Tales Fear
LapisLazuli110/21 8:28pm
Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XX: Day 72 [smfffc]
th3l3fty26410/21 8:28pm
* Character Battle X First Vote Championship! *
Team Rocket Elite2710/21 8:23pm
ertyu 0078 video game contest
ertyu0078610/21 8:22pm
We need to create a Whiner Seconds list.
Underleveled7910/21 8:20pm
DDLC fans its real simple
InsaneGamer137810/21 8:18pm
Spoilers - Shantae is not a ultra fodder
Nanis231610/21 8:16pm
Save My Character Battler X: Day 14 [smcb] [24/7]
Save-My8010/21 8:10pm
Good effort Monika.
Dark Young Link110/21 8:06pm
Hearthstone Discussion Topic 286: Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
Camden24110/21 8:03pm
What is the lowest number character you have winning the first round?
Goosio5610/21 7:55pm
Oh, Daredevil Season 3 came out today apparently.
mnkboy9072210/21 7:55pm
People complaining about losing to a glove but
NowItsAngeTime910/21 7:53pm
Sign-ups for B8's Best Project [sports]
KCF01076510/21 7:35pm
Board 8 National Football League League (B8NFLL) Season 10: Week 11 and Beyond!
KCF010750010/21 7:34pm
Seems we have a pesky bully in the Monika subreddit
Dva69710/21 7:33pm
The DDLC subreddit just pinned this match.
TheCodeisBosco2610/21 7:28pm
Reject Battle X! R1D3 - Tetra/Jak, Carmen/Manny, Rikku/Tracer, Mash/Skate
Johnbobb3110/21 7:23pm
Why did they lose 2? Yu Narukami, Victor Sullivan, Tidus, and Dragonborn
Anagram4410/21 7:15pm
Pokemon Go Friends
Forceful_Dragon1510/21 7:14pm
If It Were Up to Board 8: Zero/Primrose, Zidane/Knux, Noctis/Hand, Monika/Wario
NowItsAngeTime6210/21 7:09pm
who else is buttdevastated
kateee1110/21 6:55pm
Board 8's Other NFL Picks League - Week 7
Ashethan4310/21 6:49pm
Can we talk a bit about how Goddamn amazing Diddy Kong Racing's soundtrack is?
Underleveled1010/21 6:46pm
Let me talk about Umineko 2!!! *still continue to not spoil me!!*
GANON102518210/21 6:32pm
The actual CBX Losers Bracket! Round 1 Day 2
Oxbridge4210/21 6:11pm
Does anyone else have D.Va advancing but not because of a rally?
Grand Kirby2210/21 6:01pm
How much is registered users getting double votes counting towards the results?
InsaneGamer1371110/21 5:56pm
Arria plays/reads Umineko blind, Kira cackles at her SPOILERS ARE OKAY #3
Eerieka30110/21 5:48pm
Anime and Manga Topic 203: Golden Rascal Reincarnation
swordz950010/21 5:34pm
Who is the strongest to lose to a glove ?
Averia310/21 5:33pm
~MLB Official Discussion Topic 6: The Angel of Justice Is Blind~
WiggumFan26732210/21 5:25pm
How did Monika even get in the contest?
redrocket1610/21 5:20pm
If no one does the Why did they lose topics, I will
Anagram2210/21 5:17pm
How do you find out what percentile you are in?
LOLIAmAnAlt210/21 5:15pm
Character Battle X Contest Analysis Crew Guest Sign-ups for Round 1 Division 3+4
Master Moltar2910/21 5:14pm
I have Noctis over Monika in round 2.
GanonsSpirit1310/21 4:43pm
Dragonborn? More like DragonbOWNED!
STElNER1310/21 4:26pm
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