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wheres that thing where you see what percentile your bracket is?
PoIl6177210/21 12:06am
So squall > Zelda guys? Still feeling confident in that handsome man?
FlyingForever310/20 11:27pm
Reddit, Discord, & 4Chan rally's?
STEROLIZER910/20 11:22pm
Nintendo and Square this contest
t_kizzle1310/20 11:21pm
very pre-emptive interest gauge: some sort of baseball sim project
Tom Bombadil2610/20 11:02pm
Agree or Disagree: TidusxYuna is the greatest romance in all of fiction
_REDDIT_1110/20 11:01pm
Save My Character Battler X: Day 10 [smcb] [24/7]
Save-My6310/20 10:49pm
Thank you Board 8
v_charon32510/20 10:45pm
* The Show EP 1 - OMG 128 1v1s! Will a rally pick win you $1000? w/ yo and Zen *
Ngamer6431610/20 10:44pm
DDLC is garbage
InsaneGamer1373910/20 10:21pm
God damn, I can't believe outsiders are trying to pull this rally shit again.
KamikazePotato3710/20 10:16pm
So we all got the godfather L Block > Kefka now right
FlyingForever1110/20 9:57pm
So moral of the story is Squenix and FF is just not good.
Obellisk710/20 9:46pm
She's been learning piano and she sings soprano
Raka_Putra110/20 9:43pm
Mac Ranks 111+31 User-Nominated Anime - The Rankings!
Mac Arrowny26110/20 9:31pm
Zidane is so gay
scarletspeed71310/20 9:16pm
Final Fantasy really...
IfGodCouldDie410/20 9:08pm
Well, Final Fantasy is dead
HarrietTubgirl410/20 8:48pm
Just Chiaki. (Danganronpa 2 and DDLC parody video) [spoilers, I guess]
Cynrascal110/20 8:46pm
No longer perfect club
Zelos2610/20 8:45pm
8/8 check-ins!
Underleveled310/20 8:44pm
Master Hand has NO personality in a CHARACTER contest
FlyingForever610/20 8:43pm
Does anyone remember which quote won the quote contest?
GANON10251710/20 8:22pm
Am I crazy? What is going on?
metaIslug410/20 8:19pm
Samus in all finals possible?
Ex2310/20 8:19pm
I have Tidus over Donkey Kong, should I be worried?
TooTooP33210/20 8:14pm
~Character Battle X Spread Betting~ Day 3 feat. Zero (-56), Wario (-8)
MZero115710/20 7:53pm
So if a big rally does occur during the 4-per-day setup, who else benefits?
mnkboy907410/20 7:51pm
If you have to vote in every match, why is there different votals for matches
haloiscoolisbak110/20 7:49pm
Save My Character Battler X: Day 9 [smcb] [24/7]
Save-My5910/20 7:23pm
ertyu 0078 video game contest 5)The legend of zelda OFT Game 59 Details (12)Gold
ertyu0078310/20 7:20pm
Let's discuss the only contest question that actually matters.
Anagram1910/20 7:16pm
Why did they lose 1? Cuphead, Chloe Price, Spyro the Dragon, Neku Sakuraba
Anagram5310/20 7:15pm
DK > Leon potential?
Underleveled210/20 7:13pm
Nationalist politics topic 10: We reject the ideology of globalism
Vlado11710/20 6:33pm
North Dakota'd is the new Wyoming'd
Underleveled410/20 6:30pm
gee-ay-em-ee eff-ay-kwahs
STElNER1310/20 6:00pm
Reject Battle X! R1D2 - Ditto/Rebecca, MrKDice/Cole, Makoto/Mordin, Doom/HK47
Johnbobb3410/20 5:30pm
Anyone here from the very first character battle?
NInJabReaKa2510/20 5:15pm
Picked Zidane > Knux, think it's end of the line for my bracket
Ytterbicide810/20 4:54pm
Contest Stats and Discussion - Part 1284
LeonhartFour50010/20 4:43pm
If It Were Up to Board 8: Vivi/Yu, Sully/Aya, Tidus/DK, Leon/Dragonborn
NowItsAngeTime6310/20 4:18pm
Save My Character Battler X: Day 8 [smcb] [24/7]
Save-My7610/20 4:04pm
Best of the Trope Day 130: The Paladin
Johnbobb2010/20 3:44pm
Politics Containment Topic 200: Sayonara Nimrata
Espeon50010/20 2:14pm
What Game Should I Replay Next?
Jakyl25610/20 1:51pm
Best 15 Seed CBX Day 6
Whiskey_Nick510/20 12:56pm
Yu tore yur [quad]
Red Shifter110/20 12:56pm
leftist politics topic
Nrrr19110/20 12:40pm
The actual CBX Losers Bracket! Round 1 Day 1
Oxbridge5310/20 12:37pm
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