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swirIdude10208/09 9:28pm
So I've been playing RE4 since it came out
XIII_rocks3308/09 9:02pm
New animated comedy, Roadkill Rangers.
MechaKoopa5000308/09 8:54pm
Gary and His Demons is such a fantastic show
KCF0107308/09 8:37pm
Ive missed good drama, so i think its time to suggest mercenaries 5 again
greengravy294608/09 8:28pm
^King of the Mountain^ - Save My Superhero - Day 23
v_charon6508/09 8:05pm
Save My Favourite Anime Series 5: Round 91[SMFAS][RULE CHANGE]
voltch14308/09 6:46pm
Best of the Trope Day 64: Disposable Intern
Johnbobb1808/09 5:27pm
Sir Chris Music Mafia 5: Play that song....all night looong!
DoomTheGyarados49808/09 5:17pm
I'm getting tired of the oppression of my people.
KamikazePotato808/09 5:06pm
Save Viso's Favorite Final Fantasy Characters: Day 6 [svfffc] *RULE CHANGE*
Inviso6508/09 4:31pm
My Worst Hotel Experience.
Corrik1808/09 4:01pm
Monster Hunter World comes out on PC tomorrow!
Xiahou Shake408/09 3:41pm
Crypt of the Necrodancer Switch is on sale for $8
Weakupedia1308/09 3:35pm
Monika (Doki Doki Literature Club) - Nomination Rally
BeTheMan3208/09 1:33pm
Give me OSTs to listen to in the background at work
Weakupedia1508/09 1:20pm
Octopath Traveler topic for talking about Octopath Traveler (marked spoilers)
mnkboy90723008/09 1:16pm
RIP EmuParadise
WazzupGenius002108/09 12:28pm
Do you enjoy full throttle topics?
FlyingForever1308/09 11:38am
This 20 y/o Girl DIED after JUMPING out of a CAR after Arguing with her B/F!!!!
Full Throttle408/09 10:11am
Alexa Bliss Is Old
PrestonStarry2108/09 10:02am
Ben Schwartz cast as Sonic the Hedgehog in the upcoming movie
Grand Kirby2008/09 9:11am
Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XX: Day 3 [smfffc]
th3l3fty20608/09 9:02am
what match brought you to this board
ZenOfThunder5808/09 6:49am
Pokemon: Best in Line Day 44: Froakie - Frogadier - Greninja
Shonen_Bat908/09 4:37am
ertyu 0078 videogame contest Round 1: Castlevania: SotN vs. Alone in the Dark
Vlado208/09 12:49am
19 y/o Kid is ATTACKED at the GYM cause he was GRUNTING too loud!!!!
Full Throttle108/09 12:12am
my good friend leo3leo is attempting to go pro at halo 5 guardians!
greengravy294108/09 12:02am
Place your bets now (Smash Direct spoiler in here)
MoogleKupo1411408/08 10:59pm
Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct August 8th, 7am PT
Grand Kirby50008/08 10:08pm
Best of the Trope Day 63: Broken Ace
Johnbobb4108/08 9:39pm
***Save My -[Games n' Things Big Brother 7]- Pokemon Fusion***
Se7enthrust28508/08 9:00pm
Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XX: Day 2 [smfffc]
th3l3fty19108/08 8:26pm
The Oscars to not televise some awards, add "Best Popular Film" award
Nelson_Mandela4208/08 8:24pm
Anyone interested in Castlevania characters for CBX (preferably newcomers)?
Advokaiser1608/08 7:45pm
Apparently Hitler's favorite alligator is still alive.
Anagram1408/08 7:43pm
Save My Nintendo Series: Day 38 [novel] [smns]
Save-My6708/08 7:39pm
19 y/o Florida Girl is Pictured FLIRTING with a COP in her MUGSHOT! Is She Hot?.
Full Throttle108/08 7:12pm
~*~ SMNS FINALS: THE vs SUPER, t1 [smns] ~*~
Save-My1008/08 7:06pm
Save My Favourite Anime Series 5: Round 90[SMFAS]
voltch12308/08 7:06pm
~ Save My RPG: Day Ten (32 remain) ~
__LeiaRolando__7008/08 5:59pm
Save My Father Figure - Round 43
BetrayedTangy3408/08 5:55pm
The following "Series" only have one character in Smash Ultimate.
eaedwards64002308/08 4:52pm
Well King K Rool has a good shot in the contest now
LIsJustice708/08 3:21pm
Anyone played Pillars of Eternity? *Spoilers*
Corrik108/08 3:04pm
Bold smash predix: major smash spoilers if I'm right (always am)
SantaRPidgey608/08 2:10pm
I would pay to see someone perform Trapped In The Closet from start to finish
Solioxrz3623108/08 2:09pm
~MLB Official Discussion Topic 3: Wilponzis Must Go~
WiggumFan26715708/08 12:41pm
Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XX: Day 1 [smfffc]
th3l3fty21608/08 11:40am
Rally of the Golden Witch
Tom Bombadil1208/08 11:20am
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