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So who had spyro over chun-li??
FlyingForever1710/18 10:46pm
~Character Battle X Spread Betting~ Day 1 feat. Dante (-52), Ganondorf (-55)
MZero116910/18 10:30pm
What's the closest and most exciting first day match?
Anagram810/18 10:00pm
Jackbox 5 tonight at 8:35pm est
Whiskey_Nick910/18 9:58pm
Stupid question: how do I check my bracket for the contest?
Johnny Eagle410/18 9:37pm
The Character Battle I-X Perfect Attendance Club
Underleveled110/18 9:31pm
How old is SuperNiceDog
KingButz4310/18 9:26pm
are y'all getting Soul Calibur 6 on PS4 or Xbox One
Heroic Bigpun1210/18 9:23pm
Funniest Name in Character Battle History
SuperNiceDog2810/18 9:21pm
someone go make a Chloe rally on tumblr or something
Johnbobb1710/18 8:45pm
Is L-Block recognizable by its headshot?
Cloyenne110/18 8:45pm
aww jeeze I had Cuphead winning the whole contest!
MoogleKupo141510/18 8:37pm
Only time I'll root for Lightning in anything
ninkendo910/18 8:31pm
Damn all blow outs
InsaneGamer137610/18 8:19pm
How do you vote in the contest?
Nrrr310/18 8:18pm
Guys there are way too many advanced metrics on the results page
Whiskey_Nick410/18 8:16pm
There goes match pics
Underleveled110/18 8:07pm
where the fuck is the contest
STElNER810/18 8:07pm
So... it's past midnight on October 19th in UTC
ProtosHeis1210/18 7:57pm
A brawl is surely brewing!
TheCodeisBosco210/18 7:55pm
(!) The 2018 Guru Contest - Deciding B8's Best Character Battle X Bracket
Ngamer6416310/18 7:43pm
Good luck everyone! CBX Bracket Lock
Whiskey_Nick1410/18 7:32pm
What order would you play the following games in?
VectorAgent310/18 7:26pm
Playing Doki Doki Right Now
SuperNiceDog1810/18 7:25pm
hey allen i actually meant to change to pac-man over sans
STElNER310/18 7:12pm
Thoughts on Rockstar bragging about 100 hour work weeks before RDR2?
ExThaNemesis6810/18 7:08pm
Last minute (hour?) reminder, put yourself down as an official entry
Punnyz2110/18 6:52pm
Debatable Match #5 - Battle 23 (7) Kefka vs (10) L-Block
OFool210/18 6:50pm
ertyu 0078 video game contest (1)Mass effect vs (16)Hogns alley
ertyu00781010/18 6:42pm
Oh man, my coworker and I got fucked in the ass!
lihlih510/18 6:38pm
Last minute bracket changes
Nanis23610/18 6:35pm
Bowser/Charizard rematch huh?
Mitochondriagon210/18 6:27pm
Leonhart Analyzes the Bracket: Part 2!
Leonhart450010/18 6:07pm
Predict how far Monika will do.
Anagram2610/18 6:02pm
[BOP] Board Odds Project V2 for CBX - Now with REAL-TIME bracket counting!!
Boo_Mario6110/18 5:53pm
Best of the Trope Day 128: Hand Wave
Johnbobb2310/18 5:43pm
KP's (In-Depth) 2018 Contest Analysis
KamikazePotato45710/18 5:37pm
In the contest, whats the stronger fanbase? Square, Nintendo, or Pokemon?
Punnyz310/18 5:19pm
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete! Let's Rank the Squaddies (No spoilers)
colliding210/18 5:19pm
Who hasn't finished their bracket yet?
Grand Kirby810/18 5:06pm
~*Save My Pokemon Trainer**~ Round 38 *NEW RULES*
kateee4610/18 4:48pm
Best 15 Seed CBX Day 4
Whiskey_Nick1110/18 4:17pm
has anyone watched the brit reality show "Love Island"?
Obellisk1510/18 3:12pm
Is 2B the weakest 1 seed ever?
Anagram1810/18 2:45pm
Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XX: Day 70 [smfffc]
th3l3fty27210/18 2:24pm
Looking for free computer advice
PerfectChaosZ910/18 2:19pm
This topic is a reminder to properly fill out my bracket tomorrow
XIII_rocks610/18 2:14pm
I know nothing about college football but...
OliviaTremor3510/18 2:12pm
So, is there a catch to that VRV service?
INCEPTlON1410/18 1:49pm
just beat Nier: Automata (spoilers obviously)
Johnbobb1410/18 12:58pm
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