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I just beat Pokemon Y. Ask me anything.
EclairReturns1606.24.2019 6:54pm0 + 0
Antoine Tucker running to kick AOC out of congress
FiftyFour_543006.24.2019 6:52pm0 + 0
Are US border internment camps actually just concentration camps?
PK_Spam12906.24.2019 6:46pm0 + 0
Is it unfairly stressful to be a cashier?
Unbridled91106.24.2019 6:40pm0 + 0
How do you prepare for long car rides?
FiftyFour_541006.24.2019 6:38pm0 + 0
ITT: We rate the above Simpsons clip!
Ogurisama2106.24.2019 6:35pm0 + 0
Bernie Sanders to unveil plan to forgive over 1.5 Billion in Student Loan Debt
pionear3506.24.2019 6:33pm0 + 0
Best "top tier" Mario platformer?
Justin2Krelian306.24.2019 6:33pm0 + 0
THEGODDAMNBATMA606.24.2019 6:31pm0 + 0
Atelier end/post-game bosses are strangely out of place
NeoSioType806.24.2019 6:28pm0 + 0
My family got me a Switch for my birthday!
Jen01254106.24.2019 6:25pm0 + 0
I remember The Lion King
Cotton_Eye_Joe106.24.2019 6:24pm0 + 0
Imagine hating teenage girls so much that you STILL hate Robert Pattinson
PK_Spam3406.24.2019 6:24pm0 + 0
What is the feeling called of enjoying other people's salt?
Lokarin1206.24.2019 6:11pm0 + 0
MAGA Alert: tRump plans Mass Immigration Raids Next Week
pionear2706.24.2019 6:08pm0 + 0
Stephen Bean topic Series 5, Episode 5: OH HELLL NAWWW!
Kimbos_Egg3306.24.2019 6:07pm0 + 0
NAVY Seal is finally allowed to join the FDNY after he was told he was TOO OLD!
Full Throttle706.24.2019 6:06pm0 + 0
Would you date the President?
Lokarin706.24.2019 5:44pm0 + 0
Thinking of getting a drawing tablet
Judgmenl706.24.2019 5:41pm0 + 0
11 Oregon Republicans have LEFT as 1 said he'll SHOOT POLICE if they get him!!!
Full Throttle2006.24.2019 5:23pm0 + 0
Do you usually check the news everyday?
CedarPointcp506.24.2019 4:23pm0 + 0
Hollow Knight is hard
Mead806.24.2019 4:13pm0 + 0
Racist, James Fields is BEGGING for LENIENCY cause he's TOO YOUNG for PRISON!!!
Full Throttle2606.24.2019 3:47pm0 + 0
Do you think tomi lahren is prettier or AOC?
CedarPointcp4706.24.2019 2:54pm0 + 0
Oh my god this girl seems like a complete weirdo... I think I like her
saspa406.24.2019 2:51pm0 + 0
Personally, I prefer the air.
LeetCheet406.24.2019 2:13pm0 + 0
I am Mother, scary or no?
FatalAccident306.24.2019 2:07pm0 + 0
Superstar ADELE has a SHOCKING WEIGHT LOSS!! Is She Hot???
mrduckbear1206.24.2019 1:30pm0 + 0
are you an effeminate man?
Aculo4606.24.2019 12:59pm0 + 0
Between what time do you usually go to bed?
Ogurisama2106.24.2019 12:47pm0 + 0
we put a fart machine in the office at work
I_Always_Die606.24.2019 12:42pm0 + 0
Nobody gives a f*** if you need an easy mode to play games
knightoffire551206.24.2019 12:35pm0 + 0
Which news source do you trust the most?
BlingBling229473706.24.2019 12:34pm0 + 0
That new Dota Underlords game is pretty fun
Doctor Foxx106.24.2019 12:32pm0 + 0
I've been watching Dragon Ball (series spoilers)
MrMelodramatic1106.24.2019 12:29pm0 + 0
I ordered a frozen coke machine
Mead706.24.2019 11:57am0 + 0
I have a 1 bed flat (600ft2), can I keep an indoor cat?
FatalAccident706.24.2019 11:57am0 + 0
All the hours girls spend on makeup is time guys spend on video games etc
Amenadeel1706.24.2019 11:47am0 + 0
So I joined OKC again for the first time in like 5.5 years
Pus_N_Pecans1006.24.2019 11:41am0 + 0
What's the best transport for Centurion Devastator Squads?
Lokarin306.24.2019 11:33am0 + 0
ITT I try to convince Nade Duck (and anyone else) to play Final Fantasy XIV
papercup7006.24.2019 10:42am0 + 0
21 y/o Indiana Kid PUNCHED his 15 y/o Brother for VAPING..and it KILLED HIM!!!
Full Throttle1006.24.2019 10:40am0 + 0
I know you love me
KeijiMaedaTiger206.24.2019 10:11am0 + 0
The almighty immortal filth topic - Part **** if I know, these have run for ages
DeltaBladeX44606.24.2019 9:52am0 + 0
Why are all the non-social message boards on this site so weird?
MrMelodramatic806.24.2019 9:51am0 + 0
So, i think i found the worst fighting game announcer.
Kimbos_Egg806.24.2019 9:03am0 + 0
SCP-1143 is awesome
Lokarin106.24.2019 8:32am0 + 0
Any star citizen players here?
hypnox106.24.2019 8:23am0 + 0
What are your thoughts when you hear about fake/misleading news on social media
BlingBling229471706.24.2019 4:33am0 + 0
Netflix original "I am Mother"
Mead806.24.2019 3:40am0 + 0
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