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The anti-net neutrality members of Congress received $1.6m from the telecom
FrndNhbrHdCEman2607/27 8:11pm
The last 30 days of my last summer vacation.
MrMelodramatic2207/27 7:55pm
Arv is bbqing some chicken
ArvTheGreat207/27 7:44pm
gen 4 was the most forgettable pokedex ever
Nade Duck2307/27 7:43pm
Greatest TV Show Ever: Top 64: Match 15 - SpongeBob vs. Rick and Morty
quigonzel1407/27 7:35pm
Weasel News: Confirming your prejudices.
WastelandCowboy207/27 7:28pm
I watched Star Wars TLJ on home video last night
Firewood186807/27 7:25pm
Why won't people stop playing drake?
Muscles5907/27 7:05pm
A few minor annoying things
Firewood18907/27 7:01pm
Seems the suspicious car is finally gone...
Nichtcrawler X107/27 7:01pm
ROUND 1, FIGHT! TheWorstPoster vs. Viking_Mudcrap, ok?
Aculo707/27 6:25pm
Rate that thing ~ Day 1750 ~ Anal Sex
Slayer4807/27 5:41pm
Girlfriend moved in with me, bur averages spending 3.3 days a week over.
blu1607/27 5:29pm
Jewish Babes
Serdar1007/27 5:24pm
Which 'Good Vibrations' is better
BADoglick607/27 5:10pm
Why are Zelda-adventure games not called Metroidvanias?
Lokarin3907/27 4:45pm
stop posting in pandamaster topics
edededdy807/27 4:37pm
do you watch Secular Talk
Tardis2015607/27 4:09pm
You get knocked down, but you get up again...
GanglyKhan807/27 4:08pm
I'm at the Austria Wien v FC Wacker Innsbruck soccer match
MrMelodramatic207/27 4:07pm
Newsweek claims the US is the most dangerous developed nation to be born in
Lokarin907/27 4:07pm
What's up with No Mans Sky?
Viking_Mudcrap1907/27 3:49pm
I'm going to get a new doggo
SmokeMassTree607/27 2:46pm
Lovesick, lovechild...
Nomak-54107/27 2:43pm
Spiderpig spiderpig
Ogurisama507/27 2:20pm
I heard Dragon Quest XI is excellent.
Cotton_Eye_Joe1607/27 2:02pm
Saw Radiohead last night
BADoglick207/27 1:36pm
Demi Lovato is ill :-(
Serdar2407/27 1:33pm
I love having groceries delivered
Mead1207/27 1:26pm
Charles Bronson appreciation topic
argonautweakend407/27 1:19pm
Is there any way to change your email address?
Nomak-541807/27 12:58pm
Necrophilia is a victimless crime
St_Kevin707/27 12:46pm
I will never get over Spectacular Spider-man's short run.
FinalXemnas207/27 12:08pm
Washing your hands while working a food service job.
thedeerzord707/27 12:03pm
Today is going to be a great day.
slacker03150407/27 12:02pm
How many hours of sleep do you get every day?
Unbridled94407/27 11:50am
why the fuck would you NOT get the hardcover version?
likehelly907/27 11:47am
l'm thinking of a Pokemon. Play 20 questions to see if you can guess which one!!
Muffinz0rz6507/27 11:46am
Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?
thedeerzord5107/27 11:41am
i feel bad for anyone who cant get a single match on tinder
knightoffire55807/27 11:19am
Free chicken wings this Sunday
GameLord113607/27 10:20am
Was Pewdiepie wrong in sharing that meme that joked about Demi Lovato?
SonnerAnarchy1307/27 10:14am
This potder got SHOT by POACHERS in AFRICA and woke up back in the US days later
Noop_Noop5007/27 8:55am
Rate that thing ~ Day 1752 ~ Scissors
Slayer407/27 5:52am
How should I obtain my schoolbooks this semester?
EclairReturns3207/27 5:02am
When you play Fuck, Marry, Kill, does marrying imply you can have sex whenever?
I just remembered something from school that happened more than four years ago.
EclairReturns607/27 4:53am
argonautweakend207/27 4:01am
I wonder if my neighbor is dead
Zikten10507/27 3:18am
Which company made the system on which you played your favorite game of all time
wyansas1807/27 2:56am
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