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I went on a date with a girl once.
Cotton_Eye_Joe102/22 8:29pm
Opinions that irritate you
Beveren_Rabbit702/22 8:21pm
26 y/o New York Girl gets DEATH THREATS cause she's FURRY!! Is She Hot???
mrduckbear1502/22 8:13pm
There's no way you can legally punish a rich person
Beveren_Rabbit1102/22 8:12pm
Everybody is so honest on here.
Cotton_Eye_Joe202/22 8:06pm
Why does picking your nosehair causes you to sneeze?
TheWorstPoster302/22 7:48pm
Does anyone know how to get the DLC characters for a retail copy of Marvel UA1?
Krow_Incarnate402/22 7:37pm
Why no Zelda II in today's poll!?
Slimeknight2302/22 7:36pm
One week until my grad school interview
MrMelodramatic302/22 7:31pm
Sports Discussion Topic 192: The Super Bowl is almost over
STLCards199143002/22 7:29pm
SOS-- need old videos of me
CSRouge96102/22 7:17pm
Streaming Resident Evil 2 REmake...
LinkPizza4802/22 7:11pm
lmfao i am the greatest hahahahaha
edededdy4902/22 7:07pm
they made an anime version of This Person Does Not Exist
BlingBling22947402/22 6:55pm
Owner of the New England Patriots charged with hiring a prostitute
Dikitain1202/22 6:16pm
Today's "What's You're Favourite "2" Game" Poll Of The Day
DeepFriedBurger5902/22 6:13pm
Bernie Sanders
TheWorstPoster502/22 6:11pm
Awww shit son, darkest dungeon 2 is coming
Troll_Police_1002/22 5:53pm
Anybody play Metro Exodus?
WastelandCowboy702/22 5:50pm
How to check if a seller does look at tracking on Amazon
DiduXD502/22 5:50pm
What do you hate more? Being hot or being cold?
JaH Reborn4002/22 5:49pm
What is a good non-spicy instant Ramen?
hypnox602/22 5:42pm
I cant think of this certain term...
DirtBasedSoap602/22 5:32pm
Would You Live With This User No 62
Audweeb202/22 5:29pm
Name the top PotDer who comes to mind when I say the word "shitposter"
Chewster4902/22 5:28pm
He-Man in Equestria - The Complete Series
GanonsSpirit902/22 5:27pm
Dragon dragon, rock the dragon, Dragon Ball Z
Oops_All_Berrys202/22 5:18pm
RPG Maker over relies on its community for plugins
NeoSioType302/22 5:17pm
It is now illegal to poop
TheWorstPoster702/22 5:06pm
Is it better to play Sonic 06 on 360 or PS3?
DeltaBladeX202/22 4:35pm
Jack in the Box is pretty nasty
DirtBasedSoap1002/22 4:34pm
Chinese citizens banned from flying for bad social credit
OhhhJa1102/22 4:31pm
Do you believe best friends should never have sex with each other?
Beveren_Rabbit4402/22 4:29pm
I have decided to start doing drugs again.
minervo2002/22 4:18pm
Whats a good way to format a former villain/minion of a villain of changing...
DiduXD602/22 3:58pm
Squenix sale on steam
papercup1802/22 3:00pm
What is it with Bioware and super advanced but extinct races
Oops_All_Berrys702/22 2:17pm
Pokemon go official topic #4
MICHALCOLE45202/22 2:05pm
We dreamed of creating the world's strongest President...
knightoffire55702/22 1:58pm
Zorc & Pals is filmed before a Dead studio audience.
LeetCheet102/22 1:47pm
Where is Pokemon Black 2/White 2 in the poll of the day?
gfjjhsdfhshx502/22 1:02pm
Vapes suck.
Yellow1102/22 12:14pm
My favorite "2" game of all time is Suikoden 2
WilliamDS2202/22 12:14pm
So I guess Crackdown 3 sucks?
Mead1202/22 12:12pm
Playing Kingdom Hearts 3 minor spoilers
JoanOfArcade1702/22 12:10pm
Horde ganking in STV
Oops_All_Berrys102/22 11:58am
What's your all-time worst '2' game?
KJ StErOiDs1402/22 11:10am
I wish the bills were all collated into a single payment
Lokarin902/22 11:08am
the majority of uber drivers are fucking awful
DirtBasedSoap2802/22 11:03am
Literally no Diablo 2 in the POTD.
chrono625902/22 11:03am
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