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Phil Collins sucks
PaddysPub2112/09 8:01pm
Haters gonna hate; The Hobbit movies are fantastic
FrozenBananas3512/09 8:00pm
What's the browser everyone uses now? Chrome has been sucking
Ferarri6193612/09 7:58pm
anyone else getting smash bros tonight?
LaggnFragnLarry13212/09 7:57pm
zebatov612/09 6:43pm
My neckbeard is keeping me warm.
Cotton_Eye_Joe212/09 6:29pm
I had a dream so big and loud
-Komaiko54-112/09 6:27pm
Have you beaten Trap Adventure 2?
Lokarin412/09 6:13pm
Discless XBOX
BUMPED20023312/09 6:06pm
Egyptian actress sued for wearing dress that "invites debauchery"
DoubleOSnake13712/09 6:04pm
is the TV show Good Place any good?
BlazeAndBlade712/09 5:21pm
bumblebee has less action than the other films
knightoffire551712/09 5:18pm
still getting aftershocks over a week after the earthquake
Zikten512/09 4:57pm
Apparently Canada Post delivers on Sundays
DiduXD112/09 4:53pm
Playing PS4 The Last of Us for the first time (live event)
XianMei112/09 4:38pm
Game awards discussion topic.
Kimbos_Egg8612/09 4:33pm
When's the last time you had a moderation overturned?
DoubleOSnake1812/09 4:12pm
I'be been thinking of sending pics to my BF...
LinkPizza912/09 4:11pm
I hate how one sided community forums are.
pipebomb_phil212/09 4:03pm
the universe is crazy, man
PaddysPub2712/09 3:50pm
Do you guys hug friends hello and goodbye?
LinkPizza1712/09 3:43pm
You have to come out your pocket for $2000 right now, could you?
SonnerAnarchy8112/09 3:19pm
What is your favorite vodka?
argonautweakend1812/09 3:15pm
I have zero chance at becoming famous
PaddysPub612/09 3:11pm
Post a song that you can just put on and relax to.
SonnerAnarchy712/09 2:56pm
Florida School does Active Shooter Drill UNANNOUNCED causing SCREAMING STUDENTS
Full Throttle712/09 2:46pm
While there are several women who want to get pregnant and can't.
CHROM61412/09 2:13pm
Hey guys, wanna see something cute?
tiago92612/09 2:10pm
A new Kingdom Hearts 3 opening trailer just released.
Xfma100712/09 2:02pm
What's your favorite fast food place?
DrCidd6212/09 1:56pm
Thoughts on the Star Ocean series...
LinkPizza1412/09 1:35pm
Justice Department alleges Trump knowingly directed Cohen to commit felonies
Doctor Foxx2412/09 1:27pm
What games do I own with VR support?
DeltaBladeX412/09 1:17pm
Avengers Endgame Trailer
FinalXemnas4712/09 11:43am
Would You Kiss This User No 82
DukeSR8312/09 11:23am
Epic Rap Battles is back! Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg
-Komaiko54-812/09 11:05am
Explain GamerGate to me... without mentioning any ideologies or people.
Lokarin3412/09 9:26am
Which side of The Force stronger: Light or Dark?
Lobomoon3112/09 8:52am
The Outer Worlds
WastelandCowboy2512/09 8:49am
I see not much has changed here...
Mehere2312/09 7:34am
I was just trying out PSVR
DeltaBladeX812/09 7:34am
PSA Announcement for Service: Sony ending free PS+ games for PS3 and Vita
BloodWhen_iWipe1312/09 7:22am
what do you get old people for Christmas?
St_Kevin2412/09 4:20am
Rate that thing ~ Day 1832 ~ Christmas Music
Slayer612/09 4:13am
Conservative Teacher is FIRED for being ANTI-TRANSGENDER and STUDENTS are MAD!!!
Full Throttle5212/09 4:04am
These are my ten favorite stand up comedians. Which of my favorites is yours?
MICHALECOLE5912/09 3:56am
James Gunn made a movie about an evil Superman ripoff
Zikten1812/09 3:38am
Would You Rather No 113
DiduXD412/09 3:13am
McDonald's, breakfast lunch or dinner, is good af and dont let the haters fool u
Philoktetes4912/09 3:07am
Would You Live With This User No 10
Audweeb412/09 2:47am
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