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Do you like eating?
Lobomoon3002/22 11:02am
It Snowed... In LA... It Snowed In LA!?
aDirtyShisno1002/22 10:57am
The dangers of fire
Firewood18402/22 10:41am
Its actually comical that theres no street fighter 2 on the poll lol
FatalAccident1002/22 10:20am
Arthur Gear Solid
Dmess85302/22 10:17am
Kevin Sorbo has a cameo account
Lokarin402/22 10:04am
I have a problem and I don't know how to get over it
hypnox702/22 9:38am
I would KILL for an online Monster Rancher game where...
PK_Spam402/22 9:34am
The Great Emu War was actually a thing....Lmao
Ferarri619402/22 9:29am
What was the last thing you bought that cost over 100 USD?
Lobomoon4002/22 9:22am
My favorite 2 is Sonic the Hedgehog 2
mikehook10001002/22 9:21am
Are you in favor of universal healthcare
Lokarin702/22 8:41am
What are some good horror movies?
Krow_Incarnate802/22 8:13am
Would You Kiss This User No 130
DukeSR8502/22 8:03am
The almighty immortal filth topic - Part **** if I know, these have run for ages
DeltaBladeX19002/22 4:45am
Anyone watch Ballad of Buster Scruggs? (spoilers)
hypnox102/22 4:18am
my son doesn't care for pepsi
knightoffire55802/22 3:37am
Kinda of surprised that the poll didn't include...
Sunflower-Kid402/22 2:40am
Yo, a game named Street Fighter 2 would like a word with you...
FLOUR202/22 1:53am
I'm trying to think of a flaw with Donkey Kong Country 2..
keyblader19855902/22 1:52am
Walmart is advertising sexually explicit anime figurines to me on facebook
CarefreeDude1102/22 1:49am
Has anyone ever felt like this?
EclairReturns902/22 1:35am
Supreme Court Rules Civil Asset Forfeiture Cannot Violate 8th Amendment
aDirtyShisno2602/22 1:27am
WTF I haven't played any of those
HylianFox502/22 1:12am
Low Brow Wins Poll of the Day
penaferus102/22 12:20am
I always thought they were called U boats cause of their shape
FatalAccident802/22 12:14am
Trump calls for 6G technology
Mead1602/22 12:11am
Today I have decided to dabble with natural medicine a bit
minervo1202/21 11:49pm
Have you ever just, like, ate bread with nothing on it... intentionally
Lokarin3402/21 11:44pm
The new How to Train Your Dragon was amazing.
slacker03150202/21 11:43pm
Remember that old show Blue's Clues?
papercup1102/21 11:27pm
46 y/o Dane Cook says he STILLS gets CRAP for dating a 20 y/o GIRL! Is She Hot?
Full Throttle1202/21 11:20pm
16 y/o gets LIFE in Prison for the Rape and Murder of his 10 y/o STEP SISTER!!!
mrduckbear5202/21 11:18pm
Liberal Jamie Chung is now advocating for SOCIAL JUSTICE!! Is She Hot???
Full Throttle202/21 11:13pm
Would You Live With This User No 61
Audweeb602/21 11:07pm
22 y/o Girl is OUTRAGED that NO ONE takes her SERIOUSLY as a GAMER!!!
Full Throttle5202/21 11:06pm
2 Americans had to PROVE they are NOT related by DNA Test!! Do you BELIEVE it???
Full Throttle602/21 11:03pm
Let's play "Rate the above song" Part II
Ferarri6198502/21 11:02pm
19 y/o Ohio Girl HATED looking like a BLOB..now she shows off her BREASTS!!!
Full Throttle902/21 10:49pm
Story of the "500 year old vampire"
minervo102/21 10:39pm
32 y/o ASIAN Actor is rumoured to be next JAMES BOND when Daniel Craig EXITS!!!
Full Throttle1302/21 10:30pm
32 y/o MOM is ARRESTED for Posting a Video of HS Boys FIGHTING!! Is She a MILF?
mrduckbear1102/21 10:28pm
What's the best song from Initial D?
Cotton_Eye_Joe602/21 10:17pm
Umbrella academy
Mead1102/21 10:08pm
Well, today I was forced to update YT
DiduXD1402/21 9:55pm
Fresh tortilla chips and salsa or fresh bread and olive oil and balsamic vinegar
WastelandCowboy1702/21 9:52pm
is there any reason not to use the game genie?
knightoffire551102/21 9:41pm
Why do twitch streamers read in game dialogue
ArvTheGreat1102/21 9:28pm
Youtube has so many child predators that brands are pulling ads from the site.
Ferarri6191102/21 8:10pm
Peter Tork died
TheWorstPoster302/21 8:02pm
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