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People were really excited about The Phantom Menace trailer
Cotton_Eye_Joe810/20 4:19pm
Does anyone have 20XX on Switch?
SkynyrdRocker810/20 4:11pm
I still lol every time at raticate trying to body shame alola raticate
saspa410/20 4:11pm
What should be my next new game purchase?
lihlih210/20 3:53pm
Your 5 year old son comes up to you and says, "I'm a girl."
GreenKnight1279510/20 3:46pm
No wonder Sears is going under.......
wolfy423210/20 3:22pm
I'm headass about to ask this girl out (Mark 4)
Impavid541510/20 3:15pm
I propose no more Shazam/Marvel/ Kazam/Sinbad related movies for a few years
DrYuya2210/20 3:14pm
Huh huh, Todd's cool
OhhhJa610/20 3:12pm
Is your favorite song by your favorite band?
LinkPizza1010/20 3:03pm
Are there still any kmarts or sears' by you?
DoubleOSnake2010/20 2:42pm
Barack Obama doesnt care about Pokemon
Mead1310/20 2:26pm
How do you deal with dissenting opinions online?
Solid Sonic510/20 1:58pm
I pronounce GameFAQs game-fucks
Legendary Kapik810/20 1:55pm
Michigan Woman is DENIED MEDICATION from a PHARMACIST because he's CHRISTIAN!!!
Full Throttle3410/20 1:33pm
disney wasn't pleased with kylo ren joke in wreck it ralph 2(had it removed)
NightMareBunny1310/20 1:11pm
I'm thinking of tying a red balloon to a storm drain on my street
Firewood183410/20 1:04pm
update on my car repair escapades
acesxhigh1010/20 12:52pm
Did somebody win the big 1 bil. mega millions?
DoubleOSnake1510/20 12:29pm
Do you shower before taking bath, if you take baths?
LinkPizza2510/20 12:26pm
My gmail finally looks gross and feels usuable...
LinkPizza1010/20 12:20pm
BTHO no one!
MrMelodramatic310/20 11:49am
Trump backpedals on climate change being a hoax.
GanonsSpirit1310/20 11:42am
Let's play "rate the above song"
minervo40610/20 10:12am
Did you buy HALLOWEEN CANDY for the Kids this year???
mrduckbear1710/20 10:04am
Assassin's Creed Odyssey is so good!!!
pipebomb_phil710/20 10:03am
Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis When I was dead broke, man
Miroku_of_Nite1410/20 9:18am
Do you guys have any allergies?
LinkPizza3910/20 8:19am
Thinking about buying a ps4 pro for RDR2: What's the best option?
JanwayDaahl6310/20 7:38am
Would You Rather No 69
DiduXD2010/20 7:34am
favorite food to eat/cook when drunk
ungubby310/20 7:15am
ive gambled away millions of dollars in free powerball simulators.
argonautweakend1310/20 5:46am
So um... Today, something happened.
EclairReturns410/20 5:23am
I sang at a Kareoke bar for the first time in 20 years.
wolfy42210/20 4:33am
This is next level
Yellow510/20 4:27am
What's on the menu?
WastelandCowboy1210/20 3:27am
Why is this board still linked to the poll?
St_Kevin1010/20 3:16am
I have cancer.
THEGODDAMNBATMA10110/20 2:13am
That makes two times I've been banned on 4chan.
FinalXemnas2910/20 1:53am
Do you like haunted house attractions that pop up around halloween time?
DoubleOSnake2310/20 1:31am
I'm out wearin my tissot
argonautweakend510/20 1:08am
Should chili have beans?
Mead2910/20 12:41am
Banjo-Kazooie + Space Jam
Muffinz0rz210/20 12:40am
My girlfriend is giving birth to a girl in May
EvilMegas3910/20 12:25am
Stand together like we're walks in a wall
Cotton_Eye_Joe210/20 12:23am
Would you eat the Dominos Meat Pie Pizza? (Aus / NZ exclusive from 10 years ago)
DeltaBladeX3210/20 12:20am
excel question
ernieforss810/20 12:08am
Liberal Popstar RIHANNA has REFUSED NFL Halftime Show to Support KAEPERNICK!!!
Full Throttle110/19 11:22pm
DeltaBladeX plays Dragon Quest XI and tells quigonzel about it
DeltaBladeX11310/19 11:10pm
If you had to change your first name, which of these would you pick?
TheOrangeMisfit1710/19 10:53pm
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