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I just learned that my job is closed because a snow storm is coming
JOExHIGASHI1402/21 7:54pm
Unaired Fox News interview between Rutger Bregman and Tucker Carlson.
WastelandCowboy802/21 7:43pm
Did you guys hear about the Phoenix Wright original trilogy?
LinkPizza1102/21 7:31pm
PotD Arrowverse Pic Dump/Discussion Topic #2
keyblader198513502/21 6:58pm
Here we go...finally going to beat Ninja Gaiden
trentpac10102/21 6:47pm
Zion Williamson Shoe Explodes
BUMPED20021502/21 6:46pm
So I can buy the Galaxy Fold for 2 grand, or buy a flagship phone and tablet
FatalAccident1502/21 6:19pm
Cool. I have two trophies. Great. So how do I make them go away?
quigonzel602/21 5:38pm
this bar that i go to wants to become my official tinder date sponsor
LaggnFragnLarry402/21 4:23pm
What's you favorite "midnight snack" kind of food?
LinkPizza1502/21 3:41pm
Have you ever microwaved grapes?
Lokarin1202/21 3:37pm
Real or fake?
knightoffire551602/21 3:09pm
Is Memento scary?
FatalAccident1002/21 1:24pm
Do you like mayonnaise?
edededdy18602/21 1:15pm
Bottom 10 NHL teams, which do you hate the most!
Ogurisama802/21 12:31pm
Microsoft did an opsie
SmokeMassTree1302/21 12:17pm
I'm tired of myself, tired of this town
Firewood18402/21 12:13pm
Phone just got system wide night mode
Oops_All_Berrys102/21 12:08pm
What happened to Tillamook Ice Cream!!! :( :( :(
wolfy421902/21 11:36am
When was the last time you took your girlfriend for a walk?
Beveren_Rabbit1402/21 11:06am
19 y/o Girl is KICKED OUT and DISOWNED for MARRYING a 62 y/o. Is She Hot???
mrduckbear1402/21 10:59am
4 Oklahoma Boys who RAPED another Boy with a POOL CUE is ruled ROUGH-HOUSING!!!
mrduckbear2202/21 10:06am
oreos droppped the ball the their cereal
ArvTheGreat102/21 8:32am
Fuck sony and their fragile ass PS4!!!
-Komaiko54-8702/21 7:57am
Well, the hermit crab is still alive...
LinkPizza702/21 6:37am
hypothetical: what if you were a 45-year old bus boy...?
Aculo1502/21 3:30am
Every post-Valentines, I get everything below the belt cleanly shaved, ok?
ClarkDuke1102/21 3:12am
Cat / Chat 5: Cat no banana
Doctor Foxx24402/21 3:10am
Justice Department alleges Trump knowingly directed Cohen to commit felonies
Doctor Foxx27102/21 2:28am
Current top 10 NHL teams, which is your favorite?
Ogurisama1502/21 1:30am
Where is Larry day 2 tinder topic..
bossjony502/21 1:23am
I know I use this a lot, but is this the best gif of all time??
Muffinz0rz45802/21 1:01am
I have never played a Bomberman game in my entire life.
Ferarri6192402/21 12:16am
What even is this board?
Death_Of_Effie3502/21 12:13am
Have you ever 'crossed swords' with another guy, if you know what I mean?
Lobomoon2102/20 11:55pm
Which of these PHRASES do you say when you ask someone to REPEAT themselves???
mrduckbear1502/20 11:53pm
ok so, if trans women are women...
Aculo1702/20 11:26pm
Not the original Super Mario Bros, but special mention goes out to the Angry Sun
VioletZer0202/20 11:17pm
this is my 1094th topic
LaggnFragnLarry102/20 11:10pm
23 Co-Workers who won 437 MILLION said they are STAYING at their LOW PAYING JOB
mrduckbear2602/20 11:00pm
Anime dub voice actor Vic Mignogna facing serious sexual allegations.
Ferarri61910802/20 10:59pm
Can you imagine a world without lawyers
Ogurisama102/20 10:58pm
Which is the superior paper fold: hamburger style or hotdog style?
PiOverlord302/20 10:19pm
21 y/o Girl gets LIFE in PRISON for MURDER of her Baby..AND she got FAT!!!
mrduckbear2102/20 10:12pm
does my son's opinions on movies and games matter you?
knightoffire551102/20 10:08pm
ME: I'm never gonna find a GF
-Komaiko54-10902/20 8:37pm
Transgender woman harassed at GameStop ('It's MA'AM!') releases rap video
Far-Queue902/20 7:30pm
British Lady copies Kim K's 'Boobie Dress'...
pionear702/20 7:20pm
is building a fortress around mexico a national emergency?
Retroxgamer01402/20 6:53pm
Any folks here regularly using mechanical pencils and/or colour lead?
InfestedAdam402/20 6:29pm
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