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I am sorry for Today and everyday..
knightoffire55210/19 10:44pm
I have to work exactly 2 hours tomorrow
AwesomeTurtwig1210/19 10:30pm
When's the last time you used a screen saver on your home computer?
Chewster510/19 10:24pm
Would You Kiss This User No 39
DukeSR8310/19 9:01pm
Would You Rather No 70
DiduXD210/19 8:45pm
It's been forever since you held me like I was a human being
Impavid54210/19 8:41pm
Will you try the new Burger King 'Nightmare King', supposedly proven to
Zangulus4210/19 8:32pm
Most of the hot women who message me on dating sites are fake.
Cotton_Eye_Joe1210/19 8:17pm
Does LagginFragginLarry have a really shitty online internet connection?
TheWorstPoster710/19 8:08pm
Playing psychonauts for the first time
JoanOfArcade410/19 7:52pm
New game+ on Spider-Man is out
MICHALECOLE1010/19 7:46pm
Foxxbox ARRESTED in Thailand for Spray Painting Sacred Wall
St_Kevin2310/19 7:35pm
How important is it to you that you're married before you have children?
DoubleOSnake1010/19 7:29pm
I don't get MMOs.
Cotton_Eye_Joe910/19 7:27pm
What is it called when you justify your own behavior...
Solid Sonic710/19 7:27pm
Would you rather #2 (by timeclock)
Timeclock1110/19 6:57pm
Lets pick a number from 1-10 before entering!
Ogurisama710/19 6:22pm
How to be frugal, but still have yummy high quality steak for dinner!!!
wolfy421210/19 6:11pm
Oh, look at me! I'm making people happy!
Ogurisama1410/19 5:48pm
How are you gentlemen?
Cotton_Eye_Joe410/19 5:42pm
Voted for the Gamecube almost entirely because of RE4
ToadWarrior410/19 5:42pm
ROUND 3, FIGHT! Viking_Mudcrap vs. ArvTheGreat, ok?
Aculo310/19 5:40pm
Did you play the huge mega millions ?
DoubleOSnake310/19 5:38pm
my son asked why there was never a count duckula darkwing duck crossover
knightoffire55610/19 5:33pm
ive gotten a ton of tinder sluts since ive picked up this wulf micro plus vape
LaggnFragnLarry1510/19 5:29pm
Politico reports about the evidence about Trump colluding with Russia
TheWorstPoster1010/19 5:29pm
Greatest TV Show Ever: Semifinals 2 - The Simpsons vs. Futurama
quigonzel910/19 4:57pm
Would you date an ex again?
LinkPizza710/19 4:49pm
I don't get it. Everyone should have a life expectancy of exactly 57,005 years.
TheWorstPoster1010/19 4:14pm
Hundreds struck by train at Indian festival, over 60 killed
Mead510/19 4:06pm
General Depression Topic
RCtheWSBC22410/19 4:02pm
Are you an NPC?
Judgmenl5710/19 3:58pm
Someone spent time making this
DeltaBladeX210/19 3:46pm
Hey everyone!
Muffinz0rz710/19 3:36pm
Crunchyroll to lose all Funimation titles
GanglyKhan1210/19 3:23pm
Will Nintendo have a new console out by the time Sneaky Ninja is released?
SkynyrdRocker2010/19 3:20pm
Rate that thing ~ Day 1802 ~ Champagne
Slayer510/19 3:20pm
Do you like mayonnaise?
edededdy10010/19 3:19pm
Have you heard of these "Bird Scooters"?
LinkPizza2010/19 3:11pm
Anybody here ever had a seiko automatic watch?
DoubleOSnake110/19 2:47pm
Should I get defensive when other nations insult Americans?
Solid Sonic1610/19 1:32pm
It took me over twenty-five years to notice this about Super Mario World..
keyblader19852210/19 1:16pm
Lion mother rejects newborn, Labrador raises it as one of her own.
DoubleOSnake310/19 1:15pm
Did you like A Valley Without Wind?
Lokarin1010/19 1:15pm
Dennis Hof (Brothel Owner and Current GOP Politician) dies at 72...
pionear610/19 1:08pm
State of Emergency...
LinkPizza410/19 12:27pm
Tips to reduce extreme anger?
minervo10610/19 12:21pm
PotD Arrowverse Pic Dump/Discussion Topic #2
keyblader19851910/19 12:07pm
The puppet is doing well
SmokeMassTree1610/19 11:29am
ATTN: People good at Googlefu
lihlih310/19 11:00am
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