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Are you buying Galaxy Fold?
Lobomoon702/20 6:07pm
10 year wedding anniversary is in less than a month. which of these should we do
Troll_Police_5202/20 6:03pm
Would You Live With This User No 60
Audweeb302/20 5:05pm
Would You Kiss This User No 129
DukeSR8202/20 5:04pm
ATTN: rcTHEwsbc
PieforcePiedom102/20 4:43pm
For those who want to watch the Galaxy 10 event
Ogurisama1002/20 4:42pm
I love the Assassin's Creed games.
At which age is someone no longer a "kid"?
WastelandCowboy4802/20 4:09pm
In the 1950s, white people called race mixing "communism".
SunWuKung420902/20 3:40pm
Amazon pays nothing in federal income taxes for the 2nd year in a row
TommyVercetti1302/20 2:07pm
Anyone here watch Roma (Netflix movie)?
pipebomb_phil502/20 1:38pm
im FAT
Retroxgamer01202/20 1:33pm
I broke my back
Action531702/20 1:22pm
Is Anthem any good?
FatalAccident2102/20 1:06pm
How did the sign come back though?
FinalFantasyVII102/20 12:57pm
Ever since I took acid my self esteem has hit a new low
joemodda1902/20 12:56pm
What are some things about waiters that make you instantly tip less?
Beveren_Rabbit3402/20 12:56pm
So, why aren't there any Medieval type Battle Royale games?
TheWorstPoster602/20 12:54pm
Hot or Not: Brie Larson
TheOrangeMisfit2002/20 12:06pm
Hey PotD, take care of those you call your own
WastelandCowboy102/20 11:50am
18 y/o Asian Massachusetts Kid is BENCHED because his HEAD is TOO BIG!! Is it???
mrduckbear502/20 11:40am
I know everything on wikipedia needs to be sourced, but sometimes...
argonautweakend702/20 11:33am
people commentating on higher skill play
hypnox602/20 9:46am
Has working at Starbucks made you think that every middle aged woman
Beveren_Rabbit702/20 9:45am
Stop feeding wild animals
Beveren_Rabbit1102/20 8:49am
make yourself useful and get me another beer
knightoffire55602/20 7:37am
is there a text to image for Chrome?
hypnox102/20 6:38am
Teen LESBIAN Russian Pop Duo T.A.T.U are all GROWN UP. Who's Hotter???
mrduckbear402/20 5:23am
What is your favorite quinten tarintino movie?
MICHALECOLE3502/20 4:29am
Is 48 oz of coffee* a lot?
-Komaiko54-3902/20 4:08am
Being able to accurately predict possible outcomes
Beveren_Rabbit602/20 3:41am
Are you dead?
TheWorstPoster802/20 3:39am
21 y/o Girl was ARRESTED after she ATTACKED her FIANCE in the NUDE!! Is She Hot.
mrduckbear1002/20 2:22am
Is it a bad idea to ask girl out right after matching with her on a dating site?
Cotton_Eye_Joe902/20 1:45am
The Amazon reviews for this product have me laughing to the point of tears
JanwayDaahl1002/20 1:44am
Streaming Spider-Man tonight...
LinkPizza2502/20 1:22am
George Mendonsa, the sailor in the iconic "V-J Day" photo, has died.
CyborgSage00x0402/20 12:50am
Beware of humans!
Ogurisama802/20 12:05am
Girls be thicc guys be chonk
Andromicus902/19 11:23pm
29 y/o 900LB Reality Star who Feared Dying before he was 30 has DIED!!!
mrduckbear702/19 11:03pm
Sometimes, I feel goods with buns have to much bread...
LinkPizza1902/19 10:55pm
72 y/o Woman Can't have SEX with her 19 y/o HUSBAND..so she gives him ORAL SEX!
Full Throttle1302/19 10:50pm
I don't like how Jpop and Kpop fans hate each other.
Ferarri6191202/19 10:43pm
Megadeth Duke Nukem theme.
Ferarri619702/19 10:36pm
What games have the best sprite art?
Lokarin2402/19 10:06pm
So I have a strange lump on the left side of my neck.
slacker031502002/19 9:42pm
Which of the following is how you HOLD a PENCIL/PEN???
mrduckbear1902/19 9:14pm
Damn people be good at Tetris 99.
Dynalo402/19 8:35pm
Beveren Rabbit
Beveren_Rabbit102/19 8:02pm
21 y/o Girl COMPETED with her SISTER on who'd have SEX with their DAD FIRST!!!
Full Throttle3702/19 7:57pm
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