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500 characters that would have been better than Byleth
Zurkon6601.17.2020 11:03pm0 + 0
Finally getting to watching Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle *ongoing spoilers*
Jeff AKA Snoopy301.17.2020 11:02pm0 + 0
a new co-worker lets ppl know he doesn't carry a phone; asks for time all day.
dolomedes501.17.2020 11:02pm0 + 0
Starfire from Teen Titans shows up at your door.
Verdekal1701.17.2020 11:01pm0 + 0
Why does the Space Force need jungle camo?
Antifar1201.17.2020 11:01pm0 + 0
Man if you were a Jedi, are you allowed to deed?
Christian RULES401.17.2020 11:01pm0 + 0
Trump rolls back Michelle Obama's school lunch program on her birthday
Tired-Insomniac1901.17.2020 11:00pm0 + 0
Yo let's all sue pepsi and get a fighter jet!
JimCarrysToe17701.17.2020 10:59pm0 + 0
Hear me out: Sour Gatorade
Blo101.17.2020 10:59pm0 + 0
Attack of the Clones had moments of brilliance Rise of the Skywalker did not
Cotton_Eye_Joe2301.17.2020 10:59pm0 + 0
Beautiful Asses: The Rise of Booty
au_gold45101.17.2020 10:59pm0 + 0
Joker, the film, is actually pretty damn liberal... (Spoiler)
Skye Reynolds4101.17.2020 10:58pm0 + 0
Figured there might some people here who'd care about this
DarthDemented201.17.2020 10:58pm0 + 0
Theros is out today on MTG Arena
RebelElite7911101.17.2020 10:58pm0 + 0
One bite. Everyone knows the rules.
JustMyOpinion401.17.2020 10:58pm0 + 0
Your thots on ENF scenes?
ssj3vegeta301.17.2020 10:57pm0 + 0
Should schools be more willing to flunk students?
KILBOTz601.17.2020 10:57pm0 + 0
500 porn stars
SomeGuyUO8301.17.2020 10:57pm0 + 0
Monica Lewinsky looks better today than she did when she blew Bill
solosnake901.17.2020 10:56pm0 + 0
Random funfact: You can go to your bank, right now, and withdraw $2 bills
EverDownward1101.17.2020 10:55pm0 + 0
Kenobi Disney+ show is allegedly cancelled
KillerSlaw5101.17.2020 10:55pm0 + 0
Is Obama to blame for Trump's presidency?
EndOfDiscOne3201.17.2020 10:54pm0 + 0
Does the Force make people prone to extremes?
Evening_Dragon601.17.2020 10:54pm0 + 0
Do you regularly go to the doctor for a checkup?
CosmicShadows601.17.2020 10:53pm0 + 0
Sometimes I hate winter lol
Ivany20083001.17.2020 10:51pm0 + 0
Ass Effect 3
specialkid81001.17.2020 10:50pm0 + 0
U see a man and woman arguing. The man starts hittin the women. What do you do?
Trickfinger3101.17.2020 10:47pm0 + 0
Rocky Johnson, The Rock's dad, just passed away.
Bad_Mojo2401.17.2020 10:45pm0 + 0
Gonna try to beat the hardest JRPG boss of all time right now. AMA? >_>
NeonOctopus3501.17.2020 10:45pm0 + 0
American-Chinese Chicken Face-Off
Gafemage2201.17.2020 10:44pm0 + 0
Do you think rap music is dangerous?
Cheater871201.17.2020 10:44pm0 + 0
This customer at work asked if we had "Saskatchewan Stir Fry"
Accolon501.17.2020 10:43pm0 + 0
this canadian chick wants me to pour maple syrup all over her
Cpt_Pineapple501.17.2020 10:39pm0 + 0
if Ken Jennings can win millions with 'useless knowledge' is it really useless?
Cpt_Pineapple201.17.2020 10:39pm0 + 0
Hi-yi, it's that Anakin guy.
HylianFox801.17.2020 10:37pm0 + 0
National Archives exhibit blurs images critical of Trump
Bio1590401.17.2020 10:36pm0 + 0
PSA: Get your ears cleaned out by a doctor
Bluebomber1826001.17.2020 10:36pm0 + 0
All I want for my birthday is a 500 topic please.
CosmicShadows22101.17.2020 10:35pm0 + 0
Why Does Barron Trump, trump the largest of the trumps not simply eat the other
Metal_Bomberman1801.17.2020 10:35pm0 + 0
Is Matt Damon one of the greatest actors ever?
Future_Trunks1201.17.2020 10:34pm0 + 0
Rate my McDonald's order from today
Accolon301.17.2020 10:33pm0 + 0
Official Friday night party topic 1/17!
deupd_u201.17.2020 10:31pm0 + 0
Tomorrow I'm getting the rest of my teeth extracted.
BlackSheep7154901.17.2020 10:29pm0 + 0
Bill Burr vid creator AllenPalin had CP and sexually assulted his GF at gunpoint
Lebronwon3101.17.2020 10:26pm0 + 0
Thinking about ditching cable and getting a Roku
SamsungGearS2501.17.2020 10:25pm0 + 0
Wild Wild West is a good movie imo
metallica8461801.17.2020 10:25pm0 + 0
My coworker told me that she had a sex dream about me.
LookANinja8401.17.2020 10:21pm0 + 0
Better call Saul picked up for final season
Makeveli_lives1201.17.2020 10:21pm0 + 0
Better Call Saul (timeline) (spoilers)
Supernatural1001.17.2020 10:20pm0 + 0
I really hope Joe Biden doesn't get the Democratic nomination
RchHomieQuanChi801.17.2020 10:20pm0 + 0
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