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How do Saiyans not kill their wives during sex?
Samman123105/19 4:00am
My Blind FF7 playthrough progression topic
Captain_Qwark18805/19 4:00am
C/D: A Metroid movie needs to be made
piUrsEitanizm1205/19 4:00am
I've seen the movie. What was eating Gilbert Grape?
Bad_Mojo305/19 4:00am
Choose a gift: Infinite wealth or Infinite sex?
Cocytus3605/19 3:59am
Glue traps are a cruel and inhumane method of dealing with rats
yusiko5905/19 3:59am
The Grand Final of Eurovision 2019 on May 18th. Livestream link included.
BalanceLost3205/19 3:58am
I pronounce Ryu "Rye-you", is that weird?
Vol2tex7005/19 3:58am
Ohio State doc rapes 177 boys over years. Officials knew and didn't do shit.
Tyranthraxus1405/19 3:58am
50 days sober
tonberryking805/19 3:57am
Hey Peter Parker, you got something for me?
RiderofHogs1105/19 3:55am
went on my second date with that girl tonight
JBaLLEN661105/19 3:55am
I don't like how everyone is saying Alabama is backward.
MeIon Bread4105/19 3:50am
Lets compare the births of Scooby and Scrappy Doo
CruelBuffalo1105/19 3:49am
MLP Social v2479: "This is so not cash moneeeeeeey!"
MegamanXfan21xx23805/19 3:47am
How close am I to the end of FF9? I just got to Conde Petie
Conflict205/19 3:47am
Has it really been 6 years since they landed on this site design?
Timohtep605/19 3:45am
A wizard offers immortality to either you or your SO
Duncanwii1405/19 3:45am
I completed my 5th Escape Room earlier today. Have you done one before?
Bad_Mojo1505/19 3:44am
does it disturb you that America is now the "bad guy" country?
HylianFox12805/19 3:44am
Some Republicans in a nutshell right now
Kaliesto1205/19 3:44am
Which is worse: Game of Thrones season 8 or Star Wars: The Last Jedi?
au_gold3405/19 3:41am
Is low tier god gay?
LightningAce11105/19 3:41am
CE: Recommend me good rappers please
Foalku8405/19 3:36am
A confirmed case of measles in my county seemingly lives in my fucking building
Timohtep605/19 3:28am
Picked up a shotgun.
Malcrasternus6105/19 3:27am
Another dodger has been eliminated in porn. Cross Kimmy Granger off the list.
EggNogPrince8805/19 3:26am
Men shouldn't be making laws about women's bodies
SaccharineSmile25705/19 3:24am
What are you doing right now?
Cocytus3305/19 3:23am
Are you sad that you won't get to live to the 2100s?
YoshitoKikuchi5705/19 3:22am
She's taking a pregnancy test as I type this...
lilORANG1805/19 3:16am
do you know a lot of college graduates with no/low paying jobs?
weeb981105/19 3:14am
Dane Cook is such an overrated actor.
au_gold705/19 3:14am
Game of Thrones final episode theories. SPOILERS
Revnir705/19 3:14am
How do I minimize bitcoin transfer fees?
yemmy305/19 3:13am
Disney Finds Director For Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers Adaptation
Bad_Mojo2105/19 3:09am
What game had the dumbest AI that you have ever seen?
Highwind073905/19 3:05am
Just finished the prologue to MGSV.
DevsBro7205/19 3:04am
My parents didn't like Endgame (SPOILERS)
PatrickMahomes405/19 3:04am
Everyone forgot that this happened in season 1 of Game of Thrones *SPOILERS*
Revnir605/19 2:56am
Nothing has hurt as much as failing to hook up with seemingly the right girl
GS4Life205/19 2:52am
ITT: ten words of predictive text
DezDroppedFreak7405/19 2:48am
Spider-Man 2: The Game [2004] is still the undisputed web-swinging champion
r25305/19 2:47am
I like how John Wick 3...*spoilers*
boxington405/19 2:43am
DSPGaming General 8: Married Life DLC
Spooking22605/19 2:42am
Roommate's dog keeps running away from home. Wat do?
Super Slash1505/19 2:40am
But but but but AVATAR didn't have any CULTURAL IMPACT
SaccharineSmile5405/19 2:32am
Bus driver claims he's not racist because his dog is Black
brestugo905/19 2:31am
Finishing up the first case in Danganronpa V3 *spoilers obviously*
dave_is_slick605/19 2:27am
Imagine Camila Cabello's ass around your
ssj3vegeta21205/19 2:23am
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