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Everyone's 401ks are down right?
CruelBuffalo4111/20 12:02pm
should i get Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu or play Pokemon Moon
_BIueMonk411/20 12:02pm
What's the upcoming GOAT game of month?
Irregardless411/20 12:02pm
What exactly is a 'fam'?
Frostmourne1511/20 12:01pm
I'm going to Disneyworld with da fam in a few weeks, help me get a cute female
ssj3vegeta_1611/20 12:01pm
So a baby seal walks into a club
Garioshi911/20 12:01pm
what would happen if hospitals competed like other businesses
Fam_Fam3111/20 12:01pm
What I hate about DC movie is the love story. Like why you put love story in
aki_sora511/20 12:01pm
Wombat poop: Scientists have finally discovered why it's cubed
spudger311/20 12:00pm
Chipotle manager who was fired for refusing to serve black customers be rehired
Mr_Karate_II7711/20 12:00pm
This is whats wrong with loli fans.
Peter_Griffin332911/20 12:00pm
Why do copyrights need to be extended after the death of the creator?
Garioshi3711/20 12:00pm
Ohio House passes Heartbeat to ban abortions of fetuses with a heartbeat.
Tmaster1485811/20 12:00pm
what's wrong with using a personal email account to do white house business?
_BIueMonk2011/20 12:00pm
New on Netflix December and What's Leaving
ninjarobot_22911/20 12:00pm
I had a dream like the street shootout scene from No Country for Old Men.
Verdekal111/20 11:59am
Jesus Fuck Me, the next Bond movie is STILL going to use Daniel Craig?
saspa7811/20 11:57am
Big games that seem eerily close to being in Development Hell
Tactical_Spork2811/20 11:57am
Why are you obssessed with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez?
Going_Deep_082411/20 11:56am
It's amazing how much better KH3 trailers are without the the Utada song
CruelBuffalo311/20 11:55am
Was the Dreamcast the last great launch lineup?
Cotton_Eye_Joe411/20 11:55am
How many people here have actually seen....God's Not Dead?
Cotton_Eye_Joe1311/20 11:53am
I love the Scream films. Best slasher film series imo.
Kitt1111/20 11:52am
Does anyone play Marvel Strike Force? part 2
SSJGrimReaper37111/20 11:51am
Sean Bean dies in about 17 hours (VOTE HOW ITT)
SquirrelyDan1811/20 11:51am
A riddle ce can't solve
SoundNetwork2111/20 11:51am
Half Life 2 had the most useless AI teammates outside of Alex
MakoReizei111/20 11:51am
Girls Frontline General 6.0: Homete, homete~
Blue_Dream8744711/20 11:50am
People are turning on BotW now?
Future_Trunks3611/20 11:50am
What are you listening to right now? V2
Kombucha24711/20 11:49am
Ocasio-Cortez says to replace Columbus Day with a holiday for election day
Bio159015611/20 11:48am
Why does every single enemy in Final Fantasy Tactics have a counter?
Garioshi4311/20 11:47am
Three Billboards, The Shape of Water, Splice, The Living Daylights, Shortbus.
Sunhawk1111/20 11:47am
itt: post a selfie and your own rating /10 of yourself, and then ce will either
cavalierking711/20 11:44am
Let's see how Arkansas' work requirements for Medicaid are going
Antifar711/20 11:43am
Do you like fake tits?
8-bit_Biceps2511/20 11:43am
I hate how phones auto-capitalize "god".
pres_madagascar1911/20 11:42am
Beautiful Asses
au_gold26611/20 11:42am
First video game that comes to mind when you see the word 'farming'?
Frostmourne1911/20 11:39am
I want to watch 100 films this year, but am still only at about 85.
Sunhawk111/20 11:39am
I didn't end up being on PBS Newshour on Arkansas Medicaid work requirements
Balrog0411/20 11:39am
TIL: Trump speculated his 1 year old daughter's breasts on TV.
Tmaster1485411/20 11:38am
Why was Justice League hated?? (Spoilers)
FF_Redux7611/20 11:37am
Ben Shapiro logic
Antifar2611/20 11:37am
What comes to mind when you think of "the 1950s"?
Vol2tex1811/20 11:37am
Oh cool
Antifar1111/20 11:36am
I'm trying not to eat like garbage. What food should I order?
CommunismFTW211/20 11:33am
Overheard my coworkers praising Kent Hovind
clearaflagrantj411/20 11:32am
Gamefaqs.gamespot user Anisoptera
Anisoptera1311/20 11:30am
Do you have a soul, CE?
wackyteen711/20 11:26am
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