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Why do people dislike The Admiral?
XHJYFL6205/21 12:13am
Can Pedophilia be cured?
WalkingLobsters5305/21 12:10am
Hmong family gunned down in their home
Fony1205/21 12:09am
Who's the poster that freaked out when he had an office dinner at a vegan place?
GhettoFlip3705/21 12:06am
Nancy Pelosi Defends MS-13 from Trumps mean words
KingCrabCake1205/21 12:05am
Real Talk: Mega Man 9 was the best game in the Classic Series.
ZMythos305/21 12:05am
This is perhaps the greatest extro to an anime ever.
Jeff AKA Snoopy1505/21 12:05am
Name an anime theme better than Cha-la Head Cha-la
YoshitoKikuchi2305/21 12:05am
Omg Hulu Has Emperors New Grooce lol .
Ryetoast2005/21 12:04am
Extremely intelligent New Zealand parrot species has zero fear of humans
CiIantro805/21 12:03am
Best main Final Fantasy game post 10?
solosnake2605/21 12:03am
Today I learned that Wakanda originated with Tarzan.
FortuneCookie1205/21 12:03am
I'm good at basketball
ReedRothchiId605/21 12:03am
Was there ever a big food fight when you were in school?
LordRazziel505/21 12:02am
I've been thinking about the mods
CaitSith1205/21 12:02am
What is up with all the Wii U fanboys lately?
jayj350105/21 12:02am
Sana is the cutest Japanese girl in the world.
smoke_break34005/21 12:01am
MLP Social v2463: "I poisoned their pizzas with C4."
MegamanXfan21xx4905/21 12:00am
El. P'sy.
Forgettable605/21 12:00am
Anime/Stuff General V166 "What a twist!"
Tropicalwood9205/20 11:59pm
Lost Odyssey playthrough (eventual spoilers)
Muffinz0rz2205/20 11:59pm
The antagonist of the last game you play is the President
LastTomorrow6905/20 11:59pm
Post stuff you want to show CE itt
DocileOrangeCup505/20 11:59pm
How nude are you
DocileOrangeCup11805/20 11:59pm
$1 billion, but prime Mike Tyson punches you in the dick
YoshitoKikuchi3305/20 11:58pm
Is the Fresh Prince the greatest how ever with a majority black cast?
SaltyWet1905/20 11:57pm
Will you be watching the World Cup this year?
1NfamousACE_22305/20 11:57pm
I routinely spend hundreds of dollars a week on Microtransactions AMA
S1nharvest11105/20 11:55pm
im glad the man card fad is over
No_U_L71605/20 11:54pm
It's drinking time
ReedRothchiId605/20 11:53pm
Prismata free on Steam (until Monday morning)
Airhammy4805/20 11:52pm
Woman has psychologist intentionally blind her due to Body Identity Disorder.
Capn Circus1705/20 11:52pm
who's your favorite nsync member
Freddie_Mercury1305/20 11:51pm
Well, laptop screen is completely fucked.
DrizztLink1905/20 11:49pm
Would an alien threat to humanity unite humans?
YoshitoKikuchi4605/20 11:49pm
Pepsi products > Coke products
DeadSite2305/20 11:49pm
Omg shiny! I found shiny Gulpin!
Duncanwii1605/20 11:49pm
K-Pop General LIV: I Love Pigtails
paerarru23205/20 11:48pm
Natural, uncut Penises are devilishly handsome and discreet.
weekoldhotdog4605/20 11:46pm
Save that Fighting Game Character 2 (Round 10)
Kajagogo2705/20 11:45pm
Is it just the mother's child?
wackyteen505/20 11:42pm
What did Britney mean by "Hit me baby one more time"?
YoshitoKikuchi2405/20 11:42pm
Wait, Admiral used to be a mod?
CiIantro9405/20 11:40pm
I regret transferring all of my pokemon from Omega Ruby to Sun
ZMythos2505/20 11:40pm
We have stronger gun control and anti-gun rhetoric than ever before
26_Sandman_392605/20 11:40pm
Oh my fucking god, why does this happen to me
Muffinz0rz805/20 11:38pm
Blind PS1 Square marathon: Game 1: Chrono Cross: Topic 2
Garioshi16505/20 11:37pm
Santa Fe hs had armed guards, lockdowns, and training, 10 still died.
spudger2105/20 11:35pm
Rainbow Sex Siege is fun
Loghain905/20 11:35pm
The Ahmed Mohamed CAPTION contest! Win $10 in this topic.
Kelystic1105/20 11:35pm
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