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If your fiance gave a stripper a blowjob the night before your wedding what...
Doom_Art4507/19 8:03pm
Three months until my wedding day.
DavidWong1807/19 8:02pm
Man, this George Soros guy...not great!
Antifar507/19 8:02pm
Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion is hard as FUCK
TheGoldenEel207/19 8:02pm
Jimmy G"uck"
Damn_Underscore907/19 8:02pm
i love kpop
_BIueMonk207/19 8:02pm
Usually, I don't take the opinion of people who started after MGS2 seriously
50Blessings207/19 8:02pm
Why do youtubers insist on putting dubstep music in their videos?
DirkDiggles307/19 8:02pm
The literal BONE-CRUSHING bite of the world's most fearsome predator, the T-Rex.
PiOverlord1607/19 8:02pm
Sloppy, goopy, floppy pizza is disgusting
RoboLaserGandhi2107/19 8:01pm
Was Michael Jackson black or white?
Going_Deep_08607/19 8:00pm
MLP Social v2466: "Kept you waiting, huh? That'll be $1.49."
MegamanXfan21xx7107/19 8:00pm
Do you like The Go-Go's?
Godnorgosh507/19 8:00pm
If you're a bad person and you're stupid, your life will be very hard.
BlingBling22947107/19 7:59pm
Nintendo doesn't have acheievements
Drumpf2007/19 7:58pm
wow samsung's smart unlock feature based on location sucks
_BIueMonk307/19 7:58pm
>a group of weirdos who live on the internet want special pronouns
YOUHAVENOHOPE707/19 7:57pm
Gamestop was a bro and gave me a PS4 case when I asked for one.
Ryetoast107/19 7:57pm
ctrl+V Topic
Burnt_Puke829207/19 7:57pm
Lunch at SO Korean BBQ today.
BlingBling22947207/19 7:57pm
Picture of da last CEmen Meet up
ssj3vegeta_1407/19 7:56pm
What's with this obsession people have with playing music ALL THE TIME?
Muffinz0rz3407/19 7:56pm
Dragonball Super: BROLY (his power is MAXIMUM) trailer
Blue_Popo1807/19 7:56pm
Hey everyone, please check out this banger from a new favorite singer of mine :)
Leanaunfurled1307/19 7:55pm
"What are doing on $weekday?"
BlingBling22947207/19 7:55pm
Chloe Bennet or Milana Vayntrub?
Touch4407/19 7:55pm
Playing Metal Gear Solid VR Missions blind
Garioshi307/19 7:55pm
Alexa, play "Despacito".
BlingBling22947307/19 7:55pm
I'm surprised people like Spider-man homecoming
KingWhiteKnight2407/19 7:54pm
Anime/stuff General V171 "Moon face"
SDBZ13307/19 7:53pm
I wake up in the morning refreshed and energized...
G-Ziss907/19 7:53pm
Save That RPG Character (Round 25)
Kajagogo1207/19 7:53pm
There's a disabled lady who records her "adventures" with a dash cam
Hexenherz307/19 7:52pm
lmao @ womens pants
Damn_Underscore907/19 7:52pm
Hey guys, I got a confession to make. I'm a time traveler from the future.
BigSmoke29882307/19 7:52pm
How great is Russia?
_BIueMonk2507/19 7:50pm
Is Hellblade worth 17 bucks
darkprince45707/19 7:48pm
Save That Video Game Character 2! (Round 93)
WafflehouseJK2607/19 7:48pm
luxury brands burn millions worth of clothing so the "wrong" people
Paper_Okami2807/19 7:48pm
would you eat this?
Snack507/19 7:47pm
Is Trump for himself or the American people?
B171307/19 7:45pm
I can't believe it's already July 2018.
Godnorgosh207/19 7:45pm
Cheese curds are the best fair food
LooksLikeDarko2407/19 7:45pm
My new house has a theater room
NES4EVER107/19 7:45pm
Beautiful Third Grackle
DocileOrangeCup1207/19 7:44pm
What if Hilary ran again but with Bernie as her VP. Can they beat Trump in 2020?
MuayThai858307/19 7:43pm
The show that featured Hansen vs Predator got cancelled.
JackSwanye22107/19 7:43pm
Titans trailer is out
Zero_Destroyer13507/19 7:43pm
Do you personally know anyone with fake tits?
shockthemonkey1207/19 7:42pm
Humble Bundle's Up Your Game Software Bundle
Garioshi907/19 7:42pm
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