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Have you seen all of the Star Wars movies, CE
wackyteen903/23 8:01am
I want to seriously fuck her HARD if you know what i mean
ssj3vegeta2803/23 8:01am
Coworker insists on paying me instead of buying me lunch.
IdiotMachine803/23 8:00am
Toys 'R' Us blames bankruptcy on millennials not having kids
Resolution3803/23 8:00am
Hide your husbands, boyfriends and legal sons.
BalanceLost1403/23 8:00am
Do you have flat feet?
Smallville803/23 8:00am
Dat feel when you breathe in someone's foot and leg skin dust
FF_Redux203/23 7:58am
so theres a new Kpop group made up of entirely Japanese Porn Stars.
_BlueMonk2203/23 7:58am
ITT: I post JAV idols.
Kelystic49403/23 7:56am
Reports of Islamic terrorists taking hostages in French super market
pres_madagascar803/23 7:52am
Whats it like knowing deres literally MILLIONS of hot men out in da world and
Vegy18003/23 7:52am
Most anti nuclear power activists seem fine with solar power.
Complete_Idi0t1103/23 7:51am
Rate my son's donk from 1-10
BlueScum203/23 7:51am
is Ghost Recon Wildlands worth $20?
Loghain3203/23 7:50am
people who smoke around their dogs
cavalierking703/23 7:49am
Ugh, I'm barely gonna hit 40 hours this week
treewojima403/23 7:49am
Save that Pokemon Starter! Round 23.
Kelystic503/23 7:46am
Save That Character: Cartoons vs Anime! Round 35
Popcorn_Fairy2603/23 7:44am
Okay guys, last week I signed up to donate blood.
PiOverlord1403/23 7:44am
Every student from Stoneman Douglas is now required to wear a clear backpack.
_wwKd_6903/23 7:43am
Save that CE User (Round 5)
FrancisAlaMode4203/23 7:40am
Rate my son's dunk from 1-10
S1nharvest903/23 7:40am
what ever happened to red ash
AceMos703/23 7:37am
Thinky face emoji is objectively the best emoji
pres_madagascar1103/23 7:33am
So you ban guns in the US, what about black market and criminals?
Mark_DeRosa1403/23 7:26am
I called this clingy guy that I'm 'sort of seeing' "love".
Kitt10203/23 7:24am
Teen Titans CYOA: Romance Resurrected part 7
Cartridge881303/23 7:22am
A pole for you gay cemen
pres_madagascar103/23 7:22am
Riley Reid says she watches Hentai because she knows all the real people in porn
IslamMD2203/23 7:21am
Literally a serial bomber and CNN cares more about a self driving car
27_Sandman_4013403/23 7:18am
who playing PUBG on their phone?
GAMERCAMRY4603/23 7:18am
LGBT Social v 02- Ask us your LGBT questions CE
Vegy28103/23 7:18am
Top 3 Trump moment right here
ledbowman503/23 7:14am
My Dad's girlfriend is a complete, relentless, manipulative bitch.
Minute1203/23 7:12am
Trump begins this morning by trolling Joe Biden on Twitter
thelovefist9303/23 7:11am
Worst Generation
Sativa_Rose2003/23 7:09am
Why is Trump destroying the stock market?
ItsYourFault803/23 7:08am
What in the fuck is the Vita game "dong"?
fuzzylittlbunny44303/23 6:59am
You know what really bothers me about pro-choice people?
HHH is the game24203/23 6:54am
Curvy girl bounces her baby feeders in slow motion
Scaramanga903/23 6:53am
A few years later... what is your opinion of Undertale?
TroutPaste7903/23 6:51am
Easiest way to transition cat from house to outdoor cat?
Crepes3303/23 6:48am
NinjaBreakfast203/23 6:48am
NFL player reluctantly says that he WILL respect the anthem...
Payzmaykr503/23 6:45am
F1 2015 free on Humble Bundle store
Spooking3903/23 6:43am
the game i am backing on kickstarter is releasing today!!
apolloooo1803/23 6:42am
Post a song you like and I'll rate it out of 10...if I can PART 3 (less metal)
CensorErik14503/23 6:33am
Canada changes its national anthem to be gender neutral
frozenshock1003/23 6:30am
49% of Californians plan to leave the state soon.
Nomadic View13203/23 6:28am
You can have one of these items from these marvel characters
nevershine303/23 6:28am
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