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Just watched that Gillette ad.
Timohtep5501/18 3:04pm
CE how hot is this girl? (Warning Butt)
AwesomeOSauce1201/18 3:03pm
damn Ada Wong is sexy
Two_Dee801/18 3:01pm
Is joe rogan alt right
JBaLLEN662901/18 3:01pm
So, I just watched A Clockwork Orange
user-1501/18 3:01pm
'It's just tribalism, the left are just as bad', 'all sides', etc
pinky09268101/18 3:00pm
Anyone else never want to travel out of their hometown?
knuxnole1001/18 3:00pm
MLP Social v2474: "Ha! You're not even good enough to be my fake!"
MegamanXfan21xx21701/18 3:00pm
Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress about Moscow Tower Project
Antifar13701/18 3:00pm
Trump supporters are now wasting money sending bricks to Chuck and Nancy
Veracity401/18 3:00pm
Soulunison why'd you delete that topic?
Muffinz0rz1501/18 3:00pm
UltraDeku301/18 3:00pm
Does wind actually exist?
SF_Okami1501/18 3:00pm
what did catboy do to become a meme
CrimsonRage501/18 3:00pm
Somehow the same accounts necrobump at the same time and they're so different.
DrizztLink7001/18 3:00pm
I never had enough money, or enough privilege to be white
catboy0_04401/18 3:00pm
Walking down NYC as a woman vs Gillette ad
toyota4901/18 3:00pm
Broly has a 83% rating on rotten tomatoes.
DemonBuffet4901/18 3:00pm
Anyone play Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom? (Recent indie Metroidvania)
TheGoldenEel301/18 2:59pm
How important is sex to you, in your life?
Sunhawk3601/18 2:59pm
There's something that really confuses me about outsider art.
Sunhawk201/18 2:58pm
Apparently the new AC Odyssey DLC takes a giant shit on the roleplaying *spoily*
eston15701/18 2:58pm
What is the nerdiest form of gaming?
Kinny1003301/18 2:57pm
Is mass immigration threatening the future of Europe?
CIA_Agent9101/18 2:57pm
Anyone else play RE7 entirely in VR?
DarkRoast1701/18 2:56pm
why was that topic locked?
MakoReizei101/18 2:56pm
Ys Origins worth getting?
Touch501/18 2:56pm
coworker who constantly complains about not making rent just bought a $2k guitar
Engineer_Gamer801/18 2:55pm
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
DevsBro801/18 2:55pm
Somebody send me a nice ass
Hairy-man1701/18 2:54pm
So, Trump is saying that Mexico already paid for the wall with the trade deal...
frozenshock501/18 2:54pm
The Punisher Season 2 literally comes out in less than 12 hours.
TheCEmanCometh3401/18 2:53pm
how many e-girls did you hotchat with last year
Engineer_Gamer301/18 2:53pm
Catdog > catboy
Stormlight301/18 2:52pm
Save That Couple (Round 53)
Kajagogo2201/18 2:52pm
What's with catboy ?
Snip-N-Snails201/18 2:52pm
Thinking about starting a plant based diet.
CosmicShadows1001/18 2:51pm
Which of these two super bowl matchups would you want?
Muffinz0rz2001/18 2:51pm
I ordered my Thai food "extra extra spicy"... bad idea
treewojima1801/18 2:50pm
my doctor wants to check my bone marrow because i might be sick
Awesome401/18 2:50pm
why is catboy ?
TeaMilk3101/18 2:49pm
I hear something in my kitchen and I don't know what the fuck it is
Italian1101/18 2:49pm
TheMarthKoopa18601/18 2:49pm
Genocet_10-325101/18 2:49pm
Preliminary Doge Games 2019 Invitational America's Next Top Doge (Part 1)
The_Doge9401/18 2:48pm
shut the fuck up about catboy
Reis701/18 2:48pm
Gilette caught dabbling in toxic masculinity and called hypocrites
darkphoenix18111701/18 2:47pm
When you have two job prospects, is it shitty to quit one when offered the next?
LostForest1701/18 2:47pm
Thinking of starting a planet based diet
Complete_Idi0t401/18 2:47pm
There is too many Catboy, racism, taco bell, Tom Brady, gilette and trump thread
Squidkids101/18 2:46pm
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