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GOP is upset on Twitter because Biden called Trump supporters chumps.
BlueTigerLion2310.24.2020 7:04pm0 + 0
Epic Rap Battles of History: Trump vs. Biden
Garioshi1410.24.2020 7:03pm0 + 0
Which year is the cut-off for being a 90s kid?
TroutPaste1210.24.2020 7:03pm0 + 0
Do you consider yourself a fan of sasha baren cohen?
DoubleOSnake1710.24.2020 7:03pm0 + 0
This is what you're getting when you vote for Joe Biden
Philoktetes810.24.2020 7:02pm0 + 0
I might actually like the Genesis more than the SNES.
IndustrialTrudg1910.24.2020 7:02pm0 + 0
Rate the Halloween Candy: Snickers
Josiah_Is_Back1410.24.2020 7:02pm0 + 0
Minecraft speedrunner Dream caught cheating
Zero_Destroyer1110.24.2020 7:02pm0 + 0
my dad is mad at me because he owes me $100 and i refuse to take it in cash
No_U_L71010.24.2020 7:02pm0 + 0
Continuing Xenosaga for real this time
Garioshi8910.24.2020 7:02pm0 + 0
Jennifer Lawrence says she was a Republican until Trump took office.
Lebronwon410.24.2020 7:01pm0 + 0
i will never get why gimmick accounts are a thing.
CosmicShadows1010.24.2020 7:01pm0 + 0
We view the daily life of Mr. Mr. Boop, starring Alec and Betty- Elizabeth
AirFresh1510.24.2020 7:01pm0 + 0
Fucking Slayer. \m/
CHM_Punk2110.24.2020 7:01pm0 + 0
The perfect woman but she only showers once a week
Damn_Underscore3610.24.2020 7:01pm0 + 0
Obama is awesome.
au_gold2310.24.2020 7:01pm0 + 0
what is Among Us?
Duncanwii110.24.2020 7:00pm0 + 0
Do you personally believe in an afterlife?
DoubleOSnake510.24.2020 7:00pm0 + 0
Any non-binary people here?
pulsatingjam910.24.2020 6:59pm0 + 0
In Avengers 2012, Thor says to Loki 'Do I look to be in a gaming mood?'
LightningAce111110.24.2020 6:58pm0 + 0
The perfect girl, but she forces you to be vegan.
Frostmourne210.24.2020 6:58pm0 + 0
Jackbox : Drawbo Mode
videogamedunkey110.24.2020 6:57pm0 + 0
Donald Trump spotted with a FAKE Melania Trump.
au_gold410.24.2020 6:56pm0 + 0
Don't use drugs or alcohol to deal with your emotions CE
V-E-G-Y-2010.24.2020 6:56pm0 + 0
rate this Italian girl / 10
GodardOnGodard2210.24.2020 6:53pm0 + 0
Describe your last fart using only a movie title...
Scorsese20025810.24.2020 6:53pm0 + 0
Let's Smash: The Smashening
NightMarishPie49110.24.2020 6:50pm0 + 0
Kristen Welker was a fantastic debate moderator.
au_gold1210.24.2020 6:47pm0 + 0
Best ways to get more Robocalls?
RedJackson810.24.2020 6:47pm0 + 0
metralo is WARNED!
Tryhaptaward810.24.2020 6:46pm0 + 0
She looks at you and says 'This is very forward but would you shower with me?'
UnfairRepresent1710.24.2020 6:45pm0 + 0
Beerus, Broly, Goku and Jiren vs. Whis
Josiah_Is_Back210.24.2020 6:45pm0 + 0
Drinking Topic 37 - Free Johnny, he's a Giants fan he's in enough pain already
MabusIncarnate31510.24.2020 6:41pm0 + 0
Take a photo of yourself right now and post it ITT part 3: the threequel
Timohtep23710.24.2020 6:40pm0 + 0
3D Land is the best 3D Mario
Intro2Logic710.24.2020 6:39pm0 + 0
She looks at you and says 'Hey wanna join our ladies football team?"
UnfairRepresent410.24.2020 6:39pm0 + 0
I'm still pissed about The Bloop just being some fucking ice moving
littlebro07310.24.2020 6:38pm0 + 0
So I made it to near the center of the galaxy in No Man's Sky. The planets...
DarkRoast1810.24.2020 6:38pm0 + 0
you know Ellie we really are the last of us part 2
Cpt_Pineapple1610.24.2020 6:38pm0 + 0
MLP Social v2495: "Funny as hell..."
MegamanXfan21xx27910.24.2020 6:37pm0 + 0
Car registration is just a car tax
deupd_u710.24.2020 6:37pm0 + 0
$1 million, but there will be no president forever.
CosmicShadows710.24.2020 6:37pm0 + 0
So my brother is hosting a Gender Reveal party....
DepreceV21110.24.2020 6:36pm0 + 0
Joe Biden had me at "Public Option" - that's the bridge right there
FairySportyOne410.24.2020 6:36pm0 + 0
Tattoo'd chicks are the best
darkprince45610.24.2020 6:35pm0 + 0
Bernie Sanders, on Joe Biden
Antifar2310.24.2020 6:32pm0 + 0
Shopping Cart Pusher Can't Stop Hitting Cars
JimCarrysToe2210.24.2020 6:32pm0 + 0
Anyone remember Bob and Margaret?
coh610.24.2020 6:29pm0 + 0
Any hype for the Sekiro update coming on Wednesday?
SocialistGamer310.24.2020 6:28pm0 + 0
This is perhaps my favorite reaction to a kill in Among Us ever...
Jeff AKA Snoopy510.24.2020 6:27pm0 + 0
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