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Do you remember the time before Super Smash Bros. Melee was released?
PikachuMaxwell605.07.2017 4:30pm0 + 0
Around how often do you get modded on this site?
Smallville5505.07.2017 4:30pm0 + 0
is it a bad idea to apply for more than one credit card in a month?
ChromaticAngel305.07.2017 4:26pm0 + 0
What machines have you built from "scratch"?
PikachuMaxwell1205.07.2017 4:23pm0 + 0
How many friends you also bone with is acceptable to have?
FF_Redux1105.07.2017 4:22pm0 + 0
Best Weird Al parody?
YoshitoKikuchi705.07.2017 4:20pm0 + 0
is teen titans anime actually that good? or is it the nostalgia glasses again?
ModLogic3005.07.2017 4:18pm0 + 0
So much for Russia trying to rig elections right? Lol
MangaFan462605.07.2017 4:16pm0 + 0
Oh shit Macron gonna win
MJ_Max3205.07.2017 4:16pm0 + 0
When everybody thought I was much ban
The_Doge405.07.2017 4:16pm0 + 0
If you deny a person dying of cancer insurance, is that the same as killing them
Duncanwii305.07.2017 4:15pm0 + 0
40s and 50s and single
mitsuruji gun805.07.2017 4:08pm0 + 0
Now that time has passed, rank the Smash Bros games
wah_wah_wah2405.07.2017 4:07pm0 + 0
Edge of Tomorrow 2's title is somehow even worse.
OctilIery2305.07.2017 4:06pm0 + 0
One problem I had with Mad Max Fury Road (spoilers allowed ITT)
TroutPaste1705.07.2017 4:01pm0 + 0
god damn fucking shit
Go_Totodile605.07.2017 3:59pm0 + 0
wtf now they're calling it "making your sexual debut"
soulunison2905.07.2017 3:59pm0 + 0
Watching La La Land. Opening number won me over. spoilers
saspa3805.07.2017 3:56pm0 + 0
hearing white people talk shit about the Bronx
Funployee205.07.2017 3:56pm0 + 0
Do you think Colbert's meltdown was wrong?
MakoReizei8005.07.2017 3:55pm0 + 0
Where can I get chicken feet from. Like what kinda store?
itachi15243805.07.2017 3:54pm0 + 0
That awkward moment when you make a joke, but people take it the wrong way.
cuttin_in_farm1105.07.2017 3:51pm0 + 0
Stop complaining about your hot girlfriends cheating on you T_T
Geno4LoveGeno4L505.07.2017 3:51pm0 + 0
The Invitation is really good, I like the main character so far.
CommunismFTW105.07.2017 3:49pm0 + 0
Vive la France!
Glass_Phantom105.07.2017 3:49pm0 + 0
my wife
Cpt_Pineapple705.07.2017 3:45pm0 + 0
I tried clicking on a link to Poll of the Day, but the page instantly took me to
LanHikari10905.07.2017 3:44pm0 + 0
Is the Galaxy S8 worth getting?
Vol2tex405.07.2017 3:43pm0 + 0
I bought a ring light flash for my 6D. gonna get my macro on. prepare for cute
AlternativeFAQS205.07.2017 3:40pm0 + 0
can someone actually explain the logic of percentage tipping?
ModLogic1105.07.2017 3:38pm0 + 0
c/d a transgender should have to pass to expect to be referred to as preferred
andel4305.07.2017 3:35pm0 + 0
what has Elian Gonzalez been up to?
SomeGuyUO405.07.2017 3:35pm0 + 0
Prey (2017) is probably the best, most challenging game I've played in awhile
AlternativeFAQS305.07.2017 3:21pm0 + 0
CE my female friend who's dating another friend keeps flirting with me. What do?
itachi15243105.07.2017 3:15pm0 + 0
Some kid named "Krz" got drafted into the WHL the other day
Bio1590105.07.2017 3:14pm0 + 0
Are female angry drunks uncommon?
Verdekal405.07.2017 3:12pm0 + 0
Gamefaqs really needs to change it from Hot to trending.
ChopinList505.07.2017 3:12pm0 + 0
that was literally the worst episode of samurai jack yet
toptopmax1605.07.2017 3:09pm0 + 0
Let's talk craft beer.
MFBKBass53605.07.2017 3:06pm0 + 0
how is the show Bosch?
AlternativeFAQS105.07.2017 3:04pm0 + 0
God damn, I'm going to have to go a whole month without any phone data.
Duncanwii705.07.2017 3:03pm0 + 0
Just found 17 year old me in a rare horrorcore documentary LMAO
NewportBox100s1505.07.2017 3:02pm0 + 0
C/D: Every 10/10 game is overrated.
EffectAndCause105.07.2017 3:02pm0 + 0
Is it homophobic to tell someone to go suck a dick?
MJ_Max705.07.2017 3:01pm0 + 0
The Switch has been a paradigm shift for how I want to play games
Coffeebeanz705.07.2017 3:00pm0 + 0
Look at this. (lt)
Sunhawk105.07.2017 3:00pm0 + 0
Games you hate-played?
EffectAndCause3805.07.2017 3:00pm0 + 0
She's gonna strike when the time is right. She's doing it for us.
AlternativeFAQS105.07.2017 2:59pm0 + 0
The Sonic fanbase. You have to admire their devotion
Blue_Inigo1805.07.2017 2:58pm0 + 0
I'm playing Persona 4: Dancing All Night.
Mernardi405.07.2017 2:57pm0 + 0
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