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Why does grammer and spelling matters so much to you on a video game websight?
Veggeta X2110/21 2:34pm
Which Red Dead Redemption 2 Edition will you be buying?
El Mexicano Texano410/21 2:32pm
yall made a big deal outta goblin slayer but it wasnt that graphic
Bluebomber182210/21 2:29pm
I wonder what these guys are up to with the Back to the Future car.
Kitt1310/21 2:29pm
Kerred, do you play Antiquity?
Darkman124410/21 2:28pm
"I don't plan on living to 50"
Damn_Underscore1010/21 2:27pm
Where would you like the next Elder Scrolls game to take place?
Doom_Art410/21 2:27pm
Poorest states have Republican legislatures, richest Democratic
SunburnCostanza810/21 2:24pm
When is that thot Sandy gonna let my boy SpongeBob smash?
Turbam1110/21 2:24pm
Your reaction: Your girlfriend hits you in the face during a heated argument.
UnfairRepresent4310/21 2:23pm
LeBron wearing Dodgers hat. Not an Indians fan?
Future_Trunks810/21 2:20pm
Just got my Ouya in the mail.
The_Office_pwnz710/21 2:20pm
Wow this Asian dude has a hot white girlfriend...wonder how he got that
Squall282910/21 2:18pm
Are you gonna play the 1.6 bil mega millions?
DoubleOSnake910/21 2:16pm
What do cops dream about at night?
frozenshock1810/21 2:14pm
lol, Netflix keeps canceling Marvel shows while CW keeps adding new DC ones
WellKnownNomad5110/21 2:13pm
Anime and Other Stuff General v174: "Break it down!"
Calwings42710/21 2:13pm
Kylie Jenner is about to beat Zuckerberg as youngest ever self-made billionaire
jeffhardyb0yz9410/21 2:12pm
Pumpkinhead wasn't a very good movie
Hexenherz710/21 2:07pm
Hot tub time machine isnt terrible.
Duncanwii1110/21 2:07pm
When you're banging a 10/10 prostitute and she puts her hand on the back of your
deupd_u3410/21 2:05pm
New York witches place hex on Brett Kavanaugh
EliteLevel1210/21 2:04pm
I asked this asian chick 'your english is so good where are you from?'
Cpt_Pineapple1210/21 2:03pm
Stokes. Mariah Stokes.
RchHomieQuanChi210/21 2:02pm
Your reaction: Your parents are characters in the next big fighting game.
UnfairRepresent210/21 1:59pm
Clemson students jump up and down to a song.....apartment floor collapses
CruelBuffalo1410/21 1:59pm
10 million dollars or an end to disease/end of famine/humans become able to fly
HolierThanMao1210/21 1:55pm
Just bought a case of Labatt Blue
Caution999810/21 1:53pm
If there's an white guy in a TV show, he's always
Squall28310/21 1:52pm
Why the fuck is toilet paper so expensive
littlebro072610/21 1:50pm
I've started playing Dark Souls for the first time! :D *spoilers*
Sunhawk13210/21 1:49pm
Welp, might have to buy a new cellphone
Hexenherz210/21 1:49pm
Republican QUITS his Top Job after he KILLED a FAMILY of BABOONS!!
mrduckbear4510/21 1:47pm
Whoa. Summer Glau has gotten really...well, ugly. Look at this.
Sunhawk1810/21 1:47pm
PAC won't pull ad suggesting that democrats will lynch African-Americans.
Tmaster1481010/21 1:46pm
With RDR2 coming out, I'm reminded of how I screwed up that big moment in RDR1.
Kitt110/21 1:45pm
I've now lived alone since July, first time living alone in my life. AMA
FF_Redux2210/21 1:45pm
Remember the show Hurl on G4?
Irregardless410/21 1:43pm
Alright Wario boiz, let's buckle in.
Menardii910/21 1:41pm
Was your dad a Chad back in his day?
Blue_Inigo1110/21 1:39pm
I feel Camel Spiders alone would low enlisting rate....
LordMarshal1010/21 1:39pm
Soilwork is like a fine wine
Zodd3224510/21 1:38pm
You fall in love you lose, LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE edition 3
_BIueMonk1010/21 1:37pm
Bought my first "doctor" item after passing boards. Rate my TV!
Coffeebeanz4310/21 1:31pm
Why didn't Kate Steinl's death matter as much to the media as Khashoggi?
Jonestown2410/21 1:30pm
a moderator I've never heard of just followed me
sleepysausage410/21 1:28pm
anyone watching the tennessee/LA chargers game rn?
Parappa09910/21 1:27pm
Would you be comfortable living directly in front of a cemetery?
CosmicShadows810/21 1:26pm
The targeting call from last nights LSU game might be the worst call of all time
Uncle_Drew510/21 1:23pm
Kevin Nash
LeoRyan910/21 1:23pm
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