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When are you supposed to tell a gf you have depression?
Trayvon1908.23.2017 6:57pm0 + 0
Poll: How do you honestly think the Trump presidency will end?
DanHarenChamp3908.23.2017 6:56pm0 + 0
Simon Cowell made Mel B upset
LastTomorrow208.23.2017 6:55pm0 + 0
What are some great series finales?
Cotton_Eye_Joe2408.23.2017 6:54pm0 + 0
Real question, how do I get some of that Soros money?
Millennials108.23.2017 6:53pm0 + 0
*password doesn't work* *resets password* *enters new password*
CruelBuffalo208.23.2017 6:53pm0 + 0
reading with music on Y/N
LysistrataMedea208.23.2017 6:52pm0 + 0
Female thrift store employee beats up thug with his own gun
Medz2017708.23.2017 6:50pm0 + 0
Meeting up with my ex for hopefully the last time today.
OctilIery1908.23.2017 6:50pm0 + 0
So whose alt are you Center_Right?
DreadedWave508.23.2017 6:49pm0 + 0
Shawnee Smith
badwinkles208.23.2017 6:47pm0 + 0
They caught me inflating my hours on my job time sheet
DeroIin2408.23.2017 6:45pm0 + 0
If you were a Spice Girl what would your Spice name be?
FF_Redux708.23.2017 6:44pm0 + 0
10/10 albums
Doe8808.23.2017 6:43pm0 + 0
I just ruined my favorite shirt.
Prodrivertn308.23.2017 6:40pm0 + 0
NiGHTS 3 or Ristar 2?
l33t_iRk3n_Rm33108.23.2017 6:38pm0 + 0
When was the last time a less charismatic person won the US President Election?
Exeggcute2708.23.2017 6:35pm0 + 0
lol I just got a Steam Alert from Payday 2 letting me know H3H3 won the lawsuit
D-Lo_BrownTown408.23.2017 6:35pm0 + 0
Ducktales is the only cartoon reboot that's good.
GameofWheels508.23.2017 6:34pm0 + 0
Are you obligated to let your partner know that you know they are cheating?
Anisoptera708.23.2017 6:33pm0 + 0
Is Disintegration the best album ever?
Bloodychess508.23.2017 6:30pm0 + 0
A single red ant somehow made it unnoticed all the way up to my neck
badwinkles1008.23.2017 6:28pm0 + 0
I literally buy many more games than i can possibly play.
VandorLee208.23.2017 6:28pm0 + 0
How do you increase your willpower?
DK9292708.23.2017 6:26pm0 + 0
SBAllen is a mess
Center_Right808.23.2017 6:26pm0 + 0
Time to do the CSS dance!
DevsBro1208.23.2017 6:23pm0 + 0
I'm still so much in love with him, and I love him. I'm sure he loves me too.
FF_Redux1608.23.2017 6:22pm0 + 0
FFS, my TV doesn't have composite ports for me to hook up my Sega Saturn
Coffeebeanz608.23.2017 6:18pm0 + 0
In Oblivion, are you supposed to be killing everything in the gates?
gafemaqs2208.23.2017 6:14pm0 + 0
*attempts to shake a butch lesbian's hand*
3khc408.23.2017 6:14pm0 + 0
CE, have you creamed your pants at all today?
ManLink4321408.23.2017 6:11pm0 + 0
I want some good cordless headphones, ear whatevers to use when sleeping
FF_Redux108.23.2017 6:05pm0 + 0
If anyone has a problem with Death Row appeals process, then you're fine with...
Barenziah Boy Toy108.23.2017 6:03pm0 + 0
Let's try to get SBAllen to post in this topic
Center_Right1308.23.2017 6:02pm0 + 0
Any of you straight guys ever experiment with guys?
Patty_Fleur4508.23.2017 6:00pm0 + 0
How do you feel about prequels?
LittleRoyal1408.23.2017 5:59pm0 + 0
Best CE User dat starts with da letter: H
V-E-G-Y-4408.23.2017 5:59pm0 + 0
What's crazy is Comcast hasn't started their own Netflix killer.
Cotton_Eye_Joe308.23.2017 5:57pm0 + 0
How are the phone ports of Dragon Quest 8 and The World Ends With You?
nayr626108.23.2017 5:56pm0 + 0
Have you ever seen that movie The Mandela Effect starring Topher Grace?
Cotton_Eye_Joe608.23.2017 5:52pm0 + 0
No one ever talks about how fucking HOT Kelly Kelly was in da WWE
ssj3vegeta708.23.2017 5:52pm0 + 0
I like this window
Touch1608.23.2017 5:51pm0 + 0
How do you feel about your BF/GF being friends with people theyve had sex with?
LittleRoyal14608.23.2017 5:51pm0 + 0
StrikeGently's favorite comic.
ChromaticAngel208.23.2017 5:51pm0 + 0
I feel like a girl was staring at my crotch area today
Patty_Fleur208.23.2017 5:50pm0 + 0
Pull out of Paris agreement to get best deal for Americans
ChromaticAngel208.23.2017 5:50pm0 + 0
SBAllen vs CJayC - Who was the better admin?
Milo_Yiannopous108.23.2017 5:50pm0 + 0
help me pick a course please
LysistrataMedea208.23.2017 5:50pm0 + 0
I think this is more important than Star Wars on May the 4th....
F1areaGaman708.23.2017 5:48pm0 + 0
Hello, I'm a white person.
frozenshock408.23.2017 5:48pm0 + 0
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