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I'm still playing Final Fantasy I
Zurkon2112/10 2:29am
British universities launch drive to recruit more white males
Rob Cesternino212/10 2:28am
I REALLY wish I got into climbing when I was a kid
GhettoFlip312/10 2:26am
SFV will start using in-game ads on 12/11 and penalize players who turn them off
Hayame Zero7112/10 2:19am
Which PS1 games are you nostalgic over?
Darmik2612/10 2:12am
I'm quite the far left guy, and even I am sick of everything being anti Trump
Cheater872312/10 2:02am
I think Simon is my favorite Smash newcomer
WafflehouseJK612/10 1:59am
don corneo
solosnake312/10 1:58am
Do anybody here know somebody that know somebody who knows somebody....
FFVII_REMAKE212/10 1:54am
Woman murdered by fake panhandlers
Monolith16762212/10 1:50am
ImgTC no longer allows guest pics.
MI4 REAL3612/10 1:50am
*Touchpad is acting super weird*
-l___________l-212/10 1:50am
about to book a 350 dollar a night hotel in tokyo for free
_BlueMonk812/10 1:49am
So about Janet in The Good Place (latest episode spoilers)
Zanzenburger2012/10 1:49am
Comey calls on Americans to 'use every breath we have' to vote Democrat in 2020.
Houston2012/10 1:48am
Sexy Anime Girls V9.00 "Pleased to make your assquaintance"
SDBZ37512/10 1:47am
From the people who brought you 'Alabama' and 'Mississippi' Pt.2
Gafemage1012/10 1:46am
Starting Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time?
LightningAce111012/10 1:46am
BREAKING: Trump advocates for his own impeachment
Mr_Biscuit1612/10 1:45am
Good girl with a gun stops bad guy who is an escaped prisoner
Monolith16762312/10 1:42am
Gamecube prices these days are sickening
butthole666212/10 1:41am
Havent played since Brawl. How are these characters in Ultimate?
FF_Redux512/10 1:40am
Black Mirror is so boooooooring wtf
jeffhardyb0yz1512/10 1:37am
California teacher loses her s***, chases students around classroom w/ scissors
Bruce_Somali1812/10 1:37am
PiOverlord's 2018 Best CEer tournament: Day 111
PiOverlord1412/10 1:37am
Recent studies confirm that watching cuckold porn gradually increases IQ.
au_gold4112/10 1:36am
i won't be posting here anymore
Awesome1612/10 1:35am
ITT: Unpopular opinions
Killmonger412/10 1:33am
Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet trailer
Kelystic1112/10 1:33am
ITT: Cute Japanese girls
SpiritSephiroth43012/10 1:32am
Man lion almost rekt by hyenas- until his bro shows up
NeuralLaxative2612/10 1:25am
Reject the black pill
refmon212/10 1:21am
When Dutch started descending into madness
Zerocide112/10 1:18am
Rate this Slavic Girl
FF_Redux512/10 1:16am
Kim Possible live action trailer fa dat ass
ledbowman3212/10 1:15am
What's the longest acronym for an actual challenge run in a video game?
Garioshi312/10 1:14am
How about that Kingdom Hearts III opening?
tremain071612/10 1:11am
Literally a Brooklyn 99 trailer and no topic about it.
Muffinz0rz212/10 1:11am
Even though I liked TFA and TLJ I dislike the overall direction of the sequels.
Doom_Art5612/10 1:11am
How Xenoblade 2 would look like on the PS4.
FratMilkyHolme2212/10 1:08am
do u want to lick a japanese womans beautiful butthole?
Favorite312/10 1:07am
My GPU is making this noise. Wat do?
billcom6812/10 1:05am
What particular statements by Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson make them alt righ
Ic3Bullet12012/10 1:02am
Once again, Bad_Mojo presents his screen caps from his wrestling promotion
Bad_Mojo312/10 1:02am
Black guy does a investigative analysis of a drunk driving crash.
WalkingLobsters112/10 1:01am
Is there an actual reason why racism against white people is accepted?
Suchomimus1612/10 12:58am
Myths you're sick of people perpetuating.
superman 200023812/10 12:58am
Is Switch now the definitive console to own?
BignutzisBack1412/10 12:56am
Infiltrator is the best class in Mass Effect
Zerocide1512/10 12:56am
Oldest person ever was 122 years old
YoshitoKikuchi2912/10 12:55am
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