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If you're a sci-fi movie fan, you should watch Alita: Battle Angel.
WafflehouseJK4002/23 12:11am
Here's a hilarious glimpse into the rental situation in Toronto right now.
t_paynes_ghost2402/23 12:10am
Cultural differences
Jagus1502/23 12:09am
I want to change my ringtone, but I don't want to pay money to do it.
bT-p_q-Td2702/23 12:09am
Your thoughts when da anime you watching change deir awesome opening song?
ssj3vegeta702/23 12:08am
Trump supporters have been in jail
E32005302/23 12:07am
If you haven't seen Prospect you should.
spudger102/23 12:06am
What's a good switch game to buy
Romulox281302/23 12:06am
Save That Video Game! (Round 22)
WafflehouseJK4302/23 12:06am
A few reminders:
xPhoenix2802/23 12:04am
What car should I get?
whitelytning502/23 12:03am
Super Metroid or SOTN?
Killmonger1802/23 12:02am
I've spent all day playing Anthem...
SwayM102/23 12:00am
Pregnant schoolgirl who fled the UK To join ISIS begs government to return.
UnfairRepresent5802/22 11:59pm
I'm watching Designated Survivor
DanHarenChamp1602/22 11:59pm
EU to invest 25% of its entire budget into fighting climate change. ~1 trillion
Burnheist4802/22 11:57pm
ITT: I post badass artwork from my record collection.
a-c-a-b15302/22 11:56pm
How would you grade George W. Bush's presidency?
-l___________l-602/22 11:56pm
Jussie Smollet Charged with Staging 400-Year Legacy of Slavery and more
NinjaBreakfast302/22 11:53pm
@C_Jay_C, @SBAllen, @BethanyM [URGENT]
Trickfinger5702/22 11:53pm
Computer buffs will spend thousands on dual monitors, yet...
Trickfinger1702/22 11:52pm
The Victory Celebration > Yub Nub
Doom_Art102/22 11:51pm
How would you grade Trump's presidency?
YoshitoKikuchi5602/22 11:49pm
i ordered thai for dinner
dolomedes1402/22 11:47pm
Should images/videos of kids be banned from the internet?
red_is_ash702/22 11:47pm
i want these dudes to fuck my future wife and daughter
VoightKent202/22 11:47pm
Brie Larson: No one is getting their chair taken away
Darmik4502/22 11:44pm
Rune Factory 4 and 5 HYPE!
Leanaunfurled2702/22 11:43pm
Why would russian bots want to influence America to the right?
France1502/22 11:42pm
Will you defend an incorrect position at any costs just to avoid the pain of
BlingBling22947902/22 11:42pm
One of the most alpha moments in mankind
WalkingLobsters802/22 11:39pm
Wait... Smollett paid the Nigerian guys by check?
DarkRoast6402/22 11:37pm
Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the most influential person in the world right now?
au_gold3402/22 11:37pm
everyone watch alita
shokan_warrior1502/22 11:36pm
Two liters of beer, and two shots. AMA
lww99402/22 11:36pm
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo episode 20 is up!
Popcorn_Fairy1802/22 11:34pm
Did you like the movie robocop 2?
CedarPointcp702/22 11:34pm
YR: gamefaqs is only free through the epic game store
E32005602/22 11:32pm
Youtube has demonetized anti-vaxxer channels.
Goats1202/22 11:30pm
MGS2 best 2 game.
Thrillwell1302/22 11:27pm
Le neckbeard
SaccharineSmile102/22 11:26pm
Why do people say that CNN and MSNBC are left wing?
Shuto-uke9602/22 11:20pm
SJW gets BTFO when questioning Japanese man about cultural appropriation
Burnheist102/22 11:20pm
Should I demand a raise if I regularly get warned about my performance?
REMercsChamp602/22 11:20pm
Report: Facial recognition software is regularly misgendering trans people.
Houston5002/22 11:18pm
Imagine going to Disney World with dis chick
ssj3vegeta502/22 11:15pm
Any CEgals wanna cam tonight?
Austin_Era_II2202/22 11:09pm
Its literally Friday night and you're literally alone and posting on CE lmao
ssj3vegeta302/22 11:06pm
How do you hold your phone?
Killmonger3702/22 11:05pm
Who took the biggest L this week?
pres_madagascar402/22 11:03pm
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