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Single girl invites you over, do you assume to have sex?
Vol2tex2110/21 12:17pm
Spider-Man is a refreshing videogame lead, tbh
boxington710/21 12:13pm
My neighbor approached me and requested my help
hotcegaI610/21 12:12pm
Topic XXII: Tee leaves cookie out for wubert & carl and gets macked
mcpwnia37610/21 12:12pm
Ending of jurassic world 2 fallen kingdom. !!!!!!!Spoilers!!!!!!, question
DoubleOSnake810/21 12:12pm
Anyone here who kinda dislike elon musk
LimboTraveller310/21 12:09pm
Does anyone know if any classic Mega Man games were ported to GBA?
Duncanwii510/21 12:09pm
Why doesn't the lottery winner share it with everyone else
Complete_Idi0t110/21 12:08pm
Crowd calls Nancy Pelosi a communist
Antifar3410/21 12:08pm
NPC Meme Go Away, We Are Human Here To Stay
Damn_Underscore710/21 12:07pm
Scenario: Who would you save? Kanye West, Taylor Swift, a Ming Vase or a Dog.
UnfairRepresent110/21 12:06pm
Member black chick who posted "Why da fuck I gotta tip?" vid on YTube?
LeoRyan110/21 12:06pm
Do you believe that there is a heaven?
DoubleOSnake3210/21 12:05pm
Sin & Punishment 3 vs. NiGHTS Into Dreams 3
Solar_Crimson210/21 12:04pm
Daredevil season 3 drops TOMORROW and literally NO TOPIC?!
Jonestown7610/21 12:01pm
CE, Pharmacist "refuse to fill" law is important and necessary
known2FAIL2010/21 12:01pm
Post in this topic, and you will be blessed with a gf with no tattoos!
deupd_u610/21 12:00pm
Honduran member of illegal immigrant caravan says he wants to return home
LeoRyan810/21 12:00pm
Fuck Chao Garden animals that walk into the exit and wont come out
CruelBuffalo410/21 12:00pm
Woman who dumped friend's baby on stranger's doorstep faces felony charges
LeoRyan1310/21 11:58am
Could Michael Myers kill The Mountain?
lilORANG410/21 11:49am
Confirmed, Trump is in MBS pocket: 'Explanation for Khashoggi death is credible'
Barenziah Boy Toy2810/21 11:49am
Mike Myers should play Micheal Myers in Halloween
Cpt_Pineapple110/21 11:49am
Alice: Madness Returns is a pretty fun game
Menardii1310/21 11:49am
What are you listening to right now?
Kombucha30810/21 11:47am
Has anyone ever donated a Kidney?
MFBKBass5110/21 11:47am
Warned/Suspended General XCVI: The Spam Wars
Menardii13110/21 11:46am
The first two weeks Pokemon Go was out were so fucking magical
littlebro072210/21 11:44am
Legally Blonde 3 Valentines Day 2020
Gunvalkyrie2110/21 11:43am
Haters can hate, but Lost is still my favorite TV show of all time.
LeoRyan2010/21 11:42am
is japan the country with the most beautiful women?
foreveraIone510/21 11:40am
Not gonna lie, if Alexandra Daddario, Salma Hayek, Katy Perry, Eva Green,
Vegy810/21 11:40am
46 y/o Black Man gets 8 YEARS in PRISON for MARIJUANA that he LEGALLY Bought!!
Full Throttle22610/21 11:39am
Just finished Jojo Part 2 *spoilers*
AvantgardeAClue12010/21 11:34am
Remember that 1 ep of Hamtaro where one of the ham-hams watched someone have sex
NeonOctopus3910/21 11:33am
What video game genre does the above poster remind you of?
CosmicShadows2010/21 11:31am
Would Ace Ventura: Pet Detective be offensive by modern standards?
frozenshock210/21 11:31am
Where does your username come from?
Dr_Agon15810/21 11:30am
Is it true that owning a home is often more expensive than renting?
Colorahdo110/21 11:30am
Boogie's arcade machine arrived BROKEN.
LightningAce11910/21 11:30am
Whats the best emoji?
Awesome1310/21 11:29am
Favorite chip flavor?
CosmicShadows1210/21 11:28am
Pictures of girls putting their phone with their boobs.
SomeLikeItHoth2110/21 11:26am
Sexy Anime Girls V9.00 "Pleased to make your assquaintance"
SDBZ7610/21 11:26am
Most forgettable Perfect Dark level?
Anisoptera1710/21 11:23am
Jonestown5410/21 11:23am
Are Canadian divorce laws really this ass backwards?
LeoRyan4210/21 11:20am
Lmfao do americans really call fistibops "boxing"? XD
Genocet_10-325510/21 11:19am
So much violence from the left...
ScazarMeltex110/21 11:19am
Isn't the timing of the Guatemalan invasion suspicious?
BJ-blazkowics2310/21 11:18am
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