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I'm bored ama.
Ryetoast712/10 12:55am
Survivor/Big Brother/Etc. General I: Gotta Stay Sharp
ImTheMacheteGuy9812/10 12:52am
Lunch was great today
Gafemage1012/10 12:51am
Preliminary Doge Games 2019 Invitational sponsored by Dogecoin LAST POST WINS!
The_Doge31512/10 12:49am
Man butt hits 100 squats in a row.
Frostmourne212/10 12:49am
Save That Athlete (Round 107)
Kajagogo3912/10 12:45am
lmao philip defranco is scamming people with a shitty therapy app
soulunison2812/10 12:44am
Contrary to popular belief, I'm actually not a shitty person.
_Lyonidias9212/10 12:43am
Man fan died at the room shot up to 97 degrees
YukihoHagiwara512/10 12:43am
First video game that comes to mind where the main char starts off 'nude'?
CosmicShadows2412/10 12:42am
Is it just me or is the AI in Smash Ultimate way harder than before?
DarkRoast4212/10 12:41am
What's your favorite movie?
EzeDoesIt112/10 12:41am
Sigless users are the best
OldSnakeLiveon81212/10 12:39am
So, King K Rool is definitely the best character in Ultimate.
OctilIery1412/10 12:36am
Tara Reid is SUING Sharknado Producers for 100 MILLION DOLLARS!!
Full Throttle312/10 12:30am
what are your favorite winter recipes
CelestialVoices1112/10 12:29am
Can Rogue have sex?
YoshitoKikuchi4412/10 12:27am
Female hyenas have dinker dongers
Blue_Inigo512/10 12:26am
Huh. I never knew Donkey Kong had a cartoon.
Kitt2612/10 12:26am
Man Notch the Minecraft dude ended up being an extreme weirdo
NinjaBreakfast412/10 12:22am
British conspiracy theorist YouTuber Carl Benjamin banned from Patreon.
Delta_F1410912/10 12:19am
Man hard rocks
spudger612/10 12:18am
Unique classes in video games
Slayerblade112012/10 12:16am
#TargetTammy harasses 3 black women shopping at some store in Tennessee.
A_Good_Boy1812/10 12:16am
Are we allowed to mention 4chan on this site now?
IAMGIYGAS1412/10 12:15am
literally who
Littlegator2012/10 12:11am
Transcript of Khashoggi's death released "I can't breathe"
solosnake612/10 12:10am
What is the worst day of the week for you?
CosmicShadows1312/10 12:09am
Perfect girl, but she has 101 Dalmatians
YoshitoKikuchi1412/10 12:06am
Based on this opening, would you watch a cartoon based on this web show?
pegusus123456912/10 12:04am
TSA unveils new nightmarish biometric surveillance initiatives
FLUFFYGERM1212/10 12:04am
My account just got frostier.
Frostmourne412/09 11:57pm
The Cast of TBBT played by CE.
Frostmourne412/09 11:54pm
It is almost as if you have to find something white to hate
MARKINGRAM221812/09 11:53pm
Save That Horror Character! (Round 57)
WafflehouseJK3712/09 11:53pm
Europe's declining socialists focus on beating Emmanual Macron
CornBarn2512/09 11:53pm
EzeDoesIt312/09 11:50pm
first time drunk this whole weekend. what an accomplishment
Hairistotle112/09 11:48pm
Sakurai you wild for this one
Antifar412/09 11:46pm
Should Donald Trump be impeached?
Lord_Shadow2412/09 11:46pm
TIL: The guy who played Random Task in Austin Powers is in prison for torture
Swagnificent1193112/09 11:46pm
Is Colin Kaepernick's NFL career dead?
EggNogPrince912/09 11:39pm
Bear down
darkprince45212/09 11:38pm
*mumbles something about Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix*
TheDogfather2512/09 11:37pm
What do you make of Demolition Man and it's PC paradise future?
darkphoenix1811012/09 11:36pm
Karakuri Circus is the fucking anime of the year holy shit.
orcus_snake4212/09 11:36pm
Whats a good custom license plate for someone that drives a nice car?
R0N1N1871012/09 11:35pm
Anime and Other Stuff General v176 ''Oh boy! I sure love killing Goblins!''
Tropicalwood40512/09 11:35pm
Reminder: Jack Black isn't actually black
weekoldhotdog2412/09 11:35pm
The lady didn't cut my pizza at Subway.
PiOverlord1912/09 11:34pm
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