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Huh, Stellaris is getting a console release this month.
Jeff AKA Snoopy602/22 11:02pm
(Full version) Jordan Peterson vs Peter Jordanson
VoightKent102/22 10:56pm
Florida, India, Jussie
SquantoZ1302/22 10:56pm
Help catch child molesters. Do you recognize any of these items or locations?
red_is_ash9702/22 10:55pm
What is the alignment of the US's two major political parties?
DevsBro402/22 10:55pm
Very sad for anthem
Future_Trunks502/22 10:54pm
Anthem sitting at a cool 67 on metacritic
SocialistGamer1802/22 10:53pm
at long last.....i'm back
shokan_warrior202/22 10:53pm
Which MCU show is your favorite?
Killmonger302/22 10:53pm
If Stallone died, I would probably feel really fucking bad
jeffhardyb0yz1002/22 10:51pm
30 Years Ago Today: Filming Begins for 'Twin Peaks' Pilot, 'Northwest Passage'
Gafemage2202/22 10:50pm
Applied for a volunteer position. AMA.
DaveTheUseless2002/22 10:49pm
Roseanne Barr calls AOC a "Farrakhan loving, bug-eyed bitch"
Bestoffuture8702/22 10:48pm
Twitch Streamer listens and learns Through the Fire and Flames on piano in 4 min
Touch3502/22 10:48pm
EA vs Activision, who's worse?
SpudForce102/22 10:47pm
I don't want to change myself in order to become likable
-l___________l-102/22 10:46pm
Hey, you. You're finally awake.
Garioshi202/22 10:44pm
32 y/o ASIAN Actor is rumoured to be next JAMES BOND when Daniel Craig EXITS!!
Full Throttle11602/22 10:43pm
Fallout 76 2019 Roadmap.
Vyrulisse3502/22 10:42pm
Donald Duck has a big butt. Daffy Duck has a small butt.
Going_Deep_082002/22 10:41pm
ITT: Technical Death Metal
Rikiaz5302/22 10:39pm
Just started Ass Creed Odyssey and picked Kassandra
Blue_Inigo802/22 10:37pm
What about an Austin Powers spin off about the fem bots
nayr402/22 10:34pm
hbomberguy released a new video about WOKE BRANDS
wiiking96502/22 10:34pm
any classical fans on ce
CelestialVoices3402/22 10:28pm
Welp work was a fucking mess today.
pikachupwnage702/22 10:28pm
Just saw Reggie and Doug Bowser at work :O
Timohtep3402/22 10:27pm
What genre of music is the best currently in 2019?
solosnake102/22 10:26pm
Alien movies from the 1980s had some truly inspired designs.
FortuneCookie402/22 10:26pm
I spent a few hours doing this. Topic about free-to-play Steam games
TroutPaste2202/22 10:26pm
Attention furries of GameFaqs: does Mitten the Kitten do it for you?
BiscuitButt29402/22 10:26pm
CurrentEvents and RandomInsanity have finally found some common ground.
CurrentEvents2902/22 10:21pm
Why can't I just get some dorky hyperactive androgynous weeb chick?
RoboLaserGandhi202/22 10:20pm
I want a girlfriend's who like a boyfriend
Scotty_Rogers1202/22 10:20pm
Every hostage situation movie is good.
EffectAndCause1102/22 10:20pm
So I'm playing Travis Strikes Again *minor spoilers*
CyricZ402/22 10:18pm
Men never set foot on the moon
Complete_Idi0t902/22 10:15pm
Have you ever put your face in an animal's mouth?
UltraDeku902/22 10:12pm
Iggy Azalea is objectively the most attractive woman on planet Earth.
au_gold7302/22 10:07pm
[email protected] racists
r25602/22 10:06pm
Danny Tanner vs. Uncle Jesse vs. Joey
Damn_Underscore2302/22 10:06pm
Tommy in Rugrats was a dick
Austin_Era_II802/22 10:03pm
NEW astronomical discovery rocks scientific and confectionery communities!
LordRazziel302/22 10:02pm
Which film did you enjoy more: Black Panther or Infinity War
seqntenialbeast2202/22 10:02pm
So, Patriots owner Robert Kraft and R.Kelly charged on the same day.
Alucard1881402/22 10:00pm
Tesla driver arrested for drunk driving while asleep with autopilot on.
Houston2002/22 10:00pm
Jeff Veasey says you're all cucks.
Bestoffuture3002/22 10:00pm
The chronic neck and back pain I have been dealing with for years
Zodd3224302/22 10:00pm
i wish the zeppeli family stayed prominent in every part of jojo
Engineer_Gamer1502/22 9:59pm
Avengers 4
r251302/22 9:58pm
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