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[email protected] topic
Two_Dee24210/22 2:14am
Is Defenders necessary before Daredevil S3?
Zanzenburger810/22 2:12am
In my restless dreams, I see that place...
Verdekal410/22 2:12am
rewatched the evil dead movies. gonna start the show tomorrow
Hairistotle310/22 2:06am
Attention all mean people...
SamsSung310/22 2:02am
Vegeta!!! Nooooo!!!!!!!!!
Verdekal210/22 2:02am
is kero kero bonito just chvrches except good
Freddie_Mercury910/22 2:00am
Daredevil season 3 is the best season of any Marvel Netflix show *spoilers*
Doom_Art810/22 1:59am
man my sister got butt ass naked today
Breasts1310/22 1:59am
So Yaoi cologne is now a thing.
CiIIIantro2510/22 1:58am
k-pop star sure wear slutty outfits
Cpt_Pineapple510/22 1:57am
PiOverlord's 2018 Best CEer tournament: Day 76
PiOverlord1410/22 1:56am
You know what I like to say after fucking a guy?
BalanceLost610/22 1:56am
Save That Rapper! Nomination Topic!
Popcorn_Fairy4710/22 1:53am
Quickest way to get me not to care about a picture of something you did?
Nuffinz0rz710/22 1:52am
Holy crap, this Italian girl is smoking hot.
Verdekal810/22 1:51am
Man fan died at the room shot up to 97 degrees
YukihoHagiwara410/22 1:42am
I just beat Valkyria Chronicles 4. Here's my review/final thoughts
Milkman55410/22 1:41am
I don't think I've ever had burnt ends
Touch110/22 1:40am
heres a quote from a blog post i made in 2005, when i was in high school
_TheBlueMonk1010/22 1:40am
would you eat this za
Philoktetes1810/22 1:38am
So I'm getting a raise and possibly another raise at work
Breasts910/22 1:38am
Swinging around in the Spiderman PS4 game is so satisfying...
Prestoff610/22 1:37am
If you guys haven't noticed, I've been calling people "kind sir".
Veggeta X2010/22 1:36am
This is why anime is the best form of storytelling
TheMarthKoopa1010/22 1:35am
Stop the press
bulletproofvita110/22 1:35am
Kylie Jenner is about to beat Zuckerberg as youngest ever self-made billionaire
jeffhardyb0yz10810/22 1:34am
the last part in heckbound in mgsv is dum and I shouldn't have to say *spoilers*
YukihoHagiwara310/22 1:34am
sLaCkEr408___RJ310/22 1:31am
What if I told you....
SamsSung510/22 1:31am
Do you believe in anything supernatural?
Darmik2710/22 1:29am
Meet George Jetson.
LanHikari10810/22 1:27am
Do you know anyone who regrets having children?
DoubleOSnake2710/22 1:26am
Mouth swab drug tests?
LookANinja910/22 1:24am
Is the "migrant caravan" a good or bad thing for trump?
desuno-to1010/22 1:24am
How do you pronounce New Orleans?
HylianFox1210/22 1:23am
Hey girl.
Verdekal310/22 1:22am
is the cat in the box alive or dead?
Devil_Katt_II510/22 1:19am
This character battle is some kind of dick
AeroFlash15310/22 1:13am
Woman calls the cops on 3 black whales.
St0rmFury2110/22 1:11am
How didn't Michael Myers feel pain (Hallowen spoilers)
AbysmalTrinity810/22 1:11am
ctrl+V Topic
Burnt_Puke8231010/22 1:11am
is punisher in daredevil season 3? this decides if i watch it*possible spoilers*
Hairistotle1010/22 1:05am
Swedish Student Who Grounded Deportation Flight Faces Prosecution
Esrac2210/22 1:04am
Does any one actually care about the new Halloween movie?
MisterPengy910/22 1:02am
Trump won't visit the troops because he's "very busy"
Bio15904510/22 1:02am
Rank the Friday the 13th movies from best to worst
cmiller46422310/22 1:01am
I am ALL for this weather
_Lyonidias1810/22 1:01am
Attention furries of GameFaqs: does Mitten the Kitten do it for you?
BiscuitButt4910/22 1:00am
Cenk Yogurt BTFO
SomeLikeItHoth610/22 12:58am
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