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What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when I TRIED SO HARD
Scotty_Rogers102/22 9:56pm
When Nintendo makes a Switch news post listing RPGs and puts BotW in the list
Conflict5502/22 9:53pm
People who turned 20 in 1974 are now senior citizens
Damn_Underscore402/22 9:52pm
Why are so many men who like computers/video games balding?
Orlando_Jordan302/22 9:51pm
Sexy Anime Girls v10: ''Firmly grasp them in your hand.''
Calwings28402/22 9:49pm
What are some nice memes?
tizorres1202/22 9:49pm
Some greek dude figured out the earth's circumference over 2000 years ago
HagenEx802/22 9:47pm
The Spyro Reignited trilogy* is a trash product
NibeIungsnarf2102/22 9:46pm
i love the fam
edededdy502/22 9:46pm
Calling someone a lamer shouldn't be an insult
frozenshock102/22 9:46pm
Name a Movie where you WANTED the BAD GUY to WIN???
Full Throttle802/22 9:44pm
I still lmfao whenever I see this Legend of Zelda coimc
50Blessings402/22 9:44pm
How would the mods respond to an uprising?
codey802/22 9:42pm
Samsung's New $2k Phone
tumtedum11702/22 9:41pm
My eyes, the goggles do nothing.
Alteres502/22 9:38pm
C/D: Bernie or bust!
Orlando_Jordan602/22 9:37pm
New Stand Idea: The World But Shitty *JoJo part 3 spoilers*
HashtagTartarus502/22 9:36pm
I called a fake account on tinder a w****, now I can't do anything on it.
JTilly502/22 9:35pm
Kpop General: Into the new year.
Highwind0728202/22 9:33pm
Conservatives greatly outnumber liberals in 19 US states.
dreamvoid1202/22 9:32pm
somehow the GRIS soundtrack ended up in my youtube feed...
TerrifyingRei402/22 9:32pm
What are you listening to right now? V4
Kombucha13302/22 9:30pm
Is Utah the best state?
SaltyWet1902/22 9:27pm
Played around with the GALAXY 10+.... still FEELS/LOOKS like cheap
SaccharineSmile702/22 9:23pm
Best image/comic/zip/RAR folder viewer?
Scotty_Rogers502/22 9:22pm
Beautiful Asses: Part III
au_gold12502/22 9:21pm
What's your ETHNICITY??
mrduckbear602/22 9:20pm
Who the hell are you to say what is or isn't cringe?
Solid Sonic502/22 9:20pm
Patriots owner and Trump BFF Robert Kraft ARRESTED for soliciting Prostitution
Barenziah Boy Toy5402/22 9:20pm
Has anyone here dated a hairdresser?
Orlando_Jordan602/22 9:19pm
Teen Titans CYOA: Romance Resurrected Part 11
Cartridge882202/22 9:18pm
3 BITCHES get beat up and thrown to the ground by a bouncer
Ace_of_Spades904602/22 9:17pm
Buttslam Boyz General #180 - Big Black n Beautiful
MegaTech16802/22 9:16pm
The Green Ranger was a Chad.
Orlando_Jordan2202/22 9:16pm
Well my computer is spying on me.
fan3571102/22 9:15pm
3 > 1 >> 2
BroodRyu2302/22 9:13pm
John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads
Muffinz0rz1302/22 9:12pm
Where the line is drawn between a puzzle and an unfun and tedious task in games.
Ic3Bullet302/22 9:11pm
Just ate a whole Digiorno rising crust pizza.
LordRazziel502/22 9:11pm
3D8K irl is niiice
FF_Redux102/22 9:11pm
UN nuclear watchdog confirms Iran remains within key paramaters of nuclear pact
Mech22022302/22 9:09pm
Can iGet an update on Xsquader/Dawkins?
jenningsnash3131902/22 9:09pm
The Krusty Krab is unfair! Mr. Krabs is in there!
BlueBoy67526802/22 9:08pm
i love being mentioned
edededdy1902/22 9:08pm
Has you ever banged a 30+ y/o woman in ya young adulthood?
Scotty_Rogers302/22 9:07pm
Ants scare the bejebus out of me
TheOlJollyRoger1302/22 9:05pm
Jussie Smollett is just one of MANY HOAX hate crimes in that past few years.
BlueMage2795402/22 9:05pm
ITT: post kickass 90s songs
Shotgunnova22702/22 9:04pm
TIL: Tag Team cards are a thing now in the Pokemon TCG.
Solar_Crimson1202/22 9:02pm
Made a beef bowl for dinner.
nayr102/22 8:58pm
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