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It's funny, Blue Eyes White Dragon is completely irrelevant in today's metagame.
Duncanwii109/17 11:01pm
Stop saying maths you fucking
Acceleration1309/17 10:49pm
What's the first song that comes to mind when you think of GTA Vice City?
thepope_32902509/17 10:41pm
RuPaul Drag Race is a fun show, but it winning is just pandering
CruelBuffalo309/17 10:39pm
70th Primetime Emmy Awards Topic.
IslamMD809/17 10:37pm
Friendly reminder that this is the greatest music video that ever was or will be
VectorChaos409/17 10:35pm
Omg they're on Now That's What I call Music 62!
Ryetoast1109/17 10:34pm
Remember Heil Honey I'm Home?
YoshitoKikuchi6409/17 10:29pm
It's cheaper to buy a prebuilt computer nowadays rather than building your own
Spooking109/17 10:25pm
I was utterly flabbergasted when I found out some people sneeze with their mouth
frozenshock309/17 10:23pm
Has anyone ever wanted to go back in time and watch their conception?
Doom_Art1409/17 10:23pm
Coca-Cola says it's looking at potential cannabis drinks business
piUrsEitanizm1209/17 10:23pm
AT&T girl or T-Mobile girl?
Vol2tex4709/17 10:18pm
Playing Fallout New Vegas again, CE, make the story.
rahasperj809/17 10:15pm
Little over a week later and my burns are looking very good.
TheSextMachine3409/17 10:15pm
Anisoptera609/17 10:14pm
pics nao
Cpt_Pineapple209/17 10:12pm
Clay Mathews roughing call was complete bs.
DirkDiggles409/17 10:09pm
Its my birthday
ssj3vegeta_609/17 10:09pm
'A few drops of rain keep the [n-words] off the corner' - Black Patient I had
NeonOctopus3609/17 10:03pm
I still have no clue whether Wednesday will be my last chemo treatment or not.
Doom_Art1909/17 9:59pm
ew, YouTube is giving me political campaign ads
treewojima409/17 9:55pm
Which country has the bustiest girl?
LimboTraveller809/17 9:55pm
Favorite Bush song?
frogman_2951409/17 9:54pm
Would you date a middle aged woman?
YoshitoKikuchi2209/17 9:54pm
Capcom announced not one but two costume packs for SFV in a single day
KanaHanazawa409/17 9:48pm
how does one get into the old school godzilla movies
dontIoseyourway909/17 9:43pm
all female reboot of 12 Angry Men
AlephZero109/17 9:42pm
Every morning there's a halo hanging from the corner
Learning109/17 9:41pm
Should Superman be Superthey?
MARKINGRAM221309/17 9:40pm
I don't play Fortnite, and was watching John Wick 2 the other day.
PiOverlord409/17 9:39pm
Iron Fist season 2 was much better than the 1st
AlabamaLove209/17 9:38pm
here's something to brighten your mood CE :3
SSJCAT309/17 9:34pm
You're never going to have 2007 Gianna Michaels slap you across the face and
deupd_u1809/17 9:31pm
if you agree to pull out and she locks her legs around you right when you're abo
dontIoseyourway2009/17 9:31pm
Canadians who use or work with Marijuana to possibly receive life ban from USA.
electricbugs24109/17 9:30pm
John Mulaney just won a well-deserved Emmy for his Fox TV show.
au_gold109/17 9:29pm
Oh I am just filled with hatred
Acceleration2509/17 9:28pm
Saving up for a house seems incredibly difficult
KanaHanazawa109/17 9:28pm
construction worker got mad at me cuz ive ''never worked a day of manual labor''
No_U_L75509/17 9:24pm
"Tree of Life" trailer = greatest movie trailer of all time?
GhettoFlip1009/17 9:19pm
Why do a lot of people think Captain Marvel's gonna suck?
littlebro072709/17 9:15pm
Something I never noticed in GTA V
E320052209/17 9:09pm
US Air Force needs more firepower to confront Russia, China
FLUFFYGERM1709/17 9:08pm
Donald Glover is wearing the Teddy Perkins makeup to the Emmy's.
HotLap509/17 9:06pm
Woman holds up flight for everyone, and let's dog roam about the cabin.
Middle hope209/17 9:06pm
Monkeypox diagnosed in the UK for the first time
SuperMedz3509/17 9:05pm
Are children supposed to call their estranged parents or...
sLaCkEr408___RJ109/17 9:04pm
Slipping out during sex is a noob move
weekoldhotdog2409/17 9:03pm
Daily reminder that there's only 37 spots left for newcomers in Smash
Anisoptera909/17 9:00pm
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