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Are apples even good for you?
Lokarin1605/19 3:03am
should I open a restaurant?
Lokarin905/18 3:48pm
I just realized why Auron in FFX refers to life as a story, beyond the metaphor
Lokarin305/18 1:13pm
It's ok to ok
Lokarin505/18 9:59am
Kansas just got butt slammed by sky daddy
Lokarin805/18 8:26am
Are ankle/wrist weights legit or just a gimmick?
Lokarin2105/17 9:39pm
She-Dan has what I like in a girl
Lokarin305/17 7:35pm
How do you get in the mood to responsible?
Lokarin905/17 5:32pm
Why is Sonic Boom so legit funny?
Lokarin805/16 11:35pm
Which game was that mecha-diablo?
Lokarin705/16 9:34pm
I can't tell if Rebecca Watson is on the level...
Lokarin205/16 8:07pm
Who is the highest jumper in gaming?
Lokarin4105/16 5:56pm
Don't feed your small animals 'organic' produce
Lokarin3105/16 3:20pm
How do you handle a hardcore character dying?
Lokarin3005/16 1:22am
What's your opinion on humanitarian aid to impoverished nations?
Lokarin1505/14 1:30am
Why don't computers have 1 main core and multiple sub-cores?
Lokarin1005/13 9:25pm
how come scammers just hang up when you tell them they're scammers?
Lokarin605/13 12:10pm
This is why article writers need an editor
Lokarin505/13 9:37am
I support withholding sex in states/provinces etc. that are anti-choice.
Lokarin3905/12 5:23pm
Is Chris Ray Gun or Mr Repzion tinier?
Lokarin605/12 11:22am
I legit forgot to lock my apartment door for the first time
Lokarin1605/12 1:47am
Hey Mr. Owl - How many licks does it take to get to the center of ZA WARUDO
Lokarin405/11 9:33pm
D'ya think Captain America and Bucky read a lot of books?
Lokarin405/11 4:25pm
ProTip: When you get a receipt with a customer service survey, do it!
Lokarin1105/11 4:19am
Just the headline: I thought this news article title was really funny 'cuz PotD
Lokarin205/10 3:39pm
Ima place an Amazon order, recommend things to buy!
Lokarin1305/09 11:34pm
Dangit - my leg hurts quite a lot
Lokarin605/09 9:02pm
Had ham and hashbrowns for supper...
Lokarin205/08 8:41pm
i should probably hook up ma switch one of these days...
Lokarin3705/08 8:33pm
Is Kotaku the least trusted gaming news source... or is there a worser?
Lokarin2605/07 11:53pm
Wasn't there a game where you had ballistic jumping?
Lokarin1105/07 10:39pm
Is Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate the best monster hunter?
Lokarin505/07 1:17pm
Which potential movie would you rather see?
Lokarin905/07 9:25am
Yaknow - Carrot Top shoulda played Eggman
Lokarin305/06 10:15pm
Is a quesadilla a lasagna?
Lokarin2205/06 11:41am
can y'alls help me find a thing 'cuz I suck at the googles?
Lokarin405/05 6:30pm
So apparently Tarantino was supposed to do a Star Trek?
Lokarin2305/05 1:27am
Tyson recalls chicken (again): This time for being too metal
Lokarin505/04 9:39pm
Poorly phrased, but: Why do the middle class suck so hard?
Lokarin1505/04 3:59pm
I have the feeling to play FF13 again...
Lokarin305/03 10:51pm
Cool! We may have a cure for [transmission of] AIDS!
Lokarin2905/03 9:56pm
Recommend something on YouTube to watch over night
Lokarin505/02 10:08pm
Why is the American SSTF in the gutter?
Lokarin705/02 8:49pm
Oh, Realtalk - serious thingy about abortion over here
Lokarin1005/02 7:47pm
idk how to use the f'real machine
Lokarin1505/02 3:13pm
I decided to pull out my YuGiOh cards, see what's cool/valuable and such
Lokarin2605/02 3:10pm
Can someone teach me to video edit?
Lokarin1205/02 11:49am
Is the reason for all the 'What the...!?' in old games like Ninja Gaiden...
Lokarin2005/01 11:19pm
Time for LokMix topic...
Lokarin205/01 6:21pm
Is Big Hero 6 a GoPro product?
Lokarin305/01 12:05am
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