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hey ducky bear... this is the kinda news I liek.
Lokarin803/21 10:48pm
Dead Cells has some weird Streaming features
Lokarin1903/21 2:25pm
i fed up wid dis werld
Lokarin1103/20 2:34pm
So ma mom really really liked her birthday present
Lokarin203/20 12:00am
I miss games where you get a multi-kill and you eat increasingly rare fruits
Lokarin303/19 11:04pm
World's hottest protest going on in China
Lokarin503/19 6:35pm
Shepherds pie is delicious
Lokarin2703/19 7:56am
TIL: Mattresses do actually have a designated top and bottom
Lokarin1203/19 1:10am
Your Daily Dose of Secularism
Lokarin803/18 8:18pm
Remember when Islam took credit for blowing up the Philippines?
Lokarin2503/18 1:46pm
Can someone help with a math thing for the Warhammers?
Lokarin503/17 4:47pm
Why there no spider furries?
Lokarin2103/17 10:33am
Who here lives in an apartment complex (or similar)?
Lokarin403/16 9:33pm
Is pdp the new MadCatz/Intec?
Lokarin603/16 5:27pm
Name some games with domestic violence in them
Lokarin4703/15 11:21pm
Hey, remember when the Deep South denied support in stopping deadly disease?
Lokarin103/15 5:59pm
I'm temporarily incapacitated gamingwise, recommend some Keyboard+mouse games
Lokarin203/15 4:53pm
Urf. My dang ass back hurts
Lokarin603/15 7:33am
How was Jim Carrey in Liar Liar able to shout he is Jose Canseko?
Lokarin403/14 3:57pm
Found a cool subreddit for your enjoyment
Lokarin203/14 3:21pm
Sonic 3 now worst game ever for possible MJ association.
Lokarin4903/14 7:26am
Dissidia NT is free to play on Steam
Lokarin503/13 3:46pm
Have you ever noticed how First Person Shooters are crosshairs-centric?
Lokarin803/13 11:36am
Are you an introsex or an extrosex.
Lokarin803/12 8:58am
What's the opinion of extreme power lifters: The massively obese of muscle
Lokarin403/12 1:57am
What's the RPG class that spams Sleep (or paralyze as applicable) then backstabs
Lokarin703/11 11:56pm
I hate that english muffins go bad so quickly.
Lokarin1903/11 12:19am
According to Facebook, Tommy Robinson is worse than Hilter/Stalin/Mao combined
Lokarin103/10 9:31pm
Did your parents (or you with your kids) ever make cleaning up into a game?
Lokarin1003/10 1:33pm
where all the GMO free smokes at?
Lokarin503/10 3:25am
If I were to do a long-form Stream, what game would you want to see?
Lokarin1803/08 3:48pm
Want to play Twister, kanna-san?
Lokarin403/07 7:24pm
Utah finally legalizes sex.
Lokarin403/07 12:19am
It's soooo cold.... there's no way it's only -16 out
Lokarin703/06 10:02pm
Luke Perry had a stroke; and Michael J. Fox is suffering complications.
Lokarin1403/06 8:00pm
Do you like the MMO TERA? Do you like PUBG?
Lokarin503/06 5:57pm
Who is the most childish video game character?
Lokarin2003/06 4:29pm
What's the deal with the Holy Grail?
Lokarin2803/06 3:05pm
My head is a mess of Link Link Fever
Lokarin1103/06 1:12am
Minervo got suspended
Lokarin1903/05 1:02pm
I know you guys don't like SJW garbo, but this video is hilarious
Lokarin1003/04 10:21pm
Trickle down economics; or waiting for the gold shower
Lokarin403/04 9:17pm
Anti-semitism and islamophobia are both on the rise.
Lokarin303/04 5:10pm
What's the longest grass in video games?
Lokarin1203/04 11:14am
Apocryph is a late 2010s game meant to be a late 90s game with late 2000s tech
Lokarin303/03 9:30pm
Does earning reddit gold mean you're a good poster?
Lokarin1203/03 11:11am
Offworld Trading Company has gone free to play for the multiplayer component
Lokarin103/02 6:51pm
I just no damaged the first half of RE2....
Lokarin1503/01 10:40pm
Have you been Rivenrolled?
Lokarin103/01 3:34pm
How was nitro glycerine moved in the horse'n'buggy days?
Lokarin802/28 4:18pm
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