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Good review of the Xbox One
Superlinkbro103/24 3:55pm
Which one should I get first?
Superlinkbro203/22 2:49pm
Every FUCKING day
Superlinkbro3003/22 9:00am
I found the best ASMR
Superlinkbro1203/20 8:45pm
So this is the type of stuff Pokemon fans are into.
Superlinkbro1503/19 4:32pm
New PC add me on Steam.
Superlinkbro603/19 7:31am
Older tweets are so good.
Superlinkbro103/18 2:56pm
Rate my PS1 library
Superlinkbro1503/16 4:38pm
So the guy from Digital Foundry isnt doing too great.
Superlinkbro603/12 3:19pm
Need songs about loneliness and isolation
Superlinkbro903/11 5:06pm
I'm in class and everyone just left
Superlinkbro2203/11 12:11pm
I touched an electric tester and it keeps going off.
Superlinkbro1303/10 4:28pm
First look at the Google controller.
Superlinkbro603/09 4:10pm
ITT: Games you've beaten multiple times.
Superlinkbro1503/07 1:13pm
Host of Jeopardy announced he has cancer.
Superlinkbro6203/06 10:25pm
Well someone just posted some stupid shit on the Switch board.
Superlinkbro1103/02 9:22pm
Y'know I wonder what h3h3 is up to...
Superlinkbro803/02 4:59pm
Stupid shit your parents said to you while playing a video game?
Superlinkbro2002/27 8:18pm
Damn, that episode of Quantum Leap (Spoilers I guess)
Superlinkbro1802/26 11:47am
Well that was the weirdest conversation I've had on Twitter...
Superlinkbro1002/25 11:28pm
Well I just had some asparagus
Superlinkbro402/25 10:41am
Steam retiring video section to focus on gaming content.
Superlinkbro602/24 11:22pm
YouTube is now FORCEFULLY disabling comments from Youtubers.
Superlinkbro7702/24 2:21am
You shit wherever you are right now
Superlinkbro202/23 7:23pm
What the FUCK is with all the pedophiles?
Superlinkbro4302/20 9:52pm
Watching Kitchen Nightmares and realizing most if the restraunts are gone...
Superlinkbro1802/16 1:20pm
So I just started playing Watch Dogs...
Superlinkbro2102/15 5:56pm
Feminist makes anti white tweet. Twitter goes apeshit.
Superlinkbro5502/08 1:35am
Why tf is everything a challenge now?
Superlinkbro2102/05 6:50pm
Games you haven't played but always wanted to.
Superlinkbro502/04 3:28pm
Setting a debate, PS4 or Xbox One?
Superlinkbro2902/04 3:01pm
Is r/gaming horrible?
Superlinkbro102/01 4:13pm
My tweet got spammed by bots.
Superlinkbro901/28 5:52pm
Last thing you bought online?
Superlinkbro2001/28 3:14pm
He's a good boy
Superlinkbro1001/28 12:31am
Post your 5 favorite bands/music artists.
Superlinkbro201/27 4:37pm
Post 100 is what I name my Robin Amiibo
Superlinkbro301/27 11:37am
Human raised by dogs, behaves like a dog.
Superlinkbro1501/26 10:31pm
Are these good PCs? Or should I not bother?
Superlinkbro1501/25 7:33pm
Holy shit Resident Evil 2 Remake looks amazing! (potential spoilers)
Superlinkbro301/25 10:01am
Government shutdown might soon affect school lunches.
Superlinkbro201/24 4:40pm
I'm stuck at a church because of an evacuation AMA.
Superlinkbro1201/24 1:32pm
This person made a better YTP than most professional YTPers.
Superlinkbro101/23 10:24am
ITT pictures of animal eyes.
Superlinkbro2101/22 8:03pm
Person around Baltimore harrases people on the streets: becomes famous.
Superlinkbro101/22 7:03pm
We just watched a WatchMojo video in a marketing class.
Superlinkbro501/22 1:37pm
My Wii will no longer read discs.
Superlinkbro1101/20 11:24am
How do I do this thing called dropshipping?
Superlinkbro201/18 11:46am
Are men going through a discriminatory period?
Superlinkbro6601/17 5:42pm
Wow Elder Scrolls Blades looks so LIT
Superlinkbro301/16 11:53am
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