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Vice did a 30 minute documentary about "blue" by eiffel 65.
pres_madagascar1803/23 4:26am
Cookie dough ice cream is objectively beast.
pres_madagascar603/20 9:42am
The whole goddamn world is losing its mind
pres_madagascar1603/18 1:30pm
Conch removal, a new trend in body modification. Wtf
pres_madagascar9203/18 11:10am
Found a YouTube channel streaming courage the cowardly dog episodes
pres_madagascar1203/17 1:26pm
Pixel 4 is probsbly gonna be rad
pres_madagascar403/16 6:53am
Sex is a funny thing when you think about it
pres_madagascar603/16 1:25am
Why on earth am I starting another Skyrim run?
pres_madagascar1803/14 9:49am
Games you feel will end up pushed to next Gen?
pres_madagascar1703/14 7:43am
How long is dmc5?
pres_madagascar603/14 7:22am
What's with the growing anti-intellectual movement?
pres_madagascar1203/13 1:15pm
Halo infinite to possibly be a live service, as the name infinite suggests
pres_madagascar803/13 6:16am
South Korean ass
pres_madagascar5703/11 6:53pm
My memory is really starting to go. :(
pres_madagascar503/10 6:47pm
So Sony and EA are skipping e3.
pres_madagascar203/08 4:29am
Blu and Oh No just dropped an amazing jazzy hip hop album
pres_madagascar303/08 4:19am
Just FYI, people are going around spoiling DMC5.
pres_madagascar503/07 7:10am
Capcom already dropping two 9/10 games in the first three months of 5019
pres_madagascar1703/07 12:36am
Oh shit, the guy who wrote New Vegas and KOTOR2 is writing Jedi fallen order
pres_madagascar1203/06 9:46pm
Should I buy re7 or re2make
pres_madagascar2003/06 1:30am
I miss SOCOM.
pres_madagascar1703/05 10:11am
What age range do you fall under?
pres_madagascar403/05 9:42am
Be honest. Do you clean your belly button?
pres_madagascar203/04 11:51pm
What is with the titty slapping in porn lately?
pres_madagascar2903/04 11:29pm
pres_madagascar103/04 10:31pm
Sophie turner and Maisie Williams. Do you think they've fucked?
pres_madagascar602/28 8:57pm
Streamer ice poseidon admits to running a ponzi scheme on stream
pres_madagascar1902/28 5:07am
Wingstop spicy Korean sauce
pres_madagascar102/28 2:02am
Pokemon sword/shield
pres_madagascar1002/28 1:31am
I really hope og avenger gets the Thanos kill, not captain Morgan.
pres_madagascar402/23 5:10am
Who took the biggest L this week?
pres_madagascar402/22 11:03pm
Metro exodus really is a stalker shadow of chernobyl spiritual sequel.
pres_madagascar802/21 1:01pm
Tales of berseria worth $15?
pres_madagascar2202/20 10:11pm
Sooo I have nearly 200 hours in assassins creed odyssey.
pres_madagascar702/20 3:40am
Wu tang is for the chicken
pres_madagascar202/16 3:56am
The TI-83 calculator still being $120 is hilarious.
pres_madagascar4802/15 8:14pm
Ariana Grande gets better with every album.
pres_madagascar602/14 7:23pm
pres_madagascar402/14 12:18am
The perfect girl but she multiclasses into bard and rolls tiefling
pres_madagascar402/13 4:52am
Let's be real. How long before the world collapses?
pres_madagascar2602/12 11:49pm
Would you currently pass a drug test?
pres_madagascar1102/11 3:18pm
Gtav has been in the top 10 best selling games every month since 2014
pres_madagascar2402/11 9:58am
Yugoslavia is just training between pokemon and magic.
pres_madagascar1202/10 3:38am
This is probably the greatest YouTube comment response of all time
pres_madagascar102/09 9:56am
Ever fuck so good they shit?
pres_madagascar302/08 9:06am
The apocalypse has happened. You can have one companion.
pres_madagascar1002/06 11:28am
Lmao former coal lobbyist is the new epa chief?
pres_madagascar802/06 12:53am
So I just Google hyperdontia. Oh god.
pres_madagascar802/04 10:56am
Far cry new dawn and Metro exodus this month.
pres_madagascar1602/03 4:52pm
pres_madagascar902/02 7:06am
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