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I hate how phones auto-capitalize "god".
pres_madagascar2611/20 1:01pm
The cameras on our phones are making nudes almost too detailed.
pres_madagascar111/20 12:21pm
Oh god. It seems dragon age 4 may be an online only game like anthem...
pres_madagascar111/19 8:24pm
Fallout 76 is the mass effect andromeda of Fallout games.
pres_madagascar1611/19 10:56am
A bunch of guys play a multiplayer flight sim, hilarity ensues
pres_madagascar1011/19 6:25am
I wish I had friends like impractical jokers.
pres_madagascar411/19 12:35am
Be honest, how many dumpsters you think you've peed behind/next to?
pres_madagascar311/17 5:16am
This new John Cena commercial is msgnificent
pres_madagascar1111/17 4:27am
Paging anyone who's gotten to the epilogue in red dead 2. *spoilers!*
pres_madagascar911/17 4:11am
You're given one month to live, what do you do?
pres_madagascar1511/16 1:11pm
Speculation is Trump knows of the indictments coming from the Mueller probe
pres_madagascar2111/16 9:55am
This Facebook ad knocking off red dead 2 but starring Jordan Peterson
pres_madagascar511/16 7:36am
Rate my two outfits in red dead redemption 2. **endgame spoilers!**
pres_madagascar611/15 9:17pm
Holy shit the internet is merciless. (Stan Lee)
pres_madagascar711/15 8:06pm
They're pulling telltale games off steam fyi
pres_madagascar3311/15 6:12am
How often do you shoot dudes in the dick in red dead redemption 2?
pres_madagascar911/15 4:00am
Tony hawks underground, aggressive inline, and Dave Mirra 2 were the best extrem
pres_madagascar2311/14 11:42pm
New/final Charles Bradley album is out, it's magnificent.
pres_madagascar911/14 9:58pm
ITT: I rank the weapons in red dead redemption 2 for no reason.
pres_madagascar2511/14 9:27pm
Jesus, one of the thousand oaks victims was a Vegas shooting survivor.
pres_madagascar5411/14 8:23pm
Are you aware that groove is in the heart?
pres_madagascar111/14 5:12am
Fallout 76 is unencrypted and has no client-side cheat detection
pres_madagascar3811/12 9:06pm
Chapter 5 of red dead redemption 2 is certainly something. (spoilers)
pres_madagascar711/11 8:27pm
If they have no pics of themselves on Facebook, they're obese.
pres_madagascar311/11 7:15pm
$100,000 but you have to make out with Dwayne the rock Johnson for 5 minutes.
pres_madagascar511/10 5:50am
I wish people would shit the fuck up about a second American Civil War coming.
pres_madagascar1711/10 3:02am
The new Underachievers album is one of the best hip hop albums this year.
pres_madagascar211/09 9:04pm
Pussy is God.
pres_madagascar1411/09 7:17pm
Hitman 2 reviews are coming out, and they're hilarious.
pres_madagascar1811/09 11:54am
New dance move, called "Congress"
pres_madagascar611/09 4:05am
Do you still live in the city where you grew up?
pres_madagascar1611/09 12:27am
Chris Christie being considered to replace Jeff Sessions
pres_madagascar511/08 10:45am
LMAO at the top trending porn searches right now.
pres_madagascar2011/08 10:28am
"single player games are dying"
pres_madagascar5011/08 8:18am
I'm living my best life.
pres_madagascar511/08 5:27am
$1,000,000 but you must change your name legally to Dick Tickle.
pres_madagascar311/08 4:24am
Alanis Morissette was kind of shit, honestly.
pres_madagascar311/08 12:46am
Dinosaur Jr-Feel The Pain, an underrated 90s classic track imo
pres_madagascar511/07 9:28pm
Rate: Mazzy Star-Fade Into You
pres_madagascar211/07 6:35am
Red dead 2 is basically a Coen Brothers videogame.
pres_madagascar511/07 3:38am
Hooray, two years of nothing happening.
pres_madagascar211/07 12:35am
Umm... What?
pres_madagascar211/06 12:19am
I really want to see Overlord.
pres_madagascar211/05 10:58pm
Bethesda Softworks was a mistake
pres_madagascar411/04 12:23am
What hero collector mobile games do you play? (fate grand order/fire Emblem hero
pres_madagascar50011/03 10:04pm
I saw the perfect response to Diablo immortal controversy.
pres_madagascar111/03 9:49pm
What fast food to get for $5?
pres_madagascar911/03 8:08pm
I don't understand the Baby Shark craze.
pres_madagascar1411/03 8:01pm
Any other games you're getting this year?
pres_madagascar111/03 8:51am
Just a reminder kingdom hearts 3 will be a colossal disappointment
pres_madagascar1411/03 8:48am
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