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Animal crackers + Nutella = orgasm in your mouth
pres_madagascar2001/18 4:14am
$1,000,000,000 but every time you shit, you summon Knights Of The Round.
pres_madagascar1801/18 12:17am
Fuck that new James Blake album is sexy.
pres_madagascar201/17 8:57pm
warning, assassins creed odyssey has three endings, can be beaten out of order.
pres_madagascar601/17 6:48pm
The older I get, the more I empathize with Squidwar.
pres_madagascar501/17 8:45am
Fucking people mowing their lawns at 7am.
pres_madagascar3301/16 6:52pm
Lol there's this new cute 22 year old blonde girl at work
pres_madagascar301/16 1:01am
Bad boys 3 is officially shooting.
pres_madagascar401/15 11:06pm
This star wars reboot sure has been swell, eh?
pres_madagascar301/15 9:32pm
Ariana Grande plays pokemon let's go evee for 15 hours, gets evee tattoo
pres_madagascar4701/15 12:21am
Anyone watch final season of a series of unfortunate events on Netflix?
pres_madagascar1201/14 7:22pm
I've come to appreciate a good pair of mid-rise briefs.
pres_madagascar101/11 10:10pm
Outkast really is one of the best musical groups of all time.
pres_madagascar2401/11 8:01am
Imagine Ariana Grande taking a huge dump and try not to laugh
pres_madagascar301/11 2:59am
Front Mission 3 is such a criminally underrated tactics rpg.
pres_madagascar501/10 1:53am
New Clutch album is out. It's great.
pres_madagascar301/10 12:02am
Remember Chris Pine?
pres_madagascar2101/07 3:05am
I think this is my last non-nintendo console Gen.
pres_madagascar801/06 5:28am
Black 2, Platinum, and Emerald are the three best pokemon games.
pres_madagascar9301/05 11:39am
Lol 20 year old girl at work wants to smash. (I'm 31).
pres_madagascar2701/05 9:27am
Onimusha HD comes out in 11 days on ps4. Fyi
pres_madagascar2301/05 8:20am
ITT: we list Truly great obscure games.
pres_madagascar6801/05 4:18am
Resident Evil 2 remake, onimusha HD, kingdom hearts 3. All this month.
pres_madagascar1001/05 3:23am
About to start chrono trigger for the first time.
pres_madagascar401/04 6:00am
Coworker made some Carolina reaper and ghost pepper salsa. Should I try some?
pres_madagascar1601/02 4:46am
Christ, final fantasy iv on ds is harder than I remember the original being.
pres_madagascar312/31 9:31pm
Pokemon soulsilver
pres_madagascar2212/31 8:18pm
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