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TopicSe7en Ranks 1,300 songs from the --{| 70's| 80's| 90's| 00's| 10's |}-- #4
10/12/18 1:10:06 AM
Hmm. No one had any input or comments on their current standing in the stats update?


Anyway, I'm here for a bit; gonna try and push this to 940 in which we will have to say goodbye to our first eliminated nominator.

Who could it be?

The nominators in the hot seat and their final nominations are...

Bane_Of_Despair --- "Fast Car" - Tracy Chapman
Chinballz --- "I Know You Want Me" - Pitbull
linkhatesganon --- "Killer Queen" - Queen
Simoun --- "We Opened for Weezer" - Nerf Herder

Feel free to take a guess in the topic who you think will be eliminated.
"Best read of the game goes to se7en. Who correctly surmised this town is full of idiots." - Corrik
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Page List: 1