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TopicSe7en Ranks 1,300 songs from the --{| 70's| 80's| 90's| 00's| 10's |}-- #4
10/12/18 2:30:17 AM

{ 942nd Place } [80's][ 200th Place]
Song: "Girls, Girls, Girls"
Band: Motley Crue
Album: Girls, Girls, Girls
---{ 1987 }---
Genre: Glam Metal
Score:[5.3][4.2][4.1][8.3][5.3][3.2][9.2] = [39.6] = [5.657]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2XdmyBtCRQ" data-time="

Um... I hope that video doesn't get me modded. There isn't any nudity or anything but it most definitely appears to be a total subjucation of women. Not my intention of course to fire up any snowflakes on the matter but the title of the song is "Girls, Girls, Girls" of course. The 80's were definitely a weird time when it came to outward sexuality wasn't it. Sexual Harassment was a term barely uttered by anyone and movies like Meatballs, Revenge of the Nerds, Porky's and Screw Balls that all glorified youthful perversion were widely accepted. Weird how times change. Don't get me wrong, lots of change has been good and I find it pretty interesting to get to see the human race evolve over time.

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