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TopicSurvivor/Amazing Race/Big Brother summer topic - My Cow is Broken
06/07/19 9:13:26 AM

CoolCly posted...
congrats man! that's really awesome and you deserve it

you are now two degrees of separation from basically every survivor

i'm so hype for this podcast

Rob was fantastic to chat with. I wasnt sure how engaged hed be given it wasnt EoE content, something hes been pumping out for weeks now. Before we began recording I asked him how long he thought the podcast would go for, he thought maybe an hour. We ended up doubling it.

For sure the longest Ive ever spent talking about Survivor to another human.

The Mana Sword posted...

one step away from feedback show

then next step is to get cast on survivor so you can do a recap podcast!!

:O !!
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