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TopicSurvivor/Amazing Race/Big Brother summer topic - My Cow is Broken
06/13/19 1:00:42 PM

So TAR last night, Chris and Bret have nobody to blame but themselves. They chose the wrong Detour to start, didn't switch when the first team did, switched and then unswitched and then switched back, and liberally gave out information to other teams. Had they switched alongside Tyler & Korey, they'd still be in it. It would've been a race between Colin/Christie and Leo/Jamal at the end - and they most certainly wouldn't have cooperated at the Roadblock (or one team - and we know which one - would've lied to the other).

Also Leo and Jamal have made Leg 10, which means they'll tie Rachel for most legs raced if they get to the Pit Stop and beat her if they're not eliminated. Also, the Switchback is to TAR12.

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