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10/11/18 5:33:40 PM
Thinking about when we went to a game when the Yankees visited Busch during jeets's last season and my brother's brother in law said Jeter was the best hitter of his generation
10/11/18 6:27:45 PM
I hate talking sports with people who only casually watch here and there because they'll repeat things they heard in the media, or maybe they saw that player make a cool play one time and assumed they were the best, and then you drop some facts on them and they just have a look like "Oh you're way too into this"
10/11/18 6:36:01 PM
I just didn't engage with that because it's so brutally off base that I know there would be no changing his mind. That's the narrative he bought into.
10/11/18 6:45:29 PM
Yeah I don't engage with that stuff because I feel like everyone is just going to think NEEEEEEEERD
10/11/18 6:58:28 PM
CaptainHammer posted...
The Cardinals got Waino back after all. One year deal. To get into the rotation he will have to stay healthy and beat out four of the following guys:


If the top four are healthy it's hard to see him taking one of those spots. Reyes needs to get in there too, but he's off Tommy John and the other guys aren't exactly iron men so I'm *OFFICIALLY* predicting a six man rotation for 2019

I could see a six-man at times, but a couple of those guys are definitely tradebait. I think Wainwright is clearly a bullpen guy, which is fine, because the pen needs as many lottery tickets as possible. I'll take Brebbia and Hicks, but everyone else is either trash or a 5th starter masquerading as a reliable arm.

Also, why don't we talk about how handsome Waino is? Super tall athletes generally look funky, but Adam is a true babe.
"Now I'm about to dunk on you, so get ready champ." - riverdude
10/11/18 7:09:34 PM
I think you're fooling yourself if you think he doesn't have the inside track on a spot in the rotation.
10/11/18 7:33:34 PM
Maybe. You mentioned that he wouldn't beat out the top four, but I think he's clearly worse than everyone you listed. I'd take him over Poncedeleon, Hudson, and Helsley, but they aren't relevant as starters in 2019. And I just have this gut feeling that Corbin or Keuchel will get signed. Machado/Harper are pipe dreams, there aren't many high-salaried studs on the trade market, and the few available above-average position players don't really fit. That money is going to a top lefty.

Waino could have some real value as a spot starter/long man who lets a guy like Poncedeleon get starts in Memphis.
"Now I'm about to dunk on you, so get ready champ." - riverdude
10/11/18 7:45:18 PM
Wouldn't Waino have to beat out Poncedeleon as well?
10/11/18 7:47:35 PM
Poncedeleon is far down on the depth chart when everyone's healthy. But also they won't all be healthy anyway.
10/11/18 7:56:14 PM
Yeah, Wainwright is probably better than Poncedeleon as a reliever and a starter. I'd much prefer Adam over him in any role.
"Now I'm about to dunk on you, so get ready champ." - riverdude
10/11/18 8:25:30 PM
No matter how it shakes out, having 4-5 guys genuinely fighting it out for the last two rotation spots is a nice problem to have. And they've finally got an outfield that looks to be set in stone. I think they may leapfrog the Cubs next year, especially if they can add a 3B like Donaldson.
10/11/18 8:41:17 PM
Well. The Cubs are going to add.
10/11/18 8:53:26 PM
And clearly the Brewers are legit. They've got Jimmy Nelson coming back, too. Shoulders are iffy, but he's a true ace. A Donaldson acquisition doesn't move the Cards above third place, IMO. I honestly don't see how they can improve enough to be favorites in the Central, but they'll be competitive in the WC race.
"Now I'm about to dunk on you, so get ready champ." - riverdude
10/11/18 8:59:31 PM
It's way too early to be talking about this stuff anyway but Yelich and Cain probably won't be as good next year so I could see the Brewers returning to earth.
10/11/18 10:34:06 PM
Depends on what you mean by "not as good" for Yelich, cause obviously it's hard for anyone to repeat an MVP year, but maybe he'll still be a top 10 player in the NL. He made such a crazy jump this year but he is still just 26 so maybe it's not a fluke. Cain is on the wrong side of 30 though.

I think the Brewers should be more worried about leaning so much on their bullpen, since we've seen that most relievers have a short lifespan
10/11/18 10:57:26 PM
I think Yelich will still be really good but probably not MVP level is all. But I didn't realize he was that young, so maybe this will be his level for a while. I don't know anything.
10/11/18 11:03:56 PM
True and true. Cain might lose a WAR or two (he only had a .330 xwOBA [but speed guys are underrated by that stat]), but Yelich is legitimately amazing. He had the 5th-best xwOBA in baseball, and that's with the speed penalty. And now they're gonna have a bonus cash purse of tens of millions of dollars to play with. If Nelson CAN'T come back, their pitching could be mediocre.

The Cubs are about to get a huge cash boost, so there's an uphill climb to catch them. Darvish continuing to suck would be help, though.

Anyway, how is everyone?
"Now I'm about to dunk on you, so get ready champ." - riverdude
10/11/18 11:28:58 PM
I really like Nelson but I worry that after all this he might not be back to how well he was doing. I also agree that Cain is getting up there in age and might not be as good next year. Yelich will probably do well still but not as high as this year.
10/12/18 9:48:56 AM
My favorite thing ive found online (besides Pikachufreak) is this game informer review of a dragon quest mystery dungeon game

10/12/18 4:23:16 PM
I wonder if anybody has clicked on this topic yet expecting it to actually be about e-sports
10/12/18 4:31:27 PM
It took me two or three days to notice it said "E-Sports" instead of "Sports" haha
10/12/18 4:38:52 PM
I'm not going to buy it but for some reason a small part of me wants to get the new COD. I haven't played one since I guess the first Black Ops and I haven't watched one second of gameplay from this one but I'm still strangely intrigued
10/12/18 4:46:22 PM
Last one I played was also blops. This one is being hyped as really good tho
10/12/18 4:51:03 PM
The only big online multiplayer FPS I got into was Halo, it makes me a little sad that it dropped off so massively after being really popular. I guess CoD/BF aren't even that popular now with the battle royale craze, but I assume those franchises are just going to start doing their own BR modes
10/12/18 5:01:06 PM
CoD has one now it's called Blackout and apparently it's insanely good.
10/12/18 5:17:55 PM
Halo was awesome for a while there. It needs a God of War style reboot to get to that level again. Plus this gen the Xbox just doesn't seem that good vs the PS4 especially early on and a lot of staunch Microsoft guys jumped ship.
10/12/18 5:47:51 PM
I still a halo nerd. I thought halo 5 multiplayer was pretty solid. Pretty excited for the next one. The trailer made it look like they were taking inspiration form halo 3
10/12/18 5:55:43 PM
I haven't played since 3 but I have a gut feeling Infinite is gonna be amazing. Too bad Bungie stopped making them or it'd be easier to just trust the process
10/12/18 6:00:08 PM
CaptainHammer posted...
I haven't played since 3 but I have a gut feeling Infinite is gonna be amazing. Too bad Bungie stopped making them or it'd be easier to just trust the process

Yeah probably although I really didnt dig their swansong, reach, which was a shame because it was a great story.

I have a feeling that infinite could potentially be open world. That could be really cool but open world has a way of making a story less engaging
10/12/18 6:31:00 PM
I got a CoD WWII code last year from my gamestop friend and it's the first CoD game I ever really played. It wasn't bad, but it felt like any other shooting game, and there were a lot of no-lifers who you could tell play these games annually and it made it not as fun.
10/12/18 6:41:43 PM
Yeah that's true. And there were always hella kids too although they might stick with fortnite
10/12/18 6:44:26 PM
I only own a Switch so I don't have to listen to little kids thanks to their godawful voice chat solution. Well played, Nintendo
10/12/18 8:18:36 PM
I'm watching the baseball now. Let's go baseball.
10/12/18 9:05:57 PM
The Brewers reliever homered off Kershaw
10/12/18 9:08:39 PM
"Playoff Kershaw" is real
10/12/18 9:10:57 PM
He has sure had some weird playoff moments. But really he hasn't had an awful playoff career, just a lot of ups and downs. Much more of them than he has had in his regular season career which is why it stands out.
10/12/18 9:13:07 PM
Yeah I know it's largely a myth but even just having that reputation exist makes it funnier that he gave up that homer
10/12/18 9:15:30 PM
This is dumb but I really hate that narrative specifically because of how much of it is due to his two bad series against the Cards in 13 and 14. Cards fans are so dumb that they would like, rather face Kershaw than other guys because "we own him"
10/12/18 9:17:17 PM
That's the second time I've seen catcher's interference these playoffs after seeing it..... Never? All season
10/12/18 9:40:58 PM
God the Dodgers defense is having a bad night. Not that Kershaw is having a good one either. If it wasn't Kershaw he'd probably have gotten pulled by now tbh
10/12/18 11:56:00 PM
What was the whole story with Machado moving from 3B to SS? I don't remember why he did but it seems weird since he was so good at third and his defense really dropped off after the move
10/13/18 12:24:22 AM
He's a shortstop. He only played third base with the Orioles because of JJ Hardy.
10/13/18 4:23:38 AM
He was amazing at third though and the consensus seems to be that he's not that great now that he's finally playing short.

Anyway currently in an Uber heading to the Amtrak station and the old man driver is listening to occult radio or something. Old people calling in to tell their fake ghost stories. And one old lady called in to call Christine Blasey Ford a liar.
10/13/18 4:26:15 AM
Someone just called in to say he needs a kidney or he will die in 6-18 months. He's in Denver chewy. Just saying

Edit: as in he's solicitling listeners for kidneys. I feel bad for him but it's crazy because his offer is that he'll help you pass the real estate exam no matter where you live
10/13/18 10:28:57 AM
I don't want the Dodgers to win, but I cannot in good conscience cheer for the Brew Crew. Milwaukeeans are trash human beings who cheer for the packers and the blackhawks
10/13/18 2:32:43 PM
911 emergency.
I booted up Spider-man, and when trying to web swing, he will now automatically zip to the nearest auto target point while just holding down R2. Makes it unplayable. I didn't change any settings or anything...anyone else had this problem?

Naturally, instead of googling it or something I ask the sports topic
10/13/18 2:43:14 PM
Maybe your L2 is messed up or something? I forget how the controls work exactly but maybe it's being auto pressed and turning your swing into a zip
10/13/18 2:51:54 PM
I don't think it is...tried 2 different controllers, same problem
10/13/18 2:58:43 PM
Did you reset the system
10/13/18 3:00:08 PM
No I gave up. But i will be sure to keep you all updated next time I try.
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