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Veggeta X
10/12/18 11:35:38 AM
Or some sort of retail to see it from a working perspective or at least to humble yourself.

I see a ton of basic consumer entitlement even on CE. It's horrible. I just wanna ask some of yall if you think your opinion really matters that much?
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Capcom Defense Force
10/12/18 11:57:55 AM
IMO, how someone treats people in the service industry is great way to tell if they're a piece of s***. Especially when it comes to dating. I went on a date once and at the end of the night we took an Uber to her place. I tipped and thanked the driver as I got out and my date asked why. I said to be polite, to which she responded with "why? he's basically just a cab driver, who cares?"

Night over. Being a dick or looking down upon waiters, cleaning people, or anyone in a subservient position is a huge red flag that a person sucks in my book.
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