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Do you think these teen freaks should get an adult sentence? - Results (2 votes) Yes 100% (2 votes) 2 No 0% (0 votes) 0 3 teen boys are charged in the strangling and stabbing death of one of the boy's MOTHER and then chanted MURDER GANG while they were detained!!

16 y/o Lukas Mironovas, 16 y/o William Smith and 14 y/o Thomas "TJ" Severance were charged in the homicide of 47 y/o Kimberly Mironovas in her home in Litchfield on April 2018

Workers at the Long Creek Youth Development Centre testified about the chant to determine if Smith should be tried as an adult. A Psychologist testifying for them said she heard about it but suggested the boys were JOKING!!

The trio also made STABBING MOTIONS during one of the chants as Matt Findlay, a worker in the unit where the boys were being held said he had to tell them to stop everytime they did it

The plot to murder her started from Lukas who was angry about their move to Maine from Ashland, Massachusetts.

Lukas, then 15, conspired with his friends to murder his mother while his friends were visiting during spring break.

The plan was to crush prescription pills and mix them in her wine but when it failed to mix thoroughly with the drink, that's when they plotted the deadly attack...

The 2 boys held down the mother and STRANGLED her while Lukas stabbed her several times.

They wore gloves to hide the murder and an autopsy report said she died from either strangulation or stabbing or both

They were all arreted by police after spotting him driving his mother's car.

TJ, who is now 14 plead no contest in charge of conspiracy to commit murder and the prosecution agreed not to charge him as an adult. He will be at a Juvenile Detention Centre until he's 21 and that is the longest sentence that can be imposed on a juveniile. If he was charged as an adult, he could have faced 25 years to life

As for the other 2, they will be charged as adults as Anthony coco, president of Aveda Insitutute of Maine said Kimberly was halfway through a cosmetology program and that she was having issues with her son and was looking for a career change.

Do you think these teen freaks should be charged as adults?

Lukas - Going Down



Kimberley - Deceased


Where they lived -

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