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I delivered dozens of these bikes over my time as a delivery worker, and repaired others. And I think I can safely say one thing

Peloton bikes are a SCAM! The power wire will always, ALWAYS grind against the wheel of the bike. And the only way to get it to not do that is by zip tieing it to the bike. This is a design flaw. A calculated design flaw. You cant even pedal the bike without special shoes! And youre expected to pay a monthly fee to actually get to use its live training feature. Its super aggressive.

Most of the people I delivered to were SUPER rich, and you could tell they werent going to use them anyway. There was even a house I went to that already had one, but it was used as a coat rack. The owners claimed that they bought the first one too early, and that they were FINALLY gonna do it together.

i doubt they did

anyway fuck pelaton.

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