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{ 751st Place } [70's][ 96th Place]
Song: "When The Levee Breaks"
Band: Led Zeppelin
Album: Led Zeppelin IV
---{ 1971 }---
Genre: Blues Rock
Score:[7.2][7.2][6.1][8.3][8.1][6.3][6.2] = [49.4] = [7.057]

Wow. This takes me back. When I was a Junior/Senior my closest neighbor/friend and I used to take drives through the back country to the nearest city which was about an hour away and we'd jam out to classics like this. We listened to a s*** ton of Metallica too. It was such a bromance that I honestly started to question my interest in girls at all. I had a few interests but at that time in my life it always seemed like more of a chore trying to get their attention. Almost any afternoon I could call up my dude and ask if he wanted to take a drive. It was good times. I honestly could say that I would have done anything for the friendship back then. After all, this is the guy that hook lined and sinkered me into joining the military under something called the "buddy system" after high school. Sadly though, I haven't had any connection to my old friend in nearly 15 years. I should probably look him up at some point. Anyway, this whole album is pretty great to jam to on a country drive is my point lol.

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