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{ 938th Place } [90's][ 210th Place]
Song: "I Swear"
Band: John Michael Montgomery
Album: Kickin' It Up
---{ 1993 }---
Genre: Country
Score:[7.3][2.2][6.3][6.3][5.2][3.3][9.1] = [39.7] = [5.671]

Oy... this song. I was dating a chick that was a little Country back in the day long before my wife came around and honestly... she almost turned me into some country bumpkin. This tune was one of her favorites. Glad as f*** that I got away from that because I really deep down don't like to listen to Country music for long. I can be fair and recognize a good tune from time to time but it shivers my spine when I have to ride with some of my clients and they turn on Country music. It's especially torture when you are on a 4 hour drive to an out of town event lol. When it comes to this song though the first time I had heard it was from All-4-One so naturally that is the version I prefer. I'd rather be caught listening to some R & B song than a Country one any day.

Best Version IMO:
All-4-One - 1994 - All-4-One


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