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{ 808th Place } [80's][ 174th Place]
Song: "Crimson And Clover"
Band: Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
Album: I Love Rock n' Roll
---{ 1981 }---
Genre: Rock
Score:[8.2][7.3][6.2][7.2][1.3][7.2][9.2] = [46.6] = [6.657]

Here we have another covered tune from the 60's. It was covered many times but I really have no specific favorite tbh. This version is the most memorable for me but I do want to point out that Adam Sandler (although never confirmed) clearly borrowed heavily from the composition of the song for the back half of the Chanukah song. The first Joan Jett song to make an appearance here though which is interesting for me since I kinda prefer this over anything else they've done (and this isn't the only Joan Jett song that will appear in the ranking). It is however, the 2nd highest charting song that Joan Jett and the Blackhearts had in their careers. The first time I recall ever hearing this song was in the show The Wonder years. It might be sad or just how old I'm getting but that show stands in a significant number of memories that shaped my youth. It has appeared in tons of other media including shows, commercials, movies and there is even a reference to the song in one of my favorite games of all time; Fallout 3. (Eulogy Jones has two bodyguards named Crimson and Clover)

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