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The Definitive Ranking Of All The Cuphead Bosses

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#18: Hilda Berg
Design: 2/10
Fun Factor: 3/10

Early on in the game there was a point where I was like "oh I just don't like the airplane fights" and to a certain extent that is true. It kind of takes away a major component I love to a lot of the boss fights, which is a certain level of precise platforming and a restriction on movement. In airplanes you can just sort of fly anywhere, and while that does add a certain strategy to some of the fights (where is the best place on the screen to position yourself, if you should move forward or back, etc) it doesn't really make up for what it loses. You don't have your choice of secondary weapons here and a lot of the perks are just useless, so you lose that element to the fights as well.

BUT there are actually a couple airplane fights I quite enjoy because they do a better job working within the airplane mechanics so this is a bit more than "ugh stupid airplane fight". A lot of the attacks here are pretty basic and unlike some of the better fights later on, they don't really do a good job mixing attacks together. So, yeah, she can say "HAAAAA" like the hype man at a late 90s rap concert, and planes will come in and fire off attacks, but there really isn't all that much complexity to this and it is very easy to figure out where to position yourself.

My main issue here though is I just kind of hate the design. The fight was probably a bit more fun than a couple of the ones I'm listing next, but at least those had enemies where I was like "oh hey that's pretty cool". This just didn't feel cohesive, and I'm not entirely sure what I was supposed to be fighting. "Ok so she's a blimp on a unicycle? Who turns into a cloud bull? that the moon?" I guess it is supposed to be some air themed boss, but I like it where the transitions at least kind of make sense, and this kind of just felt like a hodgepodge of ideas that people yelled out at some point and they all made the fight. It plays a bit like they made the boss using Mad Libs and I just didn't like the transitions like I did with a lot of the other bosses.

Something I did really like about Hilda Berg though is she is the fight where Expert Mode shows up a bit and kicks you in the teeth. A lot on the first island aren't all that tough, but the changes in speed and extra things flying around the screen really made me appreciate the fact I moved up a difficultly. Oh, and I did like the timing of the UFOs at the end. Figuring out which ones to dash through and which ones to trigger and then move back was pretty cool.
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