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Should I wait a whole year for a gaming PC?

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You'll have to forgive me if I hold people with research teams and writers and who attempt to prove points via cited studies and statistics to a much higher standard for veracity than a self-professed nerd and geek who's read way too much and is opinionated as fuck.

I was more making fun of the part where you said there was inaccurate information in one of Adam's videos and then he decided the entire series was fake news.

Question. Has anyone called him out and proven him wrong? If so has he admitted he was wrong? That was one thing I appreciated about myth Busters. Once they claimed it was impossible for a man to catch an arrow with his bare hands and a dude contacted them and said I can do it. They brought him on the show he proved them wrong and they apologized to their viewers and said even they make mistakes.

It's a little different, but they did a correction episode to point out some of the facts that they got wrong.
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