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What's the worst grade you've ever gotten in a class?
red sox 7771905/19 3:53am
Kingdom Hearts series playthrough topic continued. (KH3 final stretch)
red13n4605/19 3:47am
[VGMC] d53: Servants of the Scourge vs Id (Purpose), Silver Surfer vs A-to-Z
azuarc2205/19 3:47am
Post Each Time You Beat a Game: 2019 Edition
KCF010728805/19 3:45am
Umineko playthrough topic 2
handsomeboy201220905/19 3:42am
The Great 2019 Video Game Challenge
Robazoid31305/19 3:30am
NHL Discussion Topic - Part 5 - Playoff Bizzaro World!
davidponte32405/19 3:26am
Detective Pikachu: 68% on RT
XIII_rocks17705/19 3:16am
The OFFICIAL Visual Novel Rankings
GANON10256505/19 3:12am
Survivor Discussion Topic 3: This Is Reem's Island
Espeon40405/19 3:11am
Politics Containment Topic 224: The Congressional Contempt for Political Buggery
Umitencho49205/19 3:07am
Game of Thrones Season 8: Topic 5
Anagram31905/19 3:02am
SHINE Containment Topic VIII: The one where I play a lot of Kingdom Hearts games
ninkendo23005/19 2:45am
[BAME] Aladdin vs. Toy Story
Xeybozn4505/19 2:25am
Best of the Trope Season 2: Day 149 - B***h in Sheep's Clothing
GavsEvans1231405/19 2:24am
Best Mainline Console Super Mario Game Day 5
Whiskey_Nick3705/19 1:17am
Avengers: Endgame Mafia Signups [possible spoilers]
Nanahara71515005/19 1:17am
^King of the Mountain^ - Save My Canine - Day 40
v_charon7605/19 12:47am
Mycro ranks the 278 VGM tracks that were nominated by BOARD EIGHT [rankings] 2
MycroProcessor6005/19 12:41am
[VGMC] Video Game Music Contest 13 - Discussion Thread #2
azuarc22405/19 12:28am
TOMPIC 8: I used Dream Eater in times gone by
Tom Bombadil21305/19 12:22am
Fantastic Mister Star Hood Dillostopia - less worry more furry [dillos]
KrystalKate8405/19 12:20am
Hey MegamanX, whatcha playing? @@@UNMARKED [email protected]@@
MegamanX805/18 11:55pm
Fire Emblem Heroes Discussion Topic Part 23: Pitybroken by Legendary Lyn.
Dark Young Link42305/18 11:52pm
Contest Stats and Discussion - Part 1324 - CBX Winners Announced
iGenesis31105/18 11:35pm
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 483: "America's Finest" Nick Aldis
Steiner20905/18 11:25pm
Hearthstone Discussion Topic 493 - Rise of Shadows Is Upon Us
davidponte46005/18 11:20pm
Final Fantasy Record Keeper: 44th topic for 4th anniversary
Grapple M142205/18 11:17pm
Looks like Va-11 Hall-a is out on PS4 now.
LapisLazuli805/18 11:13pm
DBZ Dokkan Battle topic - (Super Battle) Road to the 4th Anniversary
Emeraldegg14105/18 11:13pm
Anime and Manga Discussion Topic 214: The Quintessential Topic
pyresword46405/18 11:02pm
Most of the Phoenix Wright games are on sale in the eShop until 5/23
Crescent-Moon3105/18 10:40pm
Red Hot Chili Peppers VS Foo Fighters: prepping for a rock-topic.....
HaRRicH3505/18 10:36pm
I am not understanding the loop in Dead Cells.
LapisLazuli3205/18 10:32pm
Sekiro gets too easy on NG+
Sorozone405/18 10:27pm
darkx ranks the 35 casting archetypes of Survivor contestants
Underleveled505/18 10:24pm
[VGMC] d52: New World Order/Chaos King, Normal Battle/The End of Raging Waves
azuarc4405/18 9:58pm
SaveEstelle/LeonhartFour in Different Houses: Cold Steel Edition [SELF]
LeonhartFour45705/18 9:21pm
Langrisser Mobile Topic Again
Lopen29605/18 9:10pm
Board 8 National Football League League (B8NFLL) Season 11: Week 15 and Beyond!
KCF010727205/18 8:40pm
Anagram Plays Persona 4 (spoilers)
Anagram11305/18 8:29pm
Has anyone here played Gloomhaven?
GANON10251005/18 8:16pm
Character Contest Strength Ranking Topic - Day 1
half_silver28205/18 8:15pm
Are you anti-LIFE or anti-CHOICE?
SirPollsALot2105/18 8:10pm
Save My Favourite Anime Series 6: Round 49[SMFAS]
voltch14105/18 8:08pm
Most Influential Character in Gaming (Mock bracket reveal + Predictions)
half_silver2812305/18 8:05pm
Mac Ranks 111+31 User-Nominated Anime - The Rankings!
Mac Arrowny43705/18 8:04pm
Presenting: The SephG Top 250 [movies]
Nelson_Mandela9705/18 7:21pm
Katana Zero beated
Snrkiko205/18 6:41pm
[BAME] Best Animated Movie Ever 2019 - Bracket and Discussion Topic
Xeybozn17405/18 6:39pm
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