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Raetsel's B8 Music Ranking Topic! [Rankings]

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MycroProcessor posted...
HOLY shit hahahah wow when this topic started I really did not expect to be literally both your #1 and #2 on this list. Was worried most of my picks would be too weird for many to be ranked very high.

Honestly, you basically called it in your first post:

MycroProcessor posted...
Raetsel_Lapin posted...
I enjoy music with a lot of distortions or weird effects that couldn't be created in the past, or sounds from older game systems; the X68000, Ga

oh shit i actually might do well on this ranking (hopefully i am not speaking too soon)

I had such a hard time not posting shifty eyes in response to that. </.<

MycroProcessor posted...
If you want any recommendations for stuff similar to them please let me know!

I wouldn't get to them for a while since I need to start working through ZA'LIST (and catching up on a few other songs from this topic), but some more...unique experiences like focus tous might be useful to have on hand when I want a break from the more normal songs I'll be going through, if you had any suggestions on that end.

Se7enthrust posted...
I'll certainly keep it in mind for your next ranking if you do another. Great work on completing this one!!! =D

How do you feel?

I would like to do another ranking eventually... have a few different ideas, though it's obviously way too soon to start making any plans.

I feel pretty good. This went much better than I expected it to.
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