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Do you ever think about Fatty Whale
MoogleKupo1411204/19 2:12am
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review Zone 2 (mark spoilers)
MoogleKupo14150003/22 5:45pm
RIP my Fire Emblem save file (2024 - 2024)
MoogleKupo1411103/22 12:18am
Infinite Wealth is out
MoogleKupo14120203/02 8:11am
A potential leak of upcoming Pokemon titles that is too silly to be real
MoogleKupo1415302/09 10:53pm
what is the third most iconic Mario enemy
MoogleKupo1412601/12 9:29pm
who's the fourth most iconic Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle
MoogleKupo1412501/09 4:10am
Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is getting a second season
MoogleKupo141112/05 8:09pm
Wet-Dry World is a wet, dry world.
MoogleKupo141911/23 5:22pm
The presence or lack thereof of Culex in the SMRPG remake has been revealed.
MoogleKupo1418111/12 11:42pm
Starfield Starts and Discussion
MoogleKupo1416009/23 11:40am
Post your tot takes.
MoogleKupo141803/13 3:26pm
Think of a number between 450 and 850 before entering this Gopic
MoogleKupo1411001/01 10:35am
I hate looking at Mr. Beast's dumb face
MoogleKupo1416812/04 3:34pm
favorite lightsaber color
MoogleKupo1411311/04 2:11pm
why is the NBA commissioner some kind of ghoul or tall goblin
MoogleKupo1411011/03 8:40pm
does anyone else here get absolutely heinous farts from Burger King
MoogleKupo141311/02 12:04am
RIP Stadia
MoogleKupo1414910/02 9:52am
did you know what a Try Guy is before today/yesterday
MoogleKupo1414309/28 7:44pm
Could Diddy Kong defeat Eric Roberts in a fight?
MoogleKupo141106/20 11:41am
how do I do good at One Step From Eden
MoogleKupo141706/16 9:24pm
Slay the Spire vs. Monster Train
MoogleKupo1411106/03 11:19pm
just got a check in the mail for $400 from a class action lawsuit
MoogleKupo1411305/18 1:52pm
Favorite purple gas sphere Pokemon?
MoogleKupo1411205/05 7:54pm
I settled in to watch 3 hours of The Batman
MoogleKupo1414805/01 10:33pm
is Mississippi the worst state
MoogleKupo1413704/10 2:04pm
if the legendary beasts from G/S/C got regional forms, what types should they be
MoogleKupo1411203/23 11:27am
Elden Ring Discussion Zone 2
MoogleKupo14150003/17 8:32am
Elden Ring Discussion Zone
MoogleKupo14150003/08 1:20am
I just had the craziest experience in FFXIV
MoogleKupo1411502/09 2:08pm
look at this fucking final FF: Stranger of Paradise trailer
MoogleKupo1419201/26 1:58am
who hate bog
MoogleKupo141501/10 2:53pm
Do you remember the name(s) of the main antagonist from FFXIII
MoogleKupo1413912/27 11:11am
MoogleKupo1411110/31 11:46pm
Smash inspired me to replay Kingdom Hearts
MoogleKupo14117910/31 9:45pm
Norm MacDonald died.
MoogleKupo1413309/15 5:32pm
Psychonauts 2 review zone
MoogleKupo1412608/30 3:41pm
aww yeah Platinum #3 get: Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
MoogleKupo141506/19 11:25am
Pornography won E3 this year.
MoogleKupo141806/15 6:49pm
Curb your Enthusiasm or Reno 911
MoogleKupo1411306/07 4:07pm
There are too many Pokémon
MoogleKupo1412705/19 2:01pm
Vinny, Brad, and Alex all just announced they're leaving Giantbomb
MoogleKupo14113705/09 11:21pm
MoogleKupo1412004/09 5:11pm
Blue Pill me on the Persona series
MoogleKupo141904/06 9:49pm
who is (are) your least favorite Simpsons character(s)?
MoogleKupo1413203/17 11:56pm
ok I just finished chapter 4 of Yakuza Like a Dragon and I need to say something
MoogleKupo1413102/10 2:56am
I think i'm going to end this year without seeing a single new movie.
MoogleKupo1415001/03 10:59am
MF DOOM died
MoogleKupo1411701/01 8:52am
how many examples of secret cannibals in video games can you think of
MoogleKupo1413212/31 8:19pm
how MANY people IN the world HAVE your same CREDIT card NUMber??
MoogleKupo141912/16 2:13am
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