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What's the most you've spent/would spend on a single item of food or drink?
XIII_Rocks6104/06 11:15pm
Dune 2 topic (spoilers) (none in the first post)
XIII_Rocks1203/08 10:54pm
RIP Commodore
XIII_Rocks12502/19 6:56am
So I finished Ghost of Tsushima yesterday [huge spoilers/minor rant]
XIII_Rocks209/16 7:59pm
Across The Spiderverse: 97% on RT
XIII_Rocks8006/26 3:44pm
God damnit the RE4 remake fuckin ruled (spoilers)
XIII_Rocks5305/24 1:34am
So I have received the greatest birthday gift ever
XIII_Rocks504/18 3:13pm
XIII_Rocks1304/01 3:50pm
Are there any video game ads/commercials you find yourself coming back to?
XIII_Rocks2602/16 6:13pm
The 2023 Board 8 RUMBLE! [Signups] [Prize Included]
XIII_Rocks5302/07 11:36am
Annie Wersching died. 45.
XIII_Rocks1201/30 2:06pm
Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 - Topic 6 (end)
XIII_Rocks6201/12 5:13pm
Pele has died
XIII_Rocks712/30 1:01am
I didn't get my son's favourite video game - but it got me [article]
XIII_Rocks6112/02 2:37am
Even if you all know, the topic should be made: Community movie happening
XIII_Rocks1509/30 6:23pm
How do you feel about (sweet) desserts in general
XIII_Rocks3509/20 12:17pm
Some new Pokemon news just came out
XIII_Rocks5609/08 11:12am
Anyone here beat world of light? (Spoilers I guess)
XIII_Rocks1808/14 4:38pm
I Reached My Apex
XIII_Rocks708/08 10:27pm
Ncuti Gatwa (Eric in Sex Education) is the new Doctor
XIII_rocks305/08 10:58am
~*~The 2022 Board 8 RUMBLE!~*~ Topic 2!
XIII_rocks24502/01 12:03pm
~*~*~The 2022 Board 8 RUMBLE!~*~*~
XIII_rocks50001/30 1:00am
The 2022 Board 8 RUMBLE! [Signups] [Prize Included]
XIII_rocks6501/29 12:47am
So which b8 user got a job writing quiz questions at the bbc
XIII_rocks1001/24 10:36pm
Spider-Man topic (spoilers, none in first post)
XIII_rocks20101/14 7:30am
Spiderman topic (aggressive spoilers)
XIII_rocks112/15 3:24pm
Outer Wilds DLC - today (spoilers but not in post 1)
XIII_rocks13710/29 4:44am
Super Mario Movie (Dec. 2022) apparently stars Chris Pratt and Charlie Day
XIII_rocks3009/24 1:01pm
Who watched Sex Education season 3? (Spoilers, none in first post)
XIII_rocks109/22 5:20pm
Rick and Morty finale topic (spoilers, none in the first post)
XIII_rocks1109/18 7:21am
This tennis is unreal [US Open]
XIII_rocks2009/13 10:47am
I am Legend
XIII_rocks308/24 2:24pm
Happy international left handers day to all fellow lefties!
XIII_rocks408/14 11:54am
Outer Wilds Expansion: September 28
XIII_rocks3408/06 5:19pm
Netflix making live-action Pokemon series
XIII_rocks2807/26 11:54pm
Euro 2020 Topic 3
XIII_rocks50007/08 1:23pm
I'd never seen a non-animated musical before
XIII_rocks2806/20 1:25pm
This is a Half-Life 2 appreciation post
XIII_rocks1006/03 11:01pm
So it's time for a new phone
XIII_rocks405/18 5:12pm
Anyone see Godzilla vs Kong yet? (Spoilers but none in the first post)
XIII_rocks3504/09 5:43pm
~*~*~The 2021 BOARD 8 RUMBLE!~*~*~
XIII_rocks50002/13 5:49pm
The 2021 Board 8 RUMBLE! (Signups) [Prize Included]
XIII_rocks5802/12 10:22pm
The Last Of Us TV show casts Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel/Ellie
XIII_rocks1302/11 12:37pm
My PS4 Extended Hard Drive just decided to stop working
XIII_rocks902/02 1:41pm
Miles Morales was crazy fun
XIII_rocks1201/11 7:30pm
Best Performance in Gaming - Bracket and Discussion [BPIG]
XIII_rocks6910/20 8:43pm
Best Performance in Gaming FINAL MATCH TIEBREAKER: Hayter vs. Shimerman [BPIG]
XIII_rocks5410/20 4:39am
Best Performance in Gaming - FINAL MATCH: Shimerman vs. Hayter [BPIG]
XIII_rocks3810/18 6:51pm
Best Performance in Gaming SEMI-FINALS: Hayter vs North: ~Snake vs Drake~ [BPIG]
XIII_rocks1710/17 3:40pm
Best Performance in Gaming - SEMI-FINALS: Mark Hamill vs. Armin Shimerman [BPIG]
XIII_rocks2810/16 4:03pm
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