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This whole CBD market is a scam.

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DeadSite posted...
LordRazziel posted...
You used them against me., then it was me being upset that it was only for my use was the problem, then it was the information itself that was the problem. Maybe further studies will show differently.

No you completely misrepresented the data by not explaining why it's a sham initially. 300mg according to one study to treat YOUR SPECIFIC AILMENT does not make something a sham. It just means it's not the treatment specifically for you, while CBD and its dosages don't necessarily cover your needs.

LordRazziel posted...
You've just been moving the goal posts all over the place for each argument, though

No, you've just misrepresented your entire argument by framing it incorrectly

You're right. I should have been more clear, but you still moved the goal posts for every argument.
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