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No wonder Sears is going under.......

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Woot really can't wait for some goofy, seriously, dark stuff going on here.

Think in fact that is a large part of what has been missing in all the other shows as well, it's like the writers all got seriously depressed and decided to put it into the shows or something.

I mean, i get it, Season 1 of JJ wasn't really light either (though pretty sure there was some laughs in there), but DD season 1 and 2 still had some light times.

Feels like after DD season 2 all the joy went out of the writers and all the fun was discarded.

I like my hero shows with a little bit of fun and humor added in every so often to lighten up the mood and keep things from just being depressing. It seems like EVERY hero show is depressing lately, it's why I stopped watching arrow/flash etc, they were like seriously getting me down. At least the new spiderman had humor in it...although now that I think of it the last avengers was pretty freaking dark as well.
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