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Finally got around to trying the general changs chicken.

Mostly agree with wolfe's video, this is not one of the better frozen dinners to buy.

First it's extremely sweet, I didn't even notice the kick that wolfe said he got from the sauce. That is probably why there is so much sugar in it. Luckily if you don't eat most of the sauce, you probably avoid most of the sugar.

Meanwhile because they added bell peppers there is less chicken and brocolli compared to the sessame chicken, which is better in every way. More actual food, better sauce, waaaay less sugar.

I would not buy this one again. You could eat it in a pinch but the other two I have tried were both significantly better then this, even the "nuggets" didn't taste as good (no clue why as they look exactly the same).

Rating this one a 4/10 (this is just a pf-changs rating scale, with Brocolli beef so far in the lead with a 9/10).

I'll probably try the orange chicken next, but....I don't have high hopes. Orange chicken pretty much requires crunchy friend chicken with a sauce that covers it....soggy chicken nugets are not going to work with it, and the sauce.....only works for me at least, in combo with the crunchiness. We'll see though (probably won't have it tomorrow...these are not good enough to eat back to back, not filling enough for dinner, and I really want to have a salad tomorrow instead.
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