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Oops. Anime staffers are people, and they too make mistakes from time to time. That reality took an unfortunate turn when someone on the team of the Devidol anime apparently gave broadcasters the wrong episode to air. Instead of episode 3, "Branch Reporter," the episode that debuted at 1:05 a.m. on Friday was episode 4, "Iku ze Gt Shjo" (Go, Robber Girl).

Soon after the new episode started to air, the anime's official Twitter account tweeted confirmation that it was episode 4. The tweet apologized and implied that the airing was the result of a staff mistake. The account also confirmed that episode 3 will air next week instead.

The anime's staff seem to be taking the error in stride and even joking about it. The below tweet claims to show the person responsible for the so-called "screw-up" as he reflects on the situation.

Masataka P is in charge of series composition, credited with the original work and planning, and is also producing the show. Although the situation is potentially touchy, even he is taking a light stance on the blunder. He noted in a tweet on Friday that the Star Wars film franchise also started with its own "Episode 4." A Twitter user who replied to the tweet remarked that The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya intentionally aired out of order.

In another tweet, the producer said the Tokyo MX channel representative said "Seriously?" after finding out about the slip-up. Masataka P said he will never forget the representative's reaction for the rest of his life. He also said he could not help but laugh at the whole situation.

So not only is Devidol itself so awful (its MAL score is an abysmal 4.29 at the time of this post) that no one licensed it, no one is fansubbing it, and the few people that are watching it are completely destroying it in their ratings and reviews... then they go and make a mistake like this. It's like they're actively trying to challenge Mrchen Mdchen for the title of the biggest anime fuck-up of 2018. The fact that Mimorin and Kanahana are in the cast and will have this dumpster fire on their resume is an absolute travesty.

Point at this anime and laugh.
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