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House of the Dragon S2 (Spoilers)

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4)

I liked it fine, but it was like, completely average. It did have a couple of things I really liked - the challenge tombs and hiding in the undergrowth on the walls. Also using mud as camo. But it also gave you all these action tools and nowhere near enough action sequences to actually take advantage of all of them

Lara's VA wasn't very good imo, I'm kind of tired of her, and the dialogue in general was hardly Naughty Dog level or whatever. Whole series needs to be stripped waaaay the fuck down. Get rid of the fucking skill trees and upgradeable weapons. Get rid of the melodramatic stories that Crystal Dynamics really aren't exactly great at. Put me in a tomb and have me slowly unlock and find my way through it like a sort of archaeological Resident Evil 2 (except with more, bigger tombs, in different parts of the world). I liked 2013 a lot, it was great at the time, and Rise was fine, but the new series on the whole hasn't had anything to match Temple of Xian from Tomb Raider 2, or even anything close really. Bring back a sense of isolation and exploration. For god's sake, don't do another "open world" thing. I don't need side missions in Tomb Raider.

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