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Today's series of topics
LOLIAmAnAlt109/11 11:47pm
How does this MGS3 boss ranking sound (spoilers)
metaIslug309/11 11:33pm
New Software Releasing that can detect if you're GAY is causing OUTRAGE!!!!
Full Throttle209/11 10:58pm
BoJack Horseman S4 is out so let's start horsin' around.
WoIfOfLight1909/11 10:38pm
This 19 y/o Kid Murdered his MOM in her SLEEP cause he couldn't have a PUPPY!!!!
Full Throttle309/11 10:36pm
good news, everyone. you can cancel your SNES Classic pre-orders.
iiicon609/11 10:06pm
Anti-Gay James Woods BLASTS Gay Film because a 17 y/o is DATING a 24 y/o!!!!
Full Throttle809/11 9:58pm
So I watched Seth Macfarlane's new show The Orville (spoilers)
Anagram509/11 9:34pm
jordan schlansky
CoolCly109/11 9:32pm
Post the number of black friends you have irl
EndOfDiscOne1409/11 8:58pm
Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XIX: Day 27 [smfffc]
LeonhartFour30509/11 8:27pm
Best RPG: Chrono Trigger vs. Bloodborne / Final Fantasy IV vs. Kingdom Hearts II
tazzyboyishere2809/11 8:20pm
Board 8 NFL Pick'Em League - Week 1
th3l3fty9609/11 8:15pm
Pokemon Gauntlet Tiebreaker: Dewott vs. Darmanitan
Inviso4109/11 8:02pm
~^~^~Pokemon Gauntlet - DAY ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SIX~^~^~
Inviso709/11 7:55pm
Should I get drunk tonight?
Dragon661162809/11 7:05pm
Ever been disappointed in a game turning out to be good?
voltch4309/11 6:04pm
Justin Wong streaming Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite
Skyridge87209/11 5:53pm
The Board 8 Song of the Week Club - Week 0 [gauging interest kinda]
Steiner4109/11 5:24pm
Anyone use an internet TV service?
KCF0107909/11 5:17pm
Board 8's Other NFL Picks League 2017 - Week 1 (Make picks to sign up)
Ashethan5809/11 5:09pm
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 418: McGregor vs Mayweather II in a Punjabi Prison
PrivateBiscuit150009/11 4:56pm
It's the gfaqs apocalypse
foolm0r0n2409/11 3:25pm
Sir Chris (that's me, for those new) answers questions pre-hurricane.
DoomTheGyarados20909/11 2:46pm
Save My Disney Character IX - Top 5 [smdc] [rule change]
My Immortal20909/11 1:28pm
Rick and Morty Discussion Topic (spoilers)
kevwaffles209/11 11:41am
RIP Len Wein, Creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing
scarletspeed7409/11 6:00am
So has anyone seen Guardians?
Johnbobb1109/11 1:31am
^King of the Mountain^ - Save My Doctor - Day 40
v_charon6409/10 11:57pm
Discord invite link please?
ProfitProphet209/10 10:47pm
I feel like replaying a JRPG on my 3DS.
Anagram1809/10 10:41pm
Happy Birthday Palmer and Polanker!
Punnyz1209/10 10:36pm
Have you ever ASKED someone to help you find a BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND????
Full Throttle409/10 10:08pm
The last game you played is getting a movie directed by Micheal Boom
Airship_Canon509/10 9:30pm
transience's video game topic 52: rabbids just wanna have fun
digiiiiiiiii50009/10 9:01pm
Aww Yeah Platinum #143 GET - Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
ninkendo609/10 8:12pm
How's Minecraft: Story Mode?
BlackMageJawa609/10 8:11pm
Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XIX: Day 26 [smfffc]
LeonhartFour41009/10 7:49pm
Anything sillier than this Shaduln boycott outrage?
Bane_Of_Despair1409/10 7:25pm
US Open Topic [tennis][everyone is injured]
The Mana Sword11809/10 6:57pm
Best RPG: Tales of the Abyss vs. Paper Mario / Persona 5 vs. Final Fantasy VIII
tazzyboyishere3209/10 5:35pm
Wait, there's an "anime" starring Jaden Smith coming out?
ChaosTonyV4209/10 5:13pm
Do you feel patriotism for your country?
metaIslug709/10 4:47pm
For breakfast tomorrow, may I suggest the Naked Egg Taco from Taco Bell?
ChaosTonyV43309/10 4:27pm
Anything sillier than this Shader boycott outrage?
Corrik3409/10 3:33pm
B8ers in the path of the hurricane...
tabiicat422209/10 2:13pm
16-bit games will lose their value - An article on repros
metaIslug1209/10 1:54pm
[ Best Classic Mega Man Robot Master Themes ] ***RND 21*** - 5th Tier -
Se7enthrust909/10 1:53pm
I'm both upset and relieved this video didn't exist when Rickrolling was a thing
Skyridge87209/10 1:34pm
Save My Disney Character IX - Round 110 [smdc] [rule change] *TOP 6*
My Immortal28609/10 1:10pm
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