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A "small" request.
WastelandCowboy1603/24 9:59pm
18 y/o Conservative Kid is SUING for being BANNED because he's an ANTI-VAXXER!!!
Full Throttle4103/24 9:59pm
At what age did you first have sex?
LinkPizza6403/24 9:55pm
God, I hate Fire Emblem Awakening
GanglyKhan503/24 9:54pm
The best flavor ICEE is coke
SaltyAndSweet803/24 9:52pm
35 y/o is ARRESTED after he REFUSED to Return Amazon TV given to him by MISTAKE
Full Throttle1603/24 9:50pm
those who work 2 full time jobs on weekdays, whats it like?
weeb98103/24 9:49pm
have you seen the 6th day with arnold schwarzenegger
knightoffire55103/24 9:47pm
how do you feel about carnivals banning the use of goldfish in games?
Beveren_Rabbit1903/24 9:44pm
No matter your field, work, or where it is, the customer is always stupid.
hypnox403/24 9:43pm
I hope Mueller's report has zero redacted words when it's released.
WastelandCowboy803/24 9:38pm
Negative sarcastic people at work are the worst
RedPixel2503/24 9:36pm
Yu-Gi-Oh! What are your favourite kind of monsters?
LeetCheet1303/24 9:32pm
whew boy, now I understand how important anti-depressants are.
Zanimar403/24 9:31pm
Hypocritical question *details inside*
Ogurisama1603/24 9:24pm
In my city, cops tased a suspect, and then the suspect got hit by a car and died
CarefreeDude4603/24 9:22pm
Anybody here interested in the new dora the explorer movie?
KazGT6303/24 9:22pm
Has a new game for the Nintendo Switch been released in the past 6 months?
Beveren_Rabbit903/24 9:19pm
two college acceptances and two college rejections all in one day
Impavid541503/24 9:18pm
Forgot to put away my frozen groceries when I got home.
GanonsSpirit1003/24 9:12pm
Do you like fish tacos?
Cotton_Eye_Joe1103/24 9:08pm
I've been Substitute Teaching since September, mixed feelings on it
mastermix30003203/24 9:08pm
best way to lower blood preasure that doesn't include cutting out salt?
Impavid543703/24 9:04pm
Justice Department alleges Trump knowingly directed Cohen to commit felonies
Doctor Foxx40503/24 8:55pm
If you could turn into any animal, what would it be?
LinkPizza6503/24 8:38pm
I've lived in my car for two weeks now.
MrMelodramatic3803/24 8:37pm
Since there's no more PotD Animal Crossing threads.
Ferarri6191503/24 8:30pm
Us was very unsettling
Jen01252503/24 8:23pm
You remember this guy?
HornedLion403/24 8:14pm
Captain Marvel was fine (spoilers)
PK_Spam1903/24 8:12pm
Should I go on a trip after I graduate?
EclairReturns2703/24 8:05pm
X-Men's Famke Janssen did something SHOCKING to her FACE!! Look at it!!!
Full Throttle803/24 8:03pm
Texas Cop who tried to Feed POOP to HOMELESS PEOPLE has his Firing OVERTURNED!!!
Full Throttle203/24 7:57pm
HORRIFIC Video of a 24 y/o White Man PUNCHING a 24 y/o Black Girl is RELEASED!!!
mrduckbear2003/24 7:44pm
Let's play "Rate the above song" Part II
Ferarri61910903/24 7:28pm
Pick a console to play forever
segasaturn3203/24 7:17pm
Arthur Gear Solid Mom Eater
FridayHorse503/24 7:09pm
My back is sore right now
Ogurisama303/24 6:41pm
Sports Discussion Topic #193: We're still here
SpeeDLeemon2803/24 6:39pm
Worst Customer You've Had To Deal With?
DiduXD3903/24 6:32pm
Game of Thrones, Episode 1 of Season 1 is it supposef to be foreshadowing?
FatalAccident903/24 6:11pm
Best DKC2 world
Ogurisama603/24 6:07pm
16 y/o Boy who lost his VIRGINITY to a 32 y/o TEACHER gets $350,000 for PTSD!!!
Full Throttle7003/24 5:41pm
playing donkey kong tropical freeze on funky mode
LaggnFragnLarry303/24 5:31pm
Was Arya always so stupidly edgy
Blighboy2203/24 5:28pm
PotdMon: Nerd/Geek
The Wave Master5503/24 5:28pm
23 y/o Porn Star TEANNA TRUMP said she had SEX with an NBA STAR at 16!!!
mrduckbear1803/24 5:28pm
How much has you taste in food changed over the course of life?
LinkPizza2103/24 5:07pm
What isn't the weirdest animal you've eaten?
LinkPizza4003/24 4:56pm
found a used condom on the beach
knightoffire551303/24 4:46pm
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