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I've genuinely never seen this much bad PR for a game before (Pokemon)
PK_Spam16211.16.2019 5:00pm0 + 0
Would you want a urinal in your house?
LinkPizza311.16.2019 4:51pm0 + 0
Using GameFAQs
VidGameGuy811.16.2019 4:51pm0 + 0
I think I finally understand where all of the f2p PC games went... Mobile.
Judgmenl111.16.2019 4:50pm0 + 0
My boyfriend's physique competition is today
Jen01252111.16.2019 4:50pm0 + 0
what pokemon starter should i pick
LaggnFragnLarry111.16.2019 4:45pm0 + 0
I have been getting extremely drunk recently
MICHALECOLE711.16.2019 4:45pm0 + 0
I just saw a forty-something year old guy wearing a "BTS" hat.
keyblader19853111.16.2019 4:38pm0 + 0
[Serious] Why is there a general dislike for Kotaku and its writers?
Nemesis3476411.16.2019 4:25pm0 + 0
which one of you bastards forgot to tell me 'swaziland' is now 'Eswatini'
argonautweakend811.16.2019 4:19pm0 + 0
Apparently, YouTube is changing soon...
LinkPizza611.16.2019 4:12pm0 + 0
starting my yearly wind waker playthrough
TheWitchMorgana2211.16.2019 4:03pm0 + 0
Do you leave the seat up after you pee, or down?
Kimbos_Egg3711.16.2019 3:59pm0 + 0
Life Advice
OniRonin1211.16.2019 3:51pm0 + 0
So i bought pokemon (reluctantly), add me as a friend.
Kimbos_Egg1411.16.2019 3:46pm0 + 0
Do you generally prefer wired or wireless headphones or earbuds?
JebronLames1611.16.2019 3:43pm0 + 0
Games just seem to be missing the fun factor these days.
blu2511.16.2019 3:40pm0 + 0
Hazbin Hotel is a fun cartoon
St_Kevin611.16.2019 3:40pm0 + 0
Do you think mentally challenged people know they are mentally challenged?
Lobomoon1511.16.2019 3:31pm0 + 0
Thanks, Obama.
HornedLion3111.16.2019 3:31pm0 + 0
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic LXXXVII
T0ffee38211.16.2019 3:22pm0 + 0
Has the world gone mad?
Lokarin511.16.2019 3:19pm0 + 0
BTHO South Carolina! Whoop!!
MrMelodramatic211.16.2019 2:44pm0 + 0
Another Day, Another School Shooting...
pionear2511.16.2019 2:34pm0 + 0
There's an ice cream party at my house
MrMelodramatic411.16.2019 2:29pm0 + 0
About to try Whataburger for the first time.
DirtBasedSoap3011.16.2019 2:23pm0 + 0
ITT: We write a crappy story three words at a time: part 3
Sarcasthma9211.16.2019 2:13pm0 + 0
Post here, and I will assign you a Pokemon
Ogurisama1311.16.2019 1:51pm0 + 0
Game genres
VidGameGuy2311.16.2019 1:47pm0 + 0
Yikes! i spilled my starbucks frappe!
Retroxgamer0211.16.2019 1:45pm0 + 0
Streaming companies set to take action against password sharing
NightMareBunny1711.16.2019 1:29pm0 + 0
Do you ever play games the wrong way?
captpackrat911.16.2019 1:13pm0 + 0
Why did they let that old fucker come with them?(Walking Dead game)
lihlih3611.16.2019 1:08pm0 + 0
Tomb Raider (reboot), Mass Effect, and Dark Souls combined...
Raddest_Chad1311.16.2019 1:02pm0 + 0
Streaming games is a shitty idea that will never happen
TheWorstPoster1711.16.2019 12:44pm0 + 0
Puppy born with 'Tail' on its Forehead...
pionear1411.16.2019 12:42pm0 + 0
Geek+: Streaming Nerdy Nostalgia in 480i
The Wave Master911.16.2019 12:23pm0 + 0
A prisoner who briefly died argues that he's served his life sentence
JebronLames2311.16.2019 12:11pm0 + 0
Where should I go out to dinner tonight?
Dmess851611.16.2019 11:25am0 + 0
Chuck E Cheese to remove all animatronics
NightMareBunny3911.16.2019 11:19am0 + 0
The Little Mermaid
DeltaBladeX1211.16.2019 11:02am0 + 0
I saw a Coot Duck today
Dmess85911.16.2019 11:01am0 + 0
CN rail lays off at least 1600 employees
Ogurisama1411.16.2019 10:59am0 + 0
I want the old internet back
TheWorstPoster1311.16.2019 10:54am0 + 0
What's one thing you hate doing but do anyway?
DiduXD2211.16.2019 10:52am0 + 0
What Example "Name" Did The Other Reindeer Call Rudolph...?
aDirtyShisno1111.16.2019 10:38am0 + 0
I just finished binging Man in the High Castle Season 4.
Judgmenl311.16.2019 10:32am0 + 0
Do any of you like beats headphones?
JebronLames311.16.2019 10:31am0 + 0
What are some cool, but small, exercise machines?
Lokarin2611.16.2019 10:14am0 + 0
After studying Jordan Peterson for a few weeks I have come to a conclusion.
THEGODDAMNBATMA2011.16.2019 10:09am0 + 0
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