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Who should be the Democrat candidate in 2020?
Person106107/19 8:00pm
When you think of the mythical god, Zeus, what do you picture him as?
WastelandCowboy3207/19 8:00pm
Anyone could've hacked 2016 US Elections - I don't see why it wouldn't be Russia
Lobomoon1007/19 7:58pm
What did Hope even do in FF13? (party wise)
Lokarin1207/19 7:58pm
Girlfriend moved in with me, bur averages spending 3.3 days a week over.
blu907/19 7:57pm
You're getting married. One 8/10 partner or four 4/10 partners
green dragon1307/19 7:56pm
I wonder if my neighbor is dead
Zikten1807/19 7:51pm
This cute lady cop dealing with drunk idiots is soo professional.
Ferarri619807/19 7:47pm
I almost got arrested today...
Greenfox1111207/19 7:47pm
Argh! I have jury duty this week!
Would you date a hot woman who refused to let you play video games?
OreonX15307/19 7:36pm
Titans trailer released
slacker031501107/19 7:36pm
Rate this cartoon series DAY 24: Mickey Mouse- The shorts (1928)
trentpac307/19 7:33pm
Sports Discussion Topic #179: Baseball Season is in Full Swing-and-Miss
Chewster29707/19 7:32pm
Greatest TV Show Ever: Top 64: Match 10 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars vs. Dexter
quigonzel907/19 7:31pm
wrinkly's save cave
LaggnFragnLarry507/19 7:29pm
Post dog gifs
DeltaBladeX35007/19 7:27pm
My friend told a woman, "fuck her and her ugly ass children."
SonnerAnarchy7207/19 7:24pm
How many sexual partners have you had this year?
CarefreeDude7407/19 7:22pm
Who would win in a Pokemon battle?
Ogurisama507/19 7:21pm
Stephen Bean topic Series 5, Episode 2: WHAT TIME!? ITS TIME! ITS KIMBO TIME!
Kimbos_Egg9407/19 7:10pm
Pokemon Go Potd Trainer codes topic
Mead33007/19 7:04pm
I don't know if I can finish Resident Evil HD. Too Scary.
green dragon6907/19 6:51pm
I was thinking about getting my mom an e-reader for her birthday...
GanonsSpirit1007/19 6:47pm
If you put ads in the MIDDLE of a 10 minute video I'm just gonna
DirtBasedSoap907/19 6:43pm
Did you try authentic Mexican restaurant AFTER Taco Bell/Taco Time and realize
Ferarri6193407/19 6:39pm
Any fans of The Clone Wars out there?
AllstarSniper32107/19 6:29pm
Street Fighter vs Chess. Depth.
RoryMcilroy907/19 6:28pm
Whats your favorite Italian Dish?
dioxxys2307/19 6:26pm
I hate running out of a manga to binge.
SunWuKung4202407/19 6:18pm
The battle of animated Disney movies round Three battle four!!!!!!!
MICHALECOLE1207/19 6:11pm
steven universe creator comes out as Non-Binary Gender
NightMareBunny3607/19 6:08pm
Dennis Schroeder and Russell Westbrook on the same team?
FatalAccident507/19 5:52pm
Papa John is suing Papa John's
Muffinz0rz2607/19 5:45pm
Mead's fallout4 topic made me start a new playthrough. spoilers
SunWuKung4201107/19 5:41pm
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic LXXXIII
dragon50426207/19 5:14pm
2 days a week, I don't drink any coffee, as breaks from caffeine.
SunWuKung4203907/19 5:02pm
How did Oozaru help piccolo in the live action movie if he did it in the past?
Lokarin407/19 4:54pm
What should I play?
Krow_Incarnate507/19 4:52pm
Hey potd, what should I make for dinner?
green dragon1107/19 4:46pm
I accidentally type "gamefaqs" into YT's search instead of Google's
STEROLIZER407/19 4:39pm
What do you hate the most about other drivers?
tiago926907/19 4:31pm
Chicago man harasses woman for wearing a shirt showing Puerto Rico
Mead14007/19 4:29pm
I'm going to do a nuzlocke of Soul Silver soon.
GanonsSpirit3207/19 4:29pm
Rate this cartoon series DAY 23: X-Men: The Animated Series (1992)
trentpac1807/19 4:19pm
Stumbled on the topic where Helly was talking about getting suspended for...
Zeus2207/19 4:12pm
Look, I'm gonna be honest about Jennette McCurdy
_PandaMaster_5707/19 4:05pm
~Conspiracy Theories~
KH34807/19 4:01pm
Final Fantasy XII had the best of the FF battle systems-- change my mind
RedPixel5207/19 3:44pm
What's your absolute favorite Pokemon game?
DirtBasedSoap2607/19 3:39pm
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