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A whole bunch of MCU stuff got announced at Comic-Con.
SpeedDemon204207.23.2019 11:55pm0 + 0
how much action will cats have?
knightoffire55507.23.2019 11:52pm0 + 0
"Maybe it's not to late to learn how to love and forget how to hate"
GanonsSpirit407.23.2019 11:47pm0 + 0
A question for gay posters on this board (only click this topic if you are gay).
Lobomoon2807.23.2019 11:46pm0 + 0
We need more mythical gods on on PotD.
WastelandCowboy2507.23.2019 11:46pm0 + 0
Mountain Dew: The Gamer's Choice
OniRonin4207.23.2019 11:42pm0 + 0
So I got Warned for "provoking" people who think mass murder is funny.
Dreaming_King5207.23.2019 11:35pm0 + 0
Which of these movies are you most excited for?
WastelandCowboy2307.23.2019 11:25pm0 + 0
Boris Johnson, eh?
WastelandCowboy1007.23.2019 11:18pm0 + 0
Brie Larson appreciation topic.
Cotton_Eye_Joe3507.23.2019 11:17pm0 + 0
I'm going on a cruise in March :/
Jen01254007.23.2019 11:14pm0 + 0
i'm commissioning an artist to do a family portrait in the style of dragon ball
Jen01251607.23.2019 11:11pm0 + 0
Angela is the best character on The Office imo
DirtBasedSoap207.23.2019 11:08pm0 + 0
Hello, welcome the the united states posting service
OniRonin607.23.2019 11:05pm0 + 0
These new quote boxes are so dumb
MrMelodramatic3307.23.2019 11:02pm0 + 0
Which is better for profit? War or Peace?
Unbridled94007.23.2019 11:00pm0 + 0
i had no idea finding a good grip for my old 3DS XL, would be such a pain, ok?
ClarkDuke607.23.2019 10:58pm0 + 0
MILLIONAIRE Offers to pay off DEBT for POOR Parents but School says NO BAILOUT!
Full Throttle907.23.2019 10:58pm0 + 0
64 level limit now? That is still far too low
TheWorstPoster107.23.2019 10:58pm0 + 0
you can change quotes back to boxed in the settings
hera1307.23.2019 10:54pm0 + 0
Have you ever had a Chunky chocolate bar?
Mead2307.23.2019 10:51pm0 + 0
Guys! I got an email from a Nigerian Prince who promises me billions of dollars!
TheWorstPoster807.23.2019 10:47pm0 + 0
Trump is KICKING 3 MILLION people off FOOD STAMPS cause they can get JOBS!!!
Full Throttle807.23.2019 10:46pm0 + 0
PotdMon: Nerd/Geek
The Wave Master47107.23.2019 10:42pm0 + 0
Stuck at work for 8 hours with nothing to do...
captpackrat907.23.2019 10:37pm0 + 0
let's say you're going to rob someone
PeePeeTheFrog907.23.2019 10:31pm0 + 0
ITT I try to convince Nade Duck (and anyone else) to play Final Fantasy XIV
papercup16507.23.2019 10:25pm0 + 0
My girlfriend is moving away for grad school.
I_Always_Die2407.23.2019 10:16pm0 + 0
Sorry MCU, I'm out. It's too much.
EvilMegas4807.23.2019 10:07pm0 + 0
Got to see Trump speak today
-Komaiko54-707.23.2019 10:05pm0 + 0
Post here when you purchase video games
DeltaBladeX807.23.2019 10:05pm0 + 0
This weekend I bought all my ingredients for meal prepping
RCtheWSBC2207.23.2019 9:29pm0 + 0
Trump MOCKS Liberals as his TEEN SUPPORTERS yell One Squad UNDER GOD!!!
Full Throttle207.23.2019 9:29pm0 + 0
Some of you are artists, right?
Lokarin607.23.2019 9:06pm0 + 0
Question about age of consent and marriage.
pipebomb_phil5707.23.2019 9:02pm0 + 0
I finally figured out how to afford AU!!!
-Komaiko54-28907.23.2019 8:50pm0 + 0
they changed quotes
hera2907.23.2019 8:42pm0 + 0
Do you like wearing flipflops or sandals?
WastelandCowboy3407.23.2019 8:39pm0 + 0
arv noticed something. how come liberals are hippocrapes?
ArvTheGreat907.23.2019 8:34pm0 + 0
Exciting News: I have published a book
Entity135607.23.2019 8:33pm0 + 0
Do you like the changes this site made to the quote system?
CedarPointcp2107.23.2019 8:30pm0 + 0
Who would you rather work for?
Ogurisama1707.23.2019 8:17pm0 + 0
Do you guys think using "implications" to get sex is rape?
lihlih15207.23.2019 8:15pm0 + 0
33 people dead in Kyoto Japan Animation arson attack
Ferarri6192507.23.2019 8:14pm0 + 0
How do you, umm, invent things?
Lokarin1607.23.2019 8:10pm0 + 0
Dallas born man detained at border patrol facility for three weeks
Mead5907.23.2019 7:50pm0 + 0
Woman tells Trump her family was KILLED by ISIS and he asks WHERE are they now!
Full Throttle3707.23.2019 7:11pm0 + 0
I'm done with the Chunin Exams (Naruto update) ((spoilers))
MrMelodramatic907.23.2019 7:06pm0 + 0
TWO Police Officers who said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be SHOT are FIRED!
mrduckbear1107.23.2019 6:49pm0 + 0
You win an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas
TheWorstPoster1107.23.2019 6:28pm0 + 0
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