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Universal healtcare
BUMPED200214201/18 3:00pm
One food for the rest of your life...
LinkPizza2501/18 3:00pm
What is the best way to offload boatloads of old games?
Dynalo1101/18 2:58pm
Regarding today's poll of the day
guy12345701/18 2:57pm
My job is mad that people are taking too many sick days...
LinkPizza1901/18 2:52pm
What is osso bucco?
argonautweakend401/18 2:45pm
Can I vent about my "writer" friends?
PK_Spam2701/18 2:13pm
What do you prioritize for games
Ice_Dragon142201/18 2:12pm
Hypothetical: Trump gets his $5 billion that he wants for the border wall.
WastelandCowboy3101/18 2:08pm
ANOTHER Reporter says Martin Luther C-Word Jr!!.and he WON'T BE FIRED!!!
Full Throttle1201/18 2:04pm
Justice Department alleges Trump knowingly directed Cohen to commit felonies
Doctor Foxx17801/18 2:01pm
More Surprising News from Canada
zebatov5401/18 2:01pm
Let's play "rate the above song"
minervo49101/18 1:48pm
Bacon up that sausage
Ogurisama401/18 1:35pm
Why aren't you married?
Cotton_Eye_Joe3201/18 1:27pm
Will six regular strength snus pouches give me a buzz?
argonautweakend501/18 1:25pm
Youtube flips off Charles Darwin
streamofthesky1501/18 1:08pm
Best scenes in movies/anime/games where a character lets go of their hatred?
Kimbos_Egg1601/18 1:04pm
Are You Guys Upset Star Trek 14 Appears To Be Cancelled?
aDirtyShisno7301/18 1:01pm
Finger rubbed the inner rim of a public toilet bowl. What should I do?
Far-Queue1401/18 12:55pm
How about that cancelled Star Wars game?
AllstarSniper32301/18 12:52pm
Imagine working 3 full shifts a week and one 1 half shift.
Anisoptera1501/18 12:28pm
"Surprise! I made some weenie gelatin!"
OmegaM101/18 12:27pm
New Uber Flying Car coming 2020...
pionear901/18 12:21pm
Having like the worst day at work now...
pionear601/18 12:18pm
Playing Vesperia for the first time (Spoilers overtime)
Nichtcrawler X1201/18 12:08pm
You may only choose one
captpackrat501/18 11:38am
Sports Discussion Topic #191: Big Nick's Flaccid Pick
Zeeky_Bomb8101/18 11:34am
Does Anyone Watch The New DuckTales? *SPOILERS*
aDirtyShisno1101/18 11:21am
Recommend me new wave bands like The B-52's and Duran Duran
CHROM61001/18 11:17am
this gillette ad really pisses some of you off?
Aculo8601/18 11:11am
Ace Combat for me!
ReggieBush09801/18 11:05am
Zenimax is ruining Elder Scrolls
StoneRevolver2001/18 10:54am
A Super Sayin Über Ninja Kickass Blood Wolf Moonis happening Sunday...
pionear601/18 10:50am
Toilet Paper - Over or under?
Ogurisama4401/18 10:48am
can they switch back the names of greenland and iceland
ArvTheGreat801/18 10:48am
Just listened to Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time.
Chr0noid1601/18 10:48am
Which of these metal sub genres do you like more?
minervo2901/18 10:35am
"Is this person a citizen of the United States" census question.
WastelandCowboy3501/18 10:29am
How often do you abandon playtgroughs of games?
Chewster1501/18 10:21am
I have trichotillomania
darcandkharg311701/18 10:20am
arv is a speed runner of sex. Theirs a lot of challenge and ridicule
ArvTheGreat601/18 10:12am
Metro CEO To Recommend Congestion Pricing For Los Angeles
aDirtyShisno2701/18 10:11am
women don't HAVE to look attractive okay?
PeePeeTheFrog201/18 9:30am
What are three of your favorite songs that exceed ten (10) minutes?
WastelandCowboy3001/18 8:25am
Zangulus201/18 8:18am
Is it bad if I eat the wax off of cheese?
Dmess85901/18 8:12am
fat women always appreciate good sex from me
knightoffire55301/18 8:11am
I forgot to doy homework last night
Dmess85201/18 7:52am
my son doesn't care for deanna troi heavy episodes
LaggnFragnLarry2101/18 7:47am
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