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ATTN: Females
TheWorstPoster1709/24 11:01pm
Sports Discussion Topic 183: There's Only One October
STLCards199111409/24 11:00pm
What should I cook for dinner tonight?
Psythik1509/24 10:59pm
I wish I had a girlfriend
Nomak-541309/24 10:57pm
These 8 Girls From AROUND THE WORLD formed a BAND..but Guess the YOUNGEST!!!
mrduckbear909/24 10:57pm
I've made a little over 2500 this week. AMA
lihlih1909/24 10:55pm
Who else will riot if RDR2 does not flop.
goldbman2509/24 10:54pm
Are you racist?
minervo2309/24 10:52pm
I have been playing Bravely Default
papercup1109/24 10:52pm
I love strong women
Nomak-541309/24 10:51pm
Has anyone here ever been temporarily homeless?
MrMelodramatic1609/24 10:51pm
What do people even do when they drink alone?
GanonsSpirit1909/24 10:48pm
Is there a better chicken place than popeye's?
DoubleOSnake709/24 10:46pm
I spoke to a cute girl in m Calculus class today
TheWorstPoster5209/24 10:44pm
Rate my poster for Student President
Nomak-544109/24 10:40pm
I feel crushed.
eating4fun2709/24 10:39pm
Does anyone else not give a damn about Doctor Who?
GreenKnight1272309/24 10:31pm
_PandaMaster_6909/24 10:30pm
Telltale Games is shutting down
Mead6809/24 10:08pm
Making sexual harassment claims that are over 30 years old.
GreenKnight12711809/24 10:05pm
My dog deleted all of my save data on my Switch!!!1
Dmess852709/24 9:59pm
GanonsSpirit1409/24 9:57pm
Started up Grandia
JoanOfArcade909/24 9:55pm
How do you ground yourself after an unrealistic fantasy?
minervo209/24 9:49pm
Experience with St. John's wort?
Summertimebooks109/24 9:45pm
Would You Rather No 48
DiduXD509/24 9:35pm
Would You Kiss This User No 17
DukeSR8609/24 9:29pm
Rank your top 3 cars driven by reckless assholes
OhhhJa809/24 9:18pm
Going on month 3 of unemployment :(
mastermix30001409/24 9:17pm
Liberal CEO Jack Dorsey is DATING a 23 y/o African American Girl!! Is She Hot???
mrduckbear1509/24 9:14pm
What keeps you from ending it all?
Summertimebooks5509/24 9:09pm
It's interesting how much of society just loves belittling others.
WastelandCowboy1209/24 9:07pm
Bleach has the most attractive characters and designs out of the big 3, right?
saspa3509/24 9:04pm
POTd, I got a puppy!
SmokeMassTree3309/24 9:03pm
coffee rubbed steak is soo good
Lokarin409/24 8:40pm
23 y/o Texas DAD gets NEW TEETH for FREE!! Look at how HORRIBLE they were!!!
Full Throttle509/24 8:37pm
Fantastic breasts and where to find them
Andromicus509/24 8:21pm
CBS has found the WOMAN to replace JULIE CHEN..SHE'S BAACK!! Are you triggered?
Full Throttle409/24 8:10pm
Who is best pony?
Person1062109/24 8:10pm
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic LXXXlV
dioxxys9209/24 8:09pm
White Cop who has LOW TEST SCORES is FIRED for his RACIST Snapchat Post!!!
Full Throttle1209/24 8:09pm
19 y/o SKINNY Maryland Girl MARRIES a 35 y/o FAT Man!! Is She Hot???
Full Throttle3009/24 7:51pm
White Castle has the impossible burger now
Mead3409/24 7:42pm
Do you take notes for games?
LinkPizza3709/24 7:38pm
Once the Democrats are back in control won't they just impeach Trump's SCOTUS?
In writing, what is it called when...
Loixuj1209/24 7:12pm
Your thoughts on DLC
GanglyKhan2709/24 7:12pm
Conservative Man who made 3D GUNS had SEX with a 16 y/o..and HE'S GONE MIA!!!
Full Throttle4109/24 6:55pm
Do you carry a power bank when out and about for your phone?
InfestedAdam409/24 6:50pm
Someone you're close with commits a crime. Would you give them up?
SonnerAnarchy2409/24 6:49pm
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