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Ogurisama1805/19 3:59am
where were you when you heard about the 9/11 attacks?
VidGameGuy2105/19 3:54am
Sure would suck to have a Daenerys tattoo or be named Daenerys now.
WastelandCowboy2205/19 3:37am
do you look younger than your age? do you protect your skin and eat healthy?
weeb98905/19 3:36am
So, uh... I found a TV today
TheWitchMorgana3105/19 3:31am
what classic rock song should i bang my tinder slut to tonight?
knightoffire55905/19 3:29am
Liberal abortion rights activist cries and begs while getting arrested.
Frowning_Sage1705/19 3:09am
Are apples even good for you?
Lokarin1605/19 3:03am
Did you guys see that video of Arnold Schwarzenegger getting dropkicked?
GameLord1131705/19 2:57am
which of these collection packages is the best on this list?
NightMareBunny405/19 2:40am
Which Final Fantasy game would you recommend I play first: FF7 or FF9?
RCtheWSBC5805/19 2:39am
Epic is blowing millions on "mega sale"
BlackScythe04405/19 2:38am
1 dead, 8 shot at high school graduation party in Alabama.
WastelandCowboy205/19 2:24am
Race Greed and Debt
BUMPED2002405/19 2:13am
I'm surprised Alex Rider is still going
DiduXD205/19 1:34am
Do you like that disney is making live action remakes of most of their
JebronLames1805/19 1:19am
my uncle who works at nintendo says they are remaking back to the future
knightoffire55105/19 1:08am
I can't tie a tie no matter how many videos I watch about it
AnnoyedCops2905/19 12:56am
Do you know how to drive a manual?
JebronLames2305/19 12:48am
Liberal redneck in Alabama
McSame_as_Bush305/19 12:38am
Do you exercise everyday?
WastelandCowboy3005/19 12:20am
Rate my prom pics guise
-Komaiko54-3705/19 12:10am
Pregnant women shouldn't be allowed to buy guns
MrMelodramatic1105/19 12:09am
I had a nightmare last night that I hired a prostitute and she robbed me.
EclairReturns405/19 12:05am
Your shoe size is now your IQ
TheWorstPoster1605/19 12:04am
I'm gonna watch John Wick 2
Mead805/19 12:03am
One thing I never understood..
slacker03150205/18 11:52pm
Last time I went on holiday with my gf, that was the start of my depression
FatalAccident805/18 11:42pm
Is Malazan Book of the Fallen worth reading?
papercup205/18 11:24pm
Why are people freaking out over Alabama?
-Komaiko54-15005/18 11:23pm
SAT's Now To Grade Students Based On "Privilege"
aDirtyShisno3805/18 11:11pm
Why aren't people freaking out over Connecticut?
Zeus1705/18 10:59pm
donated $200 to a small time female Twitch streamer and now she wants to talk
Beveren_Rabbit2105/18 10:46pm
I have been posting on PotD for around 10 years now.
Judgmenl205/18 10:37pm
Stephen Bean topic Series 5, Episode 4: WELL YOUR ASS BETTER CALL SOMEBODYYYYYY!
Kimbos_Egg35305/18 10:33pm
What is the trashiest thing you like eating?
hypnox2805/18 9:51pm
Let's play "Rate the above song" Part II
Ferarri61918005/18 9:49pm
2018 was such a good year for music
MrMelodramatic2405/18 9:47pm
VidGameGuy2905/18 9:46pm
Spider-Man: Far From Home will be a movie.
Cotton_Eye_Joe305/18 9:45pm
Beat Tales of Vespiria for the first time. ToS>>>ToV
CyborgSage00x0705/18 9:39pm
Honestly, phones should be able to survive being dropped
DiduXD5805/18 9:37pm
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic LXXXVI
dragon5048505/18 9:28pm
Would you do two weeks of total isolation to never be sick?
MrMelodramatic17505/18 9:03pm
I'm playing Fallout 4 on survivor mode. spoilers
SunWuKung4201105/18 8:53pm
Pokemon go official topic #5
Oblivion_Hero24305/18 8:28pm
anyone getting the castlevania anniversary collection this friday?
Aculo3205/18 7:55pm
So I decided to try The Mummy demastered
Ogurisama505/18 7:48pm
When you wait too long to play a video game and you lose interest.
saspa2905/18 6:51pm
This...this is a girl, right?
SmokeMassTree14905/18 5:36pm
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