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The NEW Comics Topic 9 - Spiderman Overload
KimPilgrim43511/02 4:36pm
Seriously guys, you should give Homestuck a shot if you haven't already.
KimPilgrim19811/02 11:53am
Out of curiosity, did anyone else buy and cancel an Amazon Uncharted 3 preorder?
KimPilgrim211/01 8:43am
For the first time in, like, 10 years, I want to stick a GIF on my desktop.
KimPilgrim510/29 11:55am
What is the button combo that merges your open browser windows into one window?
KimPilgrim110/28 11:55pm
Yay or Nay: Music in a game's pause menu.
KimPilgrim1710/28 7:03pm
Ugh **** this contest season.
KimPilgrim4410/26 5:48pm
KimPilgrim16210/25 11:52am
*Goes to Homestuck out of curiosity and starts clicking random pages*
KimPilgrim37110/23 8:57am
What's a good substitute for vegetable oil? [Cooking]
KimPilgrim410/21 4:17pm
Thank you PayPal customer service.
KimPilgrim210/21 7:04am
...You can't use any of the Arkham City Batman costumes until you beat the game?
KimPilgrim2810/20 3:56pm
Welp, Mark Hamill has thrown in the towel on The Joker.
KimPilgrim1010/19 2:22pm
Poll: Have you seen the 1966 Adam West Batman movie?
KimPilgrim3010/11 9:24pm
Major comics publisher follows DC and reboots their entire line as well [COMICS]
KimPilgrim2510/10 8:29pm
This is the new deafault ringtone for all Nokia phones.
KimPilgrim210/10 1:10pm
Real-Life superhero Phoenix Jones breaks up street fight, arrested for assault.
KimPilgrim2410/10 12:54pm
Watching Wolverine vs Batman again.
KimPilgrim1210/10 9:37am
Gunnerkrigg Court Vol 2 back in stock for the first time in over a year.
KimPilgrim2110/10 12:38am
So....any new Tales of Graces F news?
KimPilgrim610/09 6:00pm
Anyone see Real Steel yet?
KimPilgrim510/09 10:22am
Psycho_Kenshin 2012
KimPilgrim210/09 9:57am
Holy ****, pokecapn Sonic Shuffle LP
KimPilgrim2210/08 10:32am
NEW Sonic Generations Modern Era Trailer
KimPilgrim2210/07 8:42pm Dark Souls review
KimPilgrim610/06 8:01pm
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron announced.
KimPilgrim710/06 7:15pm
Another new Arkham City villain leaked. (SPOILERS)
KimPilgrim6910/06 4:08am
Anyone planning on seeing Anonymous this month?
KimPilgrim310/06 12:17am
Full gameplay video of each Sonic Generations City Escape stage[CAM][Commentary]
KimPilgrim110/05 9:14pm
Possible look for the new Godzilla.
KimPilgrim910/05 3:23pm
If I pay for one-day shipping and Amazon does not get it to me on time...
KimPilgrim310/05 8:39am
It's been too long since the gay incestual pregnancy womb bomb was brought up.
KimPilgrim7310/04 9:31pm
These mother ****ing Belfrey Gargoyles ****ing hell god dammit [Dark Souls]
KimPilgrim310/04 9:09pm
First look at Jor-El (Russell Crowe) in "Man of Steel"
KimPilgrim310/04 4:12pm
So, uhhh....first promo pic of the 2013 Batman Cartoon....
KimPilgrim1210/04 11:56am
Dark Souls has commited an unforgivable sin.
KimPilgrim910/04 9:54am
"dolifeup12 (@dolifeup12) is now following you on Twitter!"
KimPilgrim210/03 11:18pm
Dark Souls PvP vid SO GOOD
KimPilgrim510/03 9:28pm
Bethesda sued Notch even after he said he would change the name of "Scrolls".
KimPilgrim1710/03 5:16pm
GMOD Idiot Box #10 is out.
KimPilgrim110/03 3:48pm
Multiplayer and online pass confirmed for Mass Effect 3
KimPilgrim1310/03 12:37pm
What is with these bull**** fake-HD rereleases?
KimPilgrim110/03 10:59am
The new Xbox 360 dashboard looks pretty bad. [video]
KimPilgrim1010/02 9:29pm
Archie Comics stopped following me.
KimPilgrim210/02 8:31pm
Oh god, China, IL airs on AS at midnight?
KimPilgrim110/02 8:18pm
Trailer for Napolean Dynamite: The Animated Series. Yes, Really.
KimPilgrim2410/01 7:59pm
Joust is still the most confusing game concept ever.
KimPilgrim710/01 7:16pm
GiantBomb has really been pumping out the Premium Member content lately.
KimPilgrim110/01 7:00pm
Next Resident Evil movie confirmed for tolerable.
KimPilgrim1110/01 5:22pm
Cromartie High School
KimPilgrim1510/01 9:29am
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