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Bit late to the party, but I am now experiencing Nier:Automata
SovietOmega1804/09 5:49pm
ATTN: Albion
SovietOmega1307/12 1:51pm
Stop taking so many darn pills!
SovietOmega1004/09 10:21am
What is your favorite color?
SovietOmega2410/22 10:35am
Do you think there are any people who are unaware of ?
SovietOmega108/28 2:50am
So this Breaking Bad show, it's pretty good.
SovietOmega39707/29 7:44am
Rick and Morty is now an anime.
SovietOmega307/27 1:52pm
Are video games even video games?
SovietOmega205/10 9:15pm
Well gosh, it's been a good while...
SovietOmega1303/30 9:02pm
Do you pay fedora income tax?
SovietOmega207/19 7:01am
BREAKING 50% off all pizzas at Domino's when you order online (Through 7/16)
SovietOmega307/12 7:32pm
The Venture Bros. is a show, and I am watching it.
SovietOmega17807/11 10:22pm
My first random encounter in a volcano area was bread.
SovietOmega107/11 5:33am
Dragonball Z Abridged Episode 59
SovietOmega506/23 10:51pm
The Rise of the Machines Why Automation is Different this Time
SovietOmega106/08 6:00pm
I have spent the last minute in meditation, ask me anything.
SovietOmega106/08 5:41am
What is your favorite Zodiac sign?
SovietOmega3806/07 7:27pm
The Complete, Untold, History of Hal [waypoint] [over 35 words]
SovietOmega705/31 1:46am
Anyone else watch the latest Doctor Who episode 'Extremis'?
SovietOmega305/22 4:50am
why does the year always win
SovietOmega105/16 4:19am
You are a baseball bat [CYOA]
SovietOmega1905/15 4:38pm
Some friends of the family had a fire happen to them recently.
SovietOmega405/14 3:16am
History of the entire world, i guess [bill wurtz]
SovietOmega405/10 7:06pm
How many Humans could you take by yourself if you were a wolf?
SovietOmega1204/28 9:30am
SovietOmega plays Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Path (spoilers)
SovietOmega42204/07 12:23am
Google Has dedicated 1 Billion Dollars to giving the world free wifi access thro
SovietOmega603/13 11:46am
Alright you pokemon nerds, which one of you did this?
SovietOmega503/12 10:28pm
Stargate SG-1 Watchthrough Topic One
SovietOmega7207/13 4:23am
Thinking about watching through Stargate SG-1 again.
SovietOmega2307/07 8:55pm
What do you call an essay on colors?
SovietOmega606/24 12:30pm
While I like One Piece, there is one thing that's been most annoying (spoilers)
SovietOmega205/17 12:22am
While I don't generally care for dubstep, this seems pretty ok.
SovietOmega605/13 7:12pm
Anyone else watch The Game Station podcasts?
SovietOmega105/05 5:36pm
So, I decided to get minecraft...
SovietOmega1104/30 8:29pm
Argh...sunglasses were stolen.
SovietOmega904/30 6:00pm
The Dropper [Minecraft][Yogscast]
SovietOmega804/29 6:13pm
What would be the best way to get into the Super Robot Wars series of games?
SovietOmega1904/21 8:49pm
This is a prime number topic
SovietOmega1004/18 12:14am
Tribes Ascend
SovietOmega704/12 2:47pm
Capcom abolishes the Zenny
SovietOmega104/03 3:55pm
So, I now have a mechanical keyboard.
SovietOmega104/03 2:44pm
I almost *ALMOST* want to buy a Das Beer Boot because of this video...
SovietOmega503/21 10:51pm
Omega333 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
SovietOmega46403/15 4:22pm
Need to kill a few hours? [flash game]
SovietOmega303/12 12:57pm
There needs to be an RPG with a scissors accessory...
SovietOmega602/07 4:39pm
Ever avoid a game you later found out was awesome?
SovietOmega2102/05 11:03pm
I need more russian music in my life.
SovietOmega1802/02 6:56pm
I bought a printer
SovietOmega601/31 1:39pm
When the moon hits your eye. Like a big-a pizza pie.
SovietOmega401/25 10:31pm
Looking at my monitor and suddenly...
SovietOmega501/17 9:22pm
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