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Political ideologies exist as how they are carried out, now how they're written.
Verdekal310.12.2017 10:55pm0 + 0
The Eva movies are bad.
MakoReizei310.12.2017 10:55pm0 + 0
iPhone X is almost a perfect phone
bloodydeath03510.12.2017 10:54pm0 + 0
Why is it moddable to talk about that thing?
CiIantro110.12.2017 10:54pm0 + 0
So, I'm a "Idol" now. What do, CE?
Iwin2013810.12.2017 10:52pm0 + 0
AMP should be private
Scotty_Rogers1110.12.2017 10:52pm0 + 0
you reposted in the wrong norm
EverHeardOfIt110.12.2017 10:47pm0 + 0
are doge coins worth anything?
SoundNetwork710.12.2017 10:47pm0 + 0
does anyone else think about suicide everyday (srs)?
WalkingLobsters2110.12.2017 10:46pm0 + 0
Manlet forces cute average height white woman to squat down for picture
ssj3vegeta_710.12.2017 10:46pm0 + 0
Damn_Underscore710.12.2017 10:38pm0 + 0
Do you have SUPERIOR IQ?? Answer this ONE Question to see if you got it!!
Full Throttle510.12.2017 10:38pm0 + 0
You now remember Super Duper Sumos
SMAP-1210.12.2017 10:29pm0 + 0
Do you find Geico commercials funny?
Yaridovich2510.12.2017 10:29pm0 + 0
ITT: The greatest cover-based-shooter in the history of mankind
Kelystic510.12.2017 10:27pm0 + 0
Do they make scented toilet paper?
Johnny_Nutcase310.12.2017 10:27pm0 + 0
It's okay for Trump to demand the firing of reporters and athletes.
iPhone_7510.12.2017 10:23pm0 + 0
What do you guys think about "Despacito" hitting 4 billion views?
GhettoFlip2510.12.2017 10:22pm0 + 0
Thug who raped victim at knife point may avoid jail
Medz12063810.12.2017 10:19pm0 + 0
The whole "die in the matrix, die irl" thing doesn't make sense
robert211010.12.2017 10:18pm0 + 0
Model 'scalped and drained of blood' by boyfriend.
superstud69x4610.12.2017 10:18pm0 + 0
The Washington Natinals
Antifar110.12.2017 10:15pm0 + 0
Trump hates Puerto Rico so much that he lied about getting rid of their bonds
Unsugarized_Foo5810.12.2017 10:14pm0 + 0
Are Bert and Ernie a couple?
Going_Deep_08710.12.2017 10:13pm0 + 0
Hypothetical: You're walking down the street when you come across 'The Fam'
Soggy_Burger510.12.2017 10:09pm0 + 0
Let's GO! BAEZ
darkprince45110.12.2017 10:09pm0 + 0
do liberals know what muhammad ali thought about race?
Awesome410.12.2017 10:08pm0 + 0
Explain to me how life insurance works?
SaltyWet310.12.2017 10:08pm0 + 0
17 y/o Utah GAMER Shot a 14 y/o Girl who LIKED him and wanted her DEAD!!
Full Throttle910.12.2017 10:08pm0 + 0
i just imagined biting down really hard on a fork
AlternativeFAQS210.12.2017 10:08pm0 + 0
'Most Interesting Man' Columbus Day tequila ad sparks outrage, apology
Rob Cesternino1310.12.2017 10:07pm0 + 0
This soccer player from Duke is hot
Patty_Fleur1510.12.2017 10:05pm0 + 0
Is Behind the Laughter the best Simpsons episode post season 9?
MakoReizei110.12.2017 10:02pm0 + 0
Snowflakes send death threats to academic who wrote an essay that triggered them
Ammonitida3210.12.2017 10:01pm0 + 0
'Dear Conquered People' - what's your opinion on this meme?
Real_Account3110.12.2017 10:00pm0 + 0
What exactly do the girl scouts actually DO?
Crazyman931110.12.2017 9:54pm0 + 0
I can help with minor problems in your life. AMA.
Johnny_Nutcase810.12.2017 9:54pm0 + 0
james marsters (spike) banged this girl i really wanted to bang =(
No_U_L7210.12.2017 9:53pm0 + 0
I bought a cheap 4k HDR tv and 1080p content looks blah...
coolcono1910.12.2017 9:52pm0 + 0
You are trapped on the top of a burning building with a Yoshi.
Going_Deep_081010.12.2017 9:52pm0 + 0
just murdered a house centipede and its guts are stuck to the wall AMA
AllOfThePlights2410.12.2017 9:51pm0 + 0
just paid $22.40 for 2 business class tickets to South Korea.
_BlueMonk3810.12.2017 9:50pm0 + 0
My new girlfriend can't orgasm. >.>
Vermander7410.12.2017 9:49pm0 + 0
There is a woman who is addicted to eating mattresses.
pikachupwnage4910.12.2017 9:47pm0 + 0
How would the top high school team fair against the worst college team?
coolcono710.12.2017 9:46pm0 + 0
Jason Momoa now under fire for joking about his GoT character raping women
KazumaKiryu4410.12.2017 9:44pm0 + 0
this is what happens when you give idiot car nuts a second chance.
ModLogic310.12.2017 9:42pm0 + 0
How do you feel about the rise of incesty porn
Blo2010.12.2017 9:41pm0 + 0
Why don't people in California just make their houses out of fireproof material?
literal_garbage610.12.2017 9:41pm0 + 0
ce i'd like to answer your most pressing questions - AMA
Harpie3210.12.2017 9:40pm0 + 0
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